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  1. BlackFire


    http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/centerpeice.jpg black and gold filled are 24g 1/16 red is 32g 3/64 e6-1
  2. BlackFire

    Update on an old project, smallmaille shirt

    ok.. great. now i want to do that.. >.< if you have any design idea's let me know. i think the inlay would have to come down over the sholders , meybe tying it into the sides under the arms somehow.
  3. BlackFire

    Update on an old project, smallmaille shirt

    I was thinking of doing inlays under the arms, something decorative, meybe in 1/16. the top of the arms and sholders will be the 3/32. there is no strain to my eyes doing this. I am used to a lifetime working with micro electronics and stuff so I have learned to ajust.
  4. It has been a long time since I have been able to buy rings and work on my shirt. But here is some progress. You can see where all the new rings have been added as they don't have 2 years or more of oxidation to them. Yet. Stats: 3/32 TRL Sawcut bright aluminum, 85,514 rings as seen in the pics, so far doing about 14-15 thousand rings a month. I am not sure how I will be doing up the sides. I want micromaille look, But a different pattern or colors, or an inlay. If anyone has any suggestions Please let me know. The peice of maille in the pics is a patch of jap 12-1 with 1/17"galvenized and 1/8"enamelled copper. I was thinking of using the pattern in Titanium and anodized Titanium, but I think the look is not right. Please let me know any suggestions, I am able to do about 80% of the weaves in the database over on M.A.I.L, But want to keep it small and at least as strong as the aluminum. pics: click url for full res. pics. http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/chainshirt01large.jpg http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/chainshirt02large.jpg http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/chainshirt03large.jpg http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/chainshirt04large.jpg http://blackfire.uer.ca/picindex/chainshirt05large.jpg
  5. BlackFire

    My Bikini LOST!!

    ha!!! i have known a lot of small town religeous people.. and they are FREAKS! i used to deliver mail to country houses and a town of 10,000 and the stuff that came through would make anyone look twice.. leather and bondage. and not for horses, latex. you name it.. the porn mags and video were at the top of the list..
  6. BlackFire

    Micro Mail

    that can't really apply. wires and mandrels used for micro are far far to small for macro. and you can get macro "wires" that are far far to big for micro. so that quote is a bit.. outdated. although sounds good till you start thinking about what it actually says:P and yes i am still around..
  7. BlackFire

    Inspiration for your Aspirations (aka really cool shirt)

    weeks? no more like months to a year or so? been 3 months to do what i did on my 3/32 20 gauge shirt so far.. http://blackfire.timduru.org/chainmaille/chainshirtfrontlarge.html http://blackfire.timduru.org/chainmaille/chainchirtback.html i don't have inlays and mine is brite aluminum. and will have different sides. but i love the shirt. the small rings really bring out detail in the inlay:)
  8. i'd love to enter this contest. but ular rings in the sizes i work with.. be 3+ years to make anything worth looking at:P micro mail has it's limits unless you have the time and material.
  9. BlackFire

    lazer cut

    really wanting to know what set up was used and the power of the laser. and type of laser.. most lasers that have enough power for that run close to a million + for a setup..
  10. Heh. That dragon already has my vote:)