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  1. lhurgoyfwin

    Don Quixote inlay

    Don Quixote inlay, 16swg 1/4" BA and AA.
  2. lhurgoyfwin

    Titanium Bracelet

    I used 22g 5/64 rings... it is made of titanium though which may have made them slightly larger with the springback.
  3. lhurgoyfwin

    Titanium Bracelet

    Thanks, I'm thinking of widening it with two more rows of titanium and a 5th row of white gold in the middle.
  4. lhurgoyfwin

    Titanium Bracelet Zoom

    22g 5/64 Titanium
  5. lhurgoyfwin

    Titanium Bracelet

    22g 5/64 Titanium
  6. lhurgoyfwin

    Copper Corkscrew 3

    I've actually made a necklace doing this before... like with a spiral chain as long as you clasp it after twisting it it will hold it's shape just fine.
  7. lhurgoyfwin

    New User Thread

    Don't delete me, please.