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  1. Working on a new coffee cup wrap! 18G 3/16" SS using interwoven byzantine hexagons.  Turning out pretty cool.  Theoreticaly it should hold itself on to the coffee cup without assistance but we will see!


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  2. Im in the middle of making a mobile app for my store and I was thinking of doing a few things with it.

    1. Include ring suppliers in a directory, like TRL 

    2. Include other maillers chainmaille stores in a directory

    3. Feature other peoples work on the app.

    4. Make tutorials for or have someone elses tutorials available on the app, or include multiple tutorials from various sources.

    This would include push notification capability that would allow businesses who are listed on the app and have an announcement to make to be able to notify everyone who has the app downloaded to their phone.

    My questions are:

    1. Should I just make the app for my store and then make a second app with all of the rest of the content on it?

    2. What type of offer should I make? I was thinking $10 a month to be listed with push notifications for announcements etc.

    3. Should I make the video tutorials myself instead? Its a lot of work, I could do it, but Id rather help someone whose already doing it as Im good at building apps and have no idea how good I would be at doing tutorials.

    Any thoughts or questions to help think this through are appreciated!!


  3. I recently started my own website to sell my stuff at www.maillewerx.com, so I changed my profile name here as well to reflect that. just FYI.  I haven't posted here in some time and am just getting back to mailling full time to increase products on my store.  Going to be making a large ring order soon I hope.  I'm curious to know what's been selling for you guys?  Now that I have my store up I need to stock it and am looking for more ideas!  Once I have it all up and running I am planning on building an app for it to help keep my customers around, that way when I make something I can just upload a picture of it to the app and send out a notification to everyone that has the app on their phone and hopefully I'll make a sale!



  4. What are you using if for?  By 'Hold up," what do you mean?  If you're just making it to wear, just because, then I'm sure you'll be fine.  If you're making if for a purpose I would recommend something closer to 16G 1/4"ID.  I currently have two shirts I'm working on out of that ring size and it works very well.

  5. This is my fifth or sixth bottle wrap.  I picked up the bottle at World Market and all rings are TRL.  Stainless Steel and Bronze 22G 1/8" ID.  Approximately 10,000 rings give or take, using strips of HP 3-1 sheet 6, and Interwoven 4-1 to connect the strips that created the nice striped texture around the bottle.  Comments are critiques are always welcome, thanks for taking a look.  Also, I apologize in advance if the text isn't readable, I couldn't figure out how to change it.