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I started mailling around 2003, when I handcoiled and cut lots of copper and galvy into grungy necklaces made with old washers and bike bits (and spring washers OUCH). Then I got repetitive stress injury and had to stop for many years. In the last few I've cautiously come back, encouraged by strengthened wrists and the strengthened Australian dollar to buy premade rings from overseas, and have been using mostly AA. From time to time I've sold chainmaille jewellery at local markets, as well as jewellery from local rainforest seeds and plant dyed felt. Starting to use stainless steel as I think my wrists can take it, as I'd love to use hardware again, though I'm attracted by the shiny bought stainless (not zinc!) washers and nuts. My health is bad and I have to take breaks from selling and productive crafting but I'm back just in time for a new baby, haha. Things I want to do in the future that are metal-ish are chainmaille clothing, Al/Ti/Nb patterned anodising, welding and silversmithing. But in general I have too many interests and not enough energy or time so I struggle to do everything I want to.

Find me at @lokilovesyou on twitter.