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    The rings that I have are whiter than the rings I got in my order and said rings are slightly harder to bend than the ones I already had. Last question, is 22G 1/8ID Sterling have a slightly larger inner diameter than fine silver? Because if it does, then I think I received sterling by mistake. Thanks again. Whitesmoke
  2. MailleWerX

    20G 1/8 Stainless

    I was wondering if there was a new manufacturing process for your 20G 1/8th ID Stainless steel rings? The ones I received recently were dead soft, a few tenth's of a mm smaller, really really shiny (which is not a problem) but the gaps between the two butted ends seemed exponentially larger (which might be contributing to the smaller size), and despite their shine they seem to have a lot more burrs than all the ones I've received before. So I'm curious to know if this will be the norm from now on or is it a fluke before I order some more. Thanks Whitesmoke
  3. MailleWerX

    20G 1/8 Stainless

    Excellent. I'll be placing another order in shortly. Movak: They were sawcut but the gaps in the butted ends were a lot larger than rings in previous orders.
  4. MailleWerX

    looking for angel wing inlay pattern

    That is a very very nice Inlay! Job well done! Whitesmoke
  5. MailleWerX

    Elf weave sheet ring size?

    I don't know how "tight," too tight is but I've made bracelets three, four and five rows wide out of 20G 1/8th ID stainless steel from TRL. I don't know how big of a sheet you need but these are flexible enough to fit around my wrist as well as all the other people I've made for them. That's the smallest I've made. Whitesmoke
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    I want to make one!

    More than half of my projects are impractical and almost all of them are over a thousand rings. Projects less than a thousand rings are usually commissions for other people and their practicality consists of their monetary value. Consider a maille shirt, both time consuming and impractical because at what point, aside from the zombie apocalypse, will you ever actually need to use one. Whitesmoke
  7. MailleWerX

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Glad to see you're peeking your head in!
  8. MailleWerX

    Finally Complete Inlay

    I'm impressed that it only took 140 hours. Congratulations on getting it done. My question is 140 hours over what time frame in months or so? I've done one 30,000 or so project and it took me about 6 months and I have no idea how many hours. Whitesmoke
  9. MailleWerX

    Inconel VS Stainless

    You're absolutely right Pauline, and the article in M.A.I.L, says absolutely nothing about it being hypoallergenic it's just in an article about allergies. Here it is so that you can read it for yourself. http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=27388
  10. MailleWerX

    Inconel VS Stainless

    I think I remember reading somewhere that Inconel has hypoallergenic properties, there is an article on Maille somewhere that has a whole spread of symptoms certain metals cause and Inconel may have been one of them. I'll see if I can find it and if that is a reason that people use it over stainless. Whitesmoke
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    Newbie Question

    Yeah, its a little hard to find when you're not a native of Chicago, but I got there eventually, and BlueBuddha is really cool!! When I was there I insisted on seeing the Sears Tower model, which was pretty cool, and also this mail scarf she made awhile back, plus she has a number of other really cool items in there as well. Have a good time!! Whitesmoke
  12. MailleWerX

    Marbles and Captured Inverted Round

    I have never seen CIR wrapped marbles in a rod but with these two links you may be able to figure out what you're looking for with a little experimentation. Also, (and i could be wrong on this) but I am assuming that the ring size that you will need for 1/2" marbles will be the same ring size you would need for 1/2" rings, whatever size that is. http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?oldkey=6717 http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&section=viewimage&img=2395 I hope this helps. Whitesmoke
  13. MailleWerX

    Japanese Chainmaille Snowflakes.

    Guin, Those are fantastic. I love your Japanese work. Whitesmoke
  14. MailleWerX

    Public Mailling

    At the university I go to I have received about 10 commissions most of which are still waiting on my next ring order and about 5 from my workplace. At school I work infrequently (because usually I'm studying) on maille projects but the few times I am able to do it someone new always stops by and asks what I'm doing. These meetings can go one of two ways, either the person in genuinely interested in what I'm doing and I do a little TRL proselytizing, pull out my laptop and show them the site and the forum and whatnot, or the other way it goes is the individual sits and begins to tell me how to maille, theorizing about how strong maille is, and telling me what kind of materials I should use or what type of piece should be attempted. One guy told me I should make a shirt out of rubidium for some reason. The second type of people I just steadily ignore until they go away, but the first type usually come back. So far this year I've made 50$ off of two or three small projects, and potentially much more in commissions. Oh, and I always wear or carry an example of my work, that grabs the attention of a lot of people. Whitesmoke
  15. MailleWerX

    You can make riveted mail!

    The depth you went to on this is awesome. Thank you!
  16. MailleWerX

    No mailling for me for a while

    Well, thank god your relatively alive and heal fast!
  17. MailleWerX

    Bracers help

    I would fourth this option but that seems a bit redundant. Were I to make a bracer I would use 16G 3/8ths HP 3-1, or 16G 1/4" elfweave which I think works. Just a thought. Whitesmoke
  18. MailleWerX

    The Legend Of...

    I don't think I've seen an inlay done in hp 3-1 sheet 6 before so that makes this freaking awesome!!! Nice work, great originality, and good job!! Whitesmoke
  19. MailleWerX

    A little Steampunk for ya!!

    So a friend of mine gave me this watch sprocket and asked me to incorporate it into a bracelet for him. The first design failed because the clasp broke so I didn't want that to happen to him again. I had some scrap leather laying around and I cut out the leather strap and then cut it down to size to fit the buckle. I attempted to burnish the edges of the leather strap, and I used the plastic burnisher from Tandy's which i don't really recommend, and finished the edges with beeswax. I wasn't ever satisfied with the edges, I've seen them done much better by people with much more experience but I still expected myself to produce something better. I used some maroon dye and leather sealant to finish the leather strap and just some brass fittings and a brass buckle. The weave is a variation between jap 12-2 and 8-2 just to get it to fit right, and a little byzantine around the sprocket which I used some resin to hold that into place. The I used some black leather cord to hold it to the leather strap. Stats: Brass 20G 1/8 ID, 18G 3/16 ID Comments and critiques please!!
  20. MailleWerX

    Wrecking ruins mailling!!

    So on July 20th I was riding to school and when I pulled onto the school campus another college student pulled out in front of me and cut me off and promptly drove off. If I hadn't tried to stop my bike I would have hit him, and so when i hit the back brake I pressed too hard and the rear tire of my harley slid out from underneath me and I dropped the bike and crashed. So almost two weeks later now the strawberry I got on my knee is almost healed and the swelling and bruising in my right wrist is pretty much gone however, I'm pretty sure I have a small break in one of the little bones in my wrist and i can't work on any projects because of it. The worst part of it is I'm really close to being done with half a dozen projects and they are all just sitting on my desk taunting me. So I'm going to get the insurance estimate on Monday or Tuesday to get my bike fixed and I'm going to try to get one of my friends in the xray department to take a picture of my wrist this week and find out for sure. Wish me luck in this next week, I need the estimate for the harley to be high so that I can get some repair work without wasting too much of my $500 deductible and i need the xray to be clear. To everyone who rides out there be careful and remember no one sees you!! Whitesmoke
  21. MailleWerX

    Noob here.

    Tamren: In the picture above, I'm carrying my cell phone, keys, drivers license credit cards, cash etc. a pack of cigarrettes, and it all fits pretty well. A sporran is just your one pocket when wearing a kilt, not like pants where you often have 4 or more. Whitesmoke
  22. MailleWerX

    Noob here.

    I haven't seen any patterns, but here's a couple of pictures of mine. I used 18G 3/16 ID, and 16G 5/16 ID rings sizes with stainless steel and black anodized aluminum in a Jap 12-2 pattern. For the corners I used Jap 10-2. If I were to do things differently, I would make take the loops off of the sides and attach a sporran chain in the back like most sporrans have. My next sporran will be made using the 16G 1/4 ID square wire stainless steel and I'm going to make a hexagon or octagon shaped sporran. Also if you have a kilt made from wool or polyviscose, be careful and watch your closures because the rings can catch on the threads and wear down the fabric. I hope this helps. Whitesmoke
  23. MailleWerX

    A little Steampunk for ya!!

    My friend had this particular piece as well as a couple of others, but I have run across large lots of clock parts on ebay. If you go to ebay and type in steampunk watch or steampunk watch parts you should be able to pull up a couple of large lots of clock parts for less than 30$. You can get individual peices for much cheaper as well. Take a look. Whitesmoke
  24. MailleWerX

    A good patina...

    Would this process work on other types of scales, say, large stainless scales, or the heat treated small scales TRL apparently used to offer, or is seasoning a process just for items with a higher percentage of iron in them? Also, I'm assuming that once something is seasoned, that effect is permanent, am I wrong? Thanks in advance. Whitesmoke
  25. MailleWerX

    A little Steampunk for ya!!

    Konstantin: That recipe looks like it should work great, I have a prototype of the leather band used to make this bracelet here and I'll give it a try on that one. Thanks.