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  1. Yeah normally I use a steel rod I found after breaking an old printer which was conveniently 3/8" in diameter, but for this stuff I didn't have anything, except the wooden dowel I used to use for making chainmail when I first started... I shaved it down with a knife ^_^ and its not even even, but it works for now.

    I know about the compression your talking about on the wooden dowel. Lol. it makes the wood look like a screw after awhile.

  2. Ok... So, I am on a given gallery page, lets say jewelry/armbands. I decide I want to add a picture of a cool bracelet I have made. I am logged in already. I go down to the bottom left. I click the little drop down menu and click, "add pictures" or something similar... and then I am brought to the upload screen. I browse where my pictures are, I make sure they are under 2 mb. I put in some caption. I click "add" or something similar or "upload" or whatever the button is that makes them add.. and then i am brought to a white blank screen... and at the bottom of the browser it says the webpage is done loading... I look up, the page is blank white.

    What went wrong? i cant download any pictures.. not even really small ones :(...

    ****UPDATE**** NVM I got it to work (mostly, but one picture isnt showing up..

    ****UPDATE again **** under jewelry/bracelets, I cant get my double 4 in 1 spiral bracelet picture to show up... i downloaded it once and it showed up but there was no picture.. i tried it again with a different name and saving the original picture differently, but it is the same story, no picture

    also, when i was really new to this gallery setup, i added a picture of a bracelet to the jewelry/earings subsection instead of the bracelets subsection, and then i downloaded the same picture to the bracelets subsection too. I dont know how to delete photos (or if its even possible, so I thought i would apologize here for it (Sorry :( ....).

  3. I use a pair of aviation snips for my 14 gauge galvanized, but i had to grind one side (not the cutting sides) down so the "jaw" per say, would fit into coils smaller than 3/8".. It has been working ok for me and i can cut about 2-3 links at a time, but it sometimes leaves a sharp or ridged edge. I only use it because its all I have and I'm too poor to invest in anything else though.

    otherwise, I have used a diamond cut off wheel on a dremmel to make a line on a length of coil (not cutting through links all the way, but cutting part way) , and then taking a pliers to finagle the rings off by peeling them away. The rings break where the line was cut if the line was deep enough... it takes a surprizingly low amount of force to do that, but it takes a long time in the long run.

    Overall, I would suggest what the guys above said, a good pair of bolt cutters of some sort.

  4. Well i shaved down a wooden dowel and eventually i got something close to 5/16" internal diameter... and i had to grind down the end of my aviation snips too so the end would fit into the coil... but I've been playing around with that and it has been working out as far as i can tell.

    how does this look?






  5. Get a 7"- 7,1/2" diameter (common wrist measurements) steel pipe and beat it down a little on two sides to make it more wrist shaped.... might want to make it long enough to show off multiple bracelets. It might be beneficial to only put one support in the middle so its easier to slide the bracelets off... then again, maybe you want it hard to get them off....

    ~Advice from a blacksmith lol

  6. I recently bought 1000 large stainless steel scales and I want to use butted links. The 'how to' section on this site says to use 16 gauge 5/16" ID rings, but I want to use 14 gauge rings. Can anyone tell me if this will work just as well if I sub the 16 gauge for 14 gauge 5/16" ID rings? Has anyone tried this before?

    I've tried using the rings I had lying around my room, just to play with scales for the first time(14 gauge 3/8" ID), but the rings were showing through on the front and they got messed up and the pattern didn't stay organized, so I know I need to use something closer to the suggested, but I still want to be able to use my 14 gauge wire.

    if anyone could drop a helpful hint and save me the work of figuring it out, I would appreciate it, otherwise I suppose I'll figure out in a few days.

  7. Got my stainless steel scales today

    I thought they would be shiny-er, thicker, and I thought there would be more of them. I got a few disks as well from the punch outs that didn't filter out. And they are quite greasy, I'm starting to think they are not a very good quality of stainless (because they will rust if left wet and it was necessary to put this film on them and in their bag), but I am glad they are at least creased and here. When they first came I thought maybe my order had gotten mixed up with regular mild steel scales. I think im gonna go over them with a polishing wheel to buff them up and make them look a little better. It should also be noted that I am quite picky and hard to please, so for people reading this, don't be too disheartened. I'll make sure to post pictures of my progress so people can see for themselves.