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    Website critique please!

    I was looking through the gallery and noticed that the pictures couldn't be enlarged which I just assumed that they would be. Just a suggestion. Other things I noticed have already been mentioned. Looks good and keep up the good work. Whitesmoke
  2. MailleWerX

    American Flag

    Congratulations and Awesome Job!!!!!!!! Whitesmoke
  3. MailleWerX

    Newbie Looking For Advice

    This is a guess so here goes: 14 or 16G 1/4" ID depending on the opacity you want. The 16G will be a little bit more see through but it's not terrible, it is however not street legal whereas the 14G would be more street legal depending on your locality. You should definitely have this done in less than a year, probably less than a month because it really isn't that hard. And if money is no object then I would also suggest ordering both ring sizes and seeing which one you like better. The 14G is going to be difficult to weave due to it's size but it shouldn't be too much of a problem if it's Al. Good luck and enjoy your project. Whitesmoke
  4. MailleWerX

    Wanted: 3 ring stainless steel tube clasp

    I don't know if it's a chinese company or not but i can tell you that similarly designed clasps sell in san antonio at a crap store called "beads 2 go." The ones here in town are plated silver or gold, not solid, and I haven't found a way to use the small rings attached to the sides. Also after an extensive search last year I'm pretty certain that Jon is the only one to have stainless steel clasps. Whitesmoke
  5. MailleWerX


    Yes, for several years now. Also just found this guy on youtube today named Igor Presnyakov who does a lot of covers of different songs but the awesome thing about him is that he uses his guitar to play the Bass, the Harmony, the Melody, and the Percussion on most of the songs. Thought it was very awesome. Also there is a guy named Andrew Mckee also on the youtubes and he plays slap guitar, which is another method I would like to learn to play. Anyway it's as big of a hobby as maille but still I don't have enough time to do either as much as I would like. Whitesmoke
  6. MailleWerX

    Malleability of Stainless Steel

    I've only heard that it is more expensive through others, as I don't have a horse or animals to use it on, I have about three rolls in the house that somehow made their way home. Also I don't think there is a difference between the two that I know of. Brimley's Mom: You should be able to find Coban in the bandage section of the grocery store or at any athletic store. Hope this helps. Whitesmoke
  7. MailleWerX

    Malleability of Stainless Steel

    Save yourself some money and don't go buy "vetwrap" get "coban," it's the same thing and Coban is cheaper. We use it in the hospital when removing pt's IV's for those who are allergic to tape or those whose skin is at risk of being torn because they're old and their skin is thin. I'll try to post a pic asap but it comes in all different colors (we use brown at the hospital)! Hope this helps!
  8. MailleWerX

    Small brushed aluminium scales

    Didn't even catch the Aluminum, would probably eat right through the scale anyway.
  9. MailleWerX

    Rose Colored Titanium!

    So props to TRL for getting my order here 3 days earlier than the originally anticipated delivery date, and everything was fine in my order excluding the "rose colored Ti 20G 1/8th." What I received was a mixed batch of primarily yellow and purple rings w/ a few bronze colored ones in there, nothing I would consider "rose" or even "red." What I want to know is whether or not this is the norm for Anodized Ti, I have yellow and green that I ordered previously and aside from a few color differentiated rings they were primarily green and yellow. If I exchange these rings should I expect the same thing where most of the rings are purple or yellow or was this just a fluke bag? Thanks Whitesmoke
  10. MailleWerX

    Small brushed aluminium scales

    This may not help but here goes, I was watching a youtube video the other day where the guy used concrete cleaning acid (a 30% hydrochloric acid) in a concrete mixing tray (with rubber gloves) to remove mill scale from hot rolled steel, so if it can remove mill scale it could probably remove the oxide you're having trouble with. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/HammerForm#p/u/7/LsEQP3YjEcg Please be careful if you decide to use this method as this stuff will take your skin off and cause you to go blind if you get it in your eyes. Hope this helps. Whitesmoke
  11. MailleWerX

    fine silver celtic cross pendant!

    I hadn't considered casting a piece at all until I realized that the guy I'm making this for is a sculptor. It would be pretty cool to do piece that both of us worked on together. I'll talk to him about it but we will probably settle for using sterling in the end as it will all come down to time. Anyway thanks for the help guys. I'll let you know how it goes. Whitesmoke
  12. Anyone know of a manufacturer that makes celtic crosses in fine silver? I'm having a hard time finding anything other than sterling pendants and fine silver plated pendants, my customer wants as pure of silver product that he can get and I would hate to tell him that he has to make a concession and use sterling if there is such a thing out there as a fine silver pendant! Any and all help is appreciated and thanks in advance! Whitesmoke
  13. MailleWerX


    Does anyone have a decent amount with both fine silver and sterling? Here's my question, what is the color differentiation between the two metals? I'm assuming (because of what I have in front of me right now) is that Sterling is much whiter than fine silver and that fine silver is like really really shiny aluminum. Can anyone concur with this or tell me if I'm completely off? I ordered Fine Silver rings at the beginning of Jan. The order slip says Fine Silver, the stored record of the order on the TRL website says it's Fine Silver, but I swear I ordered Fine Silver two or three orders ago and I can neither find the order slip or the stored order and all I can find are orders of sterling. Also as both of them are really shiny I don't think that it is any kind of oxidation, but I'm not sure. If anyone can shed some light on this that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Whitesmoke
  14. MailleWerX


    I've determined by looking through my order sheets that what I had was sterling, and what I foolishly ordered was fine silver. I'll be ordering more of both in the future to finish the projects I've started but i won't be making this mistake in the future. Thank you all for your input. Whitesmoke
  15. MailleWerX

    customer relations....

    Before I take any commissions I make it clear to my customers that there will always be a delay, and I give them a 6 month time frame. This spares me (most of the time) from having to deal with delays in shipping and many other headaches. Good luck to you! I hope your order arrives soon! Whitesmoke
  16. MailleWerX

    Sterling Silver Square Wire

    I went looking for 18G 3/16" sterling square wire and couldn't find it, I could only find 20G 3/16", I'm assuming these are the same rings, but I thought I would ask before ordering. Thank You Whitesmoke
  17. MailleWerX

    Sterling Silver Square Wire

    Unfortunately this doesn't answer my question. On previous order slips I have listed 18G 3/16ths as the ring ordered and what I'm curious about is whether the rings listed as 20G 3/16's currently, were once listed as being comparable to 18G 3/16's? If that's the case than I'll be fine because what I ordered previously acts more like 20G 3/16's anyway. I was just confused by the lack of 18G square wire sterling anywhere. Thanks in advance! Whitesmoke
  18. MailleWerX

    Horde Inlay Bag

    Looks good!! Not to critique too much but I would try to find a way to stabilize those D rings, the way they are makes them look out of place. Otherwise, Great piece!! Whitesmoke
  19. MailleWerX


    Can we paste this at the top yet, or does it still need more work?
  20. MailleWerX

    Cleaning Sterling?

    Thanks! I'll just refer back to the previous post then (and buy a tumbler). Whitesmoke
  21. MailleWerX

    Cleaning Sterling?

    So I have a bunch of dirty 18G 3/16th's square wire sterling silver that need to be cleaned, so what did I do? I googled, "cleaning sterling silver jewelry" and found a couple of youtube videos of people using tinfoil, baking soda, and boiling water. So I'm probably going to give this a shot but if anyone has had experience using this method, my question is should I re-weave the rings into the eventual chain they will become or should I leave them separated? I have no idea if this is an arbitrary question and it seems that the rings would have a better chance of being cleaned while they are separated but something tells me that if the rings are laying flat against the tinfoil on the bottom that they may not get cleaned the whole way around. Second Question: One of the videos is of a goldsmith who says that commercial cleaners used on sterling silver make the silver tarnish faster after cleaning, so would this process cause the same effect? Does sterling silver make a "protective layer" like aluminum does with the aluminum oxide that's created on the outside of the metal when it's exposed to O2? I don't know if the third question here makes much sense as aluminum oxide isn't really anything more than tarnish anyway so I would assume that the tarnish on the outside of silver would be some form of oxide, but I really don't know. Any help is always appreciated. Whitesmoke
  22. MailleWerX


    So just out of curiosity, is fine silver slightly larger in ID and slightly harder, and is sterling softer w/ a smaller ID cause that's where my confusion lies. I'm sure you guys sent me what I ordered and that I just ordered the wrong thing which sucks but I had wanted to shift over to Fine silver anyway but I needed these rings to finish a project so I guess I'll just have to order more rings. Whitesmoke
  23. MailleWerX

    Question about spiral chain

    Also, you can make two spiral chains and wrap one around the other. Here's the link to "spiral wrap" on MAIL http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=184 Whitesmoke p.s. I just made a choker out of stainless and sterling 18G 3/16" using this weave and it came out awesome.
  24. MailleWerX

    Powder Coating

    Now what about chroming rings? isn't that an plating process? I had a friend ask the other day if it could be done and I honestly couldn't tell him. Whitesmoke.
  25. MailleWerX

    Corset Help

    Also Mabusmaille recently made a corset using leather. I don't know how much, if any, maille was used but using leather as a backing is one of my favorite things to do. If you made a leather corset first, then attached the maille for looks you could probably get away w/ using just about any material and ring size. Here is the link to the original post. http://www.theringlord.org/forum/Index.php?/topic/8576-leather-corset/page__p__65263__hl__corset__fromsearch__1entry65263 Whitesmoke