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  1. Ridley

    Full Armor, Finