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    Scale Mail for SCA use

    Visually I see you sewing these scales onto you gambeson with needle and thread, is that what you're planning? I have a feeling, and I think others will agree that this isn't going to go over well. I couldn't see using leather cord to sew them onto a gambeson and being able to make a piece of armor that will withstand any kind of combat. Scales are made with split rings for a reason. With that said, if someone could make a weight comparison between small scales and small split rings vs. large scales and large split rings, then using small scales could be an idea but I don't know and I've got a feeling the difference is going to be negligible at best. As for the strength of the scale, large stainless scales should be fine but I have no idea about the bronze. I hope this helps. Whitesmoke
  2. MailleWerX

    Latest and Greatest!!

    So I've been working on several projects over the last couple of months while I've been at school, and I thought I would share a few I finally finished. First up is a wood and glass mannequin that my wife had, I made a top for it. Stats: 22G 1/8ID Stainless Weave: GSG, HP3-1 sheet ??, and the GSG is connected Interwoven 4-1 style. Here are some extra shots if anyone wants to take a look! http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0901.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0902.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0903.jpg And here is a little green bottle that my wife also had just sitting around the house, so I decided to do something with it as well. Stats: 22G 1/8ID Brass and Bronze Weave: E6-1 Here are some extra shots if anyone wants to take a look! http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0909.jpg http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0911.jpg
  3. MailleWerX

    Latest and Greatest!!

    Thanks for the comments guys! I should be able to get the actual "life-size" top completed after the next order of rings, before the end of the year. Whitesmoke
  4. MailleWerX

    Latest and Greatest!!

    I've actually been working on a shirt close to this one that will fit an actual girl. This was a prototype that worked out pretty well! I'm quite happy with the way it ended up but the actual shirt will be a little different! And this mannequin is only about 18 inches tall! Thanks for the compliments and for looking! Whitesmoke
  5. MailleWerX

    Our Castle

    Be sure to post furnished pics when you get all moved in!! Your floor plan looks pretty awesome, nice job on that, and I'm going to steal some ideas from you if you don't mind. Whitesmoke
  6. MailleWerX

    I made it out of wool

    I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that is!! Whitesmoke
  7. MailleWerX

    good sizes for jewellery versions of j 12-2

    I've been working on a piece that isn't finished but it's all Jap 12-2 and for part of it I used 18G 5/32 20g 1/8 and 22G 1/8. I used the 22G 1/8th because 20G 1/8 sawcut stainless steel rings will not fit inside 18G 5/32 stainless rings in that weave so I put three pairs of 22G 1/8 rings and three pairs of 20G 1/8th in their for the full twelve rings and it worked rather nicely. One thing I have noticed on other jewelry pieces is that even the Stainless 22G 1/8th rings have a tendency to pull apart of not carefully watched, especially that same size in sterling. Just something to think about. Whitesmoke
  8. The only finals which exist are at the end of next semester!! In my world, under my rock, this is all there is!!

  9. MailleWerX

    I presented a chain mail Talk / Workshop at work

    What kind of job do you do that allows you and your co-workers to take 2 hours out of a day to have a lecture with applications on chainmaille, I think I may want to switch fields. Whitesmoke
  10. MailleWerX

    My first several projects

    That bottle wrap looks great!! What kind of bottle dis that anyway? everything else looks like a good start for beginning projects!
  11. MailleWerX

    HP 3in1 sheet 6 Hauberk

    Welcome back!! Hope progress pictures will be posted soon! Whitesmoke
  12. MailleWerX

    Feedback on a new website

    "Of late, I've been seeing lots of Jesus/Darwin/Evolution/Truth/Crazy-ass Religious Nut fish on my morning commute. While I have to admit I enjoyed the humor, until I was overexposed to the whole thing"-I don't remember from which page but I couldn't agree more!! "Human languages of the time couldn't even express the concepts needed to *develop* the language to explain it all." On the creationism vs. evolutionism page. For some reason this sentence doesn't seem to read right to me. I had to reread it several times in order to ensure I understood what it was trying to say. Got through much of the website and can't really fault it much except that it seems to lack coherency. A lot of good ideas but many of them seem randomly attached. Basically I couldn't figure out what you were trying to sell which I guess I would be the point however, rational thought processes will not develop on their own. With that in mind providing more of a basis for your argument on your home page would be my first suggestion right after the purpose of your site (I'm just trying to clarify that purpose should come next I saw the "purpose" at the top of the page). Next would be a breakdown of why people are atheist and then the many links and blogs attached may not appear so random. Also a breakdown of atheism out in front instead of a bunch of group meetings listed might help as well. Anyway, good luck with your site. Hope I helped. Whitesmoke p.s. just remember there's a quote that is the signature of someone's posts here on TRL which reads something like "Never be so open minded that your brain falls out." Probably should put that on your site too for those sheep who start extremely narrow minded and then lose all control of themselves thinking that doing anything and everything is ok.
  13. MailleWerX

