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    I am a very visual learner. I can look at almost any type of chainmaille and see how it is made.
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    Late 2008
  1. Chaosity

    Long term darkening with Nickel Silver

    The long term darkening of Nickel Silver will be increased with the humidity and salty air there as well. Stainless is not as shiny as silver I will agree. However for the strength that you are looking for and the amount of cleaning you will need with the nickel silver as it darkens it is either time to invest in a tumbler or go with stainless as it wil wipe down and rinse off easily and fan dry to keep it from holding water. Personally I think its time to invest in a tumbler. Or find someone in the area that can tumble for you. I'd offer but I don't think my tumblers are large enough or close enough.
  2. Chaosity

    Long term darkening with Nickel Silver

    Is there a reason Stainless Steel won't work for you? Stronger, a little heavier, But tumble it up and it shines bright as day.
  3. Chaosity

    Durability of wedding bands with 10k gold

    This is why the $200 seems so high... The ring you are making is worth well over $100. Think of the cost of just a wedding band these days. In 10k gold just a band is easily over $600 for the width and quantity of material you are using. This is because there is more than just material cost involved. When looking at making a welded 10k gold woven ring the materials and cost of welding get rolled into the cost of production well before you even add your own time to the mix.
  4. Chaosity

    Silver and White Chain Maille Bra and Silver Thong

    I really like how the white epdm rings make the bra look more like actual silver with how much lighter it looks. I like the epdm rings but have never thought that this would be the effect of the white combined with bright aluminum!
  5. Passing 10,000 rings done. Surprised even myself at how much I've woven in a week!

    1. Chainmailbasket_com


      Inlays fly by when you're weaving time.

      Or something like that.

    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Stick a good movie in (one that is both now boring to you but you still like it...) and the weaving time will fly by.

  6. The big question is if I will be able to complete my 35,000 ring inlay before March 11th...

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    2. Chainmailbasket_com


      ... Someone has to win. That's the point, dude.

    3. madd-vyking


      duh....<like> ;-)

    4. Jax25


      No. Nobody can win! Muahahaha!

  7. Chaosity

    Done with my one project for the year

    I actually just started riding about 4 months ago. Took the classes after finding a nice 1976 KZ650 that was for sale that needed some repairs... ok so it basically needed to be built cause all I got were pieces... But after 4 weeks of work the bike was up and purring nicely. waiting on springtime for new tires and the weather to ride! I do want to get a harley in the near future though. Take note on the inlay pattern, I screwed up the number of colors when I was sizing the image down. So any ring that is "brownish" should be black.
  8. Chaosity

    Done with my one project for the year

    If you look in the gallery, I posted the Harley Logo that I am working on totalling 35,000 rings. Pattern is there if you'd like.
  9. Chaosity

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    Zlosk, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the mailler I am now.
  10. Chaosity


    Except that all you have to do is open up the image you want to render in the program. just size the image to the size you want your inlay in (in rings) and open it up in IGP. It took me less than 20 mins to do all my calculations, size the image, render the image, print the image to my 13"x19" paper that I use. Took me a lot less time than the first 7 rows (1,400 rings) have taken so far.
  11. Chaosity


    The program is called IGP or irregular grid painter. Zlosk is the creator. The program will only work on a PC with .net framework installed.
  12. Chaosity


    Latest inlay render. 3 colors. 35,000 rings as rendered. Already 1,000 rings in!
  13. Chaosity

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    IGP only works with a PC only because it requires the .net framework
  14. Just rendered the plans for a 35,000 ring inlay! Will be the largest one I have done by about 7,000 rings!

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      do we get to know the the image is? or is it a surprise?

    2. Chaosity


      I'll probably submit it later.

    3. Chaosity


      inlay plans now posted!

  15. According to my female co-workers chainmaille is like "knitting for guys"

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    2. Jax25


      It seems like it some days. ;) I do know a fair number of fellas though so I'd guess that the numbers are pretty even.

    3. Lysenis


      Hey! I am a Male Mailler. Men can have astectics for beauty too!

    4. Metal Majesty

      Metal Majesty

      Of course they can. Their wieners point it out to them all the time lol