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  1. I've done dragon scale in a couple different sizes. The best one I've found (and the fastest) has been using 16 gauge 5/16" ID stainless steel for the small rings and 12 gauge 1/2" ID stainless for the large rings (I used blackened stainless in the picture i've attached below which I think looks extra cool). This lets you use the 12 gauge 1/2" rings you wanted to use and it would be a great response to "kinda small looking". lol, if he wants big, that's big.


  2. Input I have to this thread:

    Movak, dude, update your MAIL bookmark! :lol:

    Peach, I remember when you just started and were asking questions left and right that a simple search would have answered, give the kid a break.

    The same goes for the rest of you...

    We are (or should be) a community. Every community is going to have older members that remember the last 15 times someone asked how to join HP3, or what weave looks good for a guys chunky bracelet... If you don't want to answer it this time, don't. If the post makes you angry or stressy, click the 'x' and walk away. The world would be a much better place if people did that more.

    As for you newbies out there... Please, don't be affraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one un-asked.

    FOR SHAME! *theatrical fist shake*

    I agree. For my two cents, I remember when someone chewed me out for asking a question ... I got the... "you should have looked back in the forum because this question is answered half a billion times something else something else" something like that.. but the impression that left on me was that first off, this person didnt want to answer my question and i didn't want to ask anymore questions. Infact in terms of chainmail making.. i was done for awhile... If I couldn't ask a simple question without getting that answer, it wasn't a community i wanted to be apart of for awhile.... asking a simple SIMPLE question in the hopes of an answer.. then getting that response basically telling me i was stupid to ask... ReAlLY?! Really?! ... second of all there are a lot of questions I could ask and not find answers for in a day related to chainmail... the search functions of this forum aren't rocket science but sometimes you have to read a bunch of stuff that doesn't even relate to what you want to know.... and you might , after reading all that junk, not even find the answer.... so... sometimes it *IS* easier to ask a question. But easier is also better. Right? If you don't want to be the guy answering the question but know the answer, I'd rather not be told at all if you're going to give me crap about asking, its that simple, Like Daemon_Lotos said.

    Also.... I like it when people ask simple questions I know the answers to or have opinions on.... it makes it feel like I can contribute something, which I enjoy doing and spending time doing. Its no trouble at all.

    2 cents

  3. Yeah I've got the colors and weaves figured out I was just unsure about copper. I love copper and love working with it so I really want to use it as well.

    This shop doesn't focus on any one of those styles in particular so with your feed back I will make a few things of copper, and see how it goes! I am sure the owner of the shop will also tell me what styles she'd like to carry, I am just trying to make a large variety for her to look at.

    Maybe blackened stainless steel? or heavy gauge anodized black aluminum? Maybe they wouldn't like the lightness of the aluminum, but perhaps the blackened stainless steel would be your best bet. Also maybe consider going heavier than 18 gauge. 16 and 14 gauge perhaps even? Also consider buying some leather chunks and integrating them in, goths and stuff like black leather and leather in general... who doesn't? Leather is such a good hardy material to work with. I love it.


  4. hey what are some different weave types that look slim and and elegant when using 16g 5/16 id?

    Bah! don't listen to Sir Osis (No offense Broski :P Im only kidding). lol... It depends on what you want to make!, a bracelet... probably not, but anything bigger is a maybe, ... well idk.. but I love half persian 3 in 1 sheet 5!!!! Seriously try it even if its not elegant or slim or anything.


    It looks awesome I think. Elegant as a bracelet or necklace or anything else at 16 g?? idk Probably not at all...... but if you were creative i bet you could make something elegant and slim for a woman.. in proportion to a woman as opposed to her arm... perhaps a purse? .. that would be a pretty damn sweet purse. She would be the envy of every other woman.

    Other than that... it might also not be slim... or in some ways I suppose it would be.. , but anyways you could do a simple spiral 4 in 1 pattern, but like sir Osis said, it might not be too slim looking unless you're looking at that part that only shows the width of a single ring or whatever.. idk.. anyways

    hope that helps


  5. I am going to attach leather numbers tomorrow ^_^... and yes it does kinda move/flex a little bit when you put it on a flat surface, but I'm going to be fixing that soon hopefully since I Just thought of a better joining method.

    Well its later than tomorrow but I updated the pictures on the original post to show the leather numbers I put on and the more solid construction I used to join the triangles. There is also a better picture of how I weaved it. It's not sturdy enough to roll around on the ground (as long as its a flat place with no bumps or something.. like no logs.. that would break the dream-catcher weaved stuff.).

    In any case enjoy!

  6. Have you thought about weaving the numbers on to each side using wire? I think it would look really neat, if you were able to get the numbers legible enough. Plus, then you would be able to use it when you played DnD! <.<

    How much does it weigh? And does it deform at all when placed on the table as opposed to being hung?

    I am going to attach leather numbers tomorrow ^_^... and yes it does kinda move/flex a little bit when you put it on a flat surface, but I'm going to be fixing that soon hopefully since I Just thought of a better joining method.

    As far as weight... I have nothing that could measure it accurately, but its "pretty heavy", as I've heard from some .

    Btw did you change your name?

  7. What weave did you use? I can't quite make it out from the pictures.

    I Don't really know how to explain it really... its like a box made around a wire. Its a captive weave I suppose because of that.

    It is very simple. It is perhaps box 2 in 1 chain? some rings are connected to only two rings while some are connected to four. Together they surround the wire-frame.. which are just 20 individual triangles wrapped in that weave i explained and then connected in about 4 places on each triangle "hinge" area.

  8. I made a 20 sided die (singular) for my art class using 14 gauge 3/8"ID galvanized rings around 14 gauge wire-framed triangles with 30 gauge wire dream catchers weaved in the middle.

    Here is a picture half done


    Here are some more pictures at various angles




    *********************************************UPDATES Shown BELOW***********************************






  9. What is art? What isn't art?

    I think it is whatever you want it to be.

    Some guy even thinks this is art


    and its world famous ...

    He took a urinal and called it "fountain" and put it on a pedestal. There it is in the picture, in an art museum. Of course it is kind of a double meaning ..... see.. people look at it and think.... "that isnt art"... it is just a urinal some guy took and put his name on (not even his name)... But by calling it fountain... maybe he is saying something about what people consider art.... .. Like they are drinking from a urinal so to speak....

    anyways.. I wouldn't bother too much about it. I think we all know Maille can be art.. and in other cases.. it could be considered just a chain... or just some metal... its in the eye of the beholder I think.

  10. I think your problem is that 1. You are using Aluminum and

    2. you are using 20 GAUGE?!?!

    3. you are not using stainless steel.

    I would use stainless steel for your issue because...

    1. It is strong

    2. It can be polished to look quite nice

    3. it isn't aluminum.

    I would also insist moving up a grade in gauge... maybe to 19 or 18 gauge. Internal diameter makes a big difference too when it comes to ring strength. When in doubt, make the ID smaller.

  11. right now im using a power drill and a steel rod with a hole in it that i got out of an old printer lmao.

    Thats weird because I did the same thing! i found a steel or some sort of shiny metal rod in my old printer too.....

  12. Here it is laying on a flat surface 19069_586979628158_219705988_34224224_1862942_n.jpg19069_586979633148_219705988_34224225_1198399_n.jpg

    can you post more/better pics of the wrapping of the stone, especially the back?...thanks

    I Wrapped the wire around the bottom part of the gem, and then the top, then I wrapped the wire in-between and over those two "rings" so to speak... After it was in place I spiraled the wire upwards and made a loop on the end. I used the loop later on as a working link in the chainmail and the spiraled wire was put through the center of a few links (the gem was shaped like ....




    I soldered the back of it to make sure the wires wouldn't move anywhere... its kind of thick and heavy looking, but I tried to make it looks as smooth as possible. I didnt have any flux, So i just went on the idea that if the solder was in between the wire and everywhere, nothing could move or break....

    (I was even melting down an old pewter dagger looking pendent to do it.. and some shiny solder stuff from the back of a plastic fake gem I found on the ground one day.....) ANYWAYS....

    here are the pictures I could muster... 19069_586979643128_219705988_34224226_1201334_n.jpg19069_586979648118_219705988_34224227_2786751_n.jpg19069_586979663088_219705988_34224230_5963293_n.jpg19069_586979658098_219705988_34224229_7536953_n.jpg19069_586979653108_219705988_34224228_3050612_n.jpg

  13. Those brownish and copperish colors on the rings are not really how they look..... I don't know How or why they showed up... probably reflections of something in my room. In any case, they are not tarnished or anything. They are straight up stainless steel with the silver-ish color only.

  14. I'm thinking that if you got close enough to see that "in the flesh" (so to speak), you'd be less worried about street legality than about evading the slap that is most assuredly on its way to the side of your head. :D

    *crawls back under the DOM stone*

    Good point... and a good idea..

    <_< >_> <_< >_> ....

    :: also hides under a rock ::

  15. 18069_586322155738_219705988_34200190_7036997_n.jpg

    This is my first experience using gems.. I actually found it somewhere on the ground one day... Then I wrapped it in wire and soldered the back... Then I found a way to put it into a necklace. I got the idea for the necklace somewhere on this site I think....

  16. Here is a Ring I made. Its standard Euro 4 in 1.... But its the first time I've worked with rings smaller than a 1/8" ID.



    I added an Extra row of rings. The stats are *I think*... 24 gauge or 22 gauge 1/16" ID. My girlfriend got me a $2 tiny bag of them from TRL for Christmas along with 5 packets of 14 gauge 3/8" ID stainless and 5 packets of 16 gauge 1/4" ID stainless

  17. a Couple of local chainmail guys (im one of them) ordered a bunch of rings bulk and we checked the tracking majigger... and it said this for the status ---> "THE NUMBER OF PIECES DOES NOT MATCH THE INVOICE, WAYBILL, OR TRACKING LABEL / FORWARDED TO THE FACILITY IN THE DESTINATION CITY"

    Does anyone know what this means, or can you tell me what happened? Or, anything about it?

    Anything would be appreciated. I'm not angry, I'm just curious. We understand that ringlord IS NOT at fault (or if this is even a bad thing?). It is a shipping thing.