    Finished Dragon

    Very awesome!! So now that you're done with it what next on your list? Whitesmoke
  14. MailleWerX

    House Decorations

    HDA, Good to see you again. After seeing many ways of presenting projects throughout a house I think that the way you have displayed your shirts on the wall is by far the best that I've seen. Now I have to go to Lowes for a dowel and wall hanging pieces. Thank you very much for showing us this. Whitesmoke
  15. MailleWerX

    If you could do anything

    Well, with Cynake's imaginanatory reality aside, my goal for this year is to finish all of the small projects that I have lined up (it was actually a New Years Resolution). I started with the bottle wrap and will finish with a shirt with a couple of Inlays in between. Aside from that there's the second jap 12-2 glove designed to match Dr. T's first glove that I never saw a second to! There's the 18G 5/32ID Inlay of my Weim!! After that I have a Byzantine/Jap 12-2 hybrid shirt to complete out of the square wire rings in stainless that TRL provides (LOVE THEM)!!!!! Last but not least there's the black niobium jewelry sets to complete along with the shirts of 20G 1/8ID E4-1 (oh the silkiness) along with the argentium silver 24G 1/16th Monks Robe. Oh Yeah!!! And while we're in Unicorn land there's several other top secret projects I'm working on. If you read this, only pay attention to key words like "small projects," "byzantine/jap12-2 hybrid shirt" and square wire rings. Whitesmoke
  16. MailleWerX

    Mailled grill-sling for a charcoal smoker?

    This makes me want to go and buy a larger grill with a smoker attachment just so that I can give it a try. Awesome innovation btw.
  17. MailleWerX

    Cloak Tutorial

    Yah know what's awesome...I just bought my wife a sewing machine for Christmas. While she isn't ready to tackle a project of this magnitude I'm sure she will get to it sooner than i will. Yeah!!!! Thank You Skedros!!
  18. MailleWerX

    Searching for a picture......

    Was it this one? http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/IMG_0551.jpg Or this one? http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i189/white_h2o82/SquareWireSS1614inch2.jpg RHoy 185: PM me if you have any questions! Whitesmoke
  19. MailleWerX

    Fun picture

    I've had this bottle sitting around for about a year and a half. Wanted to wrap it for some time now but couldn't come up with a weave or the time. So I was digging through one of my toolboxes and found this patch of Trinity that I had left over from a previous shirt so I used it to wrap this bottle. The stats are 16G 3/16ID Stainless Steel and 18G 7/32ID Stainless Approximately 2180 rings used. Worked for several hours to get the wrap to hold itself in place and finally had to change out one row of 16G 3/16ID with the 18G 7/32ID. Have a large blister on my thumb trying to get the original wrap on. Comments and critiques welcome. Whitesmoke
  20. MailleWerX

    What Type of Cloak

    Fitted shoulder, full length and lined, that way the sewing machine I bought my wife will go to good use.
  21. MailleWerX

    It's going to be a handmade christmas

    Those look great!! Tried to do something like this a couple of years ago but all I got to was buying the ornaments themselves. Now they're in storage just sitting there until i finally have time to get to them. Whitesmoke
  22. MailleWerX

    Finished Cloak

    Anyone else take a look at this picture and think "That's very Billy Connolly of you Skedros." Anyone?? Nice job bro!! Hand sewn makes it beyond impressive. And now I want one too!!
  23. MailleWerX


    Freakin' sweet dude!!!
  24. MailleWerX

    A few Coifs (pic heavy)

    I really like the last two. Job well done!! If you find the time would you post a pic of the top of the scale coif where the two sides integrate into the back. If you have time! Again Nice job!
  25. MailleWerX

    Kimmswick (pic heavy)

    I would love to have that much product made at any given time! Nice job! Booth looks good as well!