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  1. GreyHawkForge

    New lower UPS rates!

    Will not let me have the option of UPS, keeps saying that it will not deliver to po box, even thought I do not have a street address entered.
  2. GreyHawkForge

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I would like to say I am thankful for The Ring Lord!
  3. GreyHawkForge

    WTB: Saw Cut 16g 1/4" AA White

    Looking to buy a bag of sxaa1614 white for a project. Thanks in advance, David Kusman Maille Artisan GreyHawk Forge Chainmaille Designs
  4. GreyHawkForge

    Stock of SX1614 White

    Is there a known time line for when you will be getting more saw cut 16g 1/4" white anodized rings in? David Kusman Maille Artisan GreyHawk Forge Chainmaille Designs
  5. GreyHawkForge

    in search of good pliers

    I have been looking at Lindstrom Rx Bent Nose Pliers the model Rx7892. The look extreamly comfortable and are made by a good company. But at about $60 a pair, I do not want to jump in without knowing much about them. Is anyone familiar with these pliers? Thanks again, David GHF
  6. GreyHawkForge

    in search of good pliers

    My husband and I "invested" in wubbers for ourselves in August. Up until recently, tonight when the second pair broke I have been satisfied. I am not happy that the spring mechanism that opens the pliers has broken and fallen out of the handles twice now. I ordered replacements a few days ago. I am looking for quality pliers that will last more than a few months. I like the 6.5" length and the grips of the wubbers, but need bent nose pliers that will last. Thanks for the help! Danielle @ GHF
  7. GreyHawkForge

    Help with anodized aluminum tags

    "Reusable price tags - that are weather proof! No more soggy paper tags at outdoor shows. This is a very durable option - simply mark with a marker" What kind of marker do you use? I tried a sharpie which wiped off rather easily. Does a paint pen work better? Do I need to tumble the tags before I use them? thanks Danielle
  8. GreyHawkForge

    New Aluminum Scales - Shiny!!!!

    Are small mirror finish scales coming soon?
  9. GreyHawkForge

    Thank you Bernice

    Thank you again for bailing me out on a last second order change! Gratefully, David and Danielle Kusman GreyHawk Forge Chainmaille Designs
  10. GreyHawkForge

    Wubbers Pliers

    Has anyone used Wubbers pliers? Need to know how bad or good they are before sinking $25 per pair into them. Thanks in advance, GHF
  11. GreyHawkForge


    Anyone else plagued by these dark nightmares? Like to here what everyone else uses to cope with the fun of pain, vomiting, light and smell sensitivity. I am often crippled by migranes, does anyone else get migranes as bad? Like to here other peoples' remedies. GHF
  12. GreyHawkForge

    Ren Faire Tents

    Looking for places that sell tents that would be acceptable for Ren Faires. Any suggested sites or tent makers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, GHF
  13. GreyHawkForge

    using a modded coif for bikini cups?

    You could try this link (warning adult material) http://www.wolfsdenarmoury.com/diy/bra_tutorial.html it was the measurement guide I used.
  14. GreyHawkForge

    using a modded coif for bikini cups?

    My husband made cups for a top for me using 16G 1/4'' in M style. The fit well and the front cleavage is nice, but the sides needed to be added to. Big boobs or not (I'm 40F) make it and customize it to the breast and how she wants it to fit. My husband suggests the adult gallery for ideas. Good luck!
  15. GreyHawkForge

    New Site Wide Mix & Match Savings

    When does the system go into effect for the cutomer reward points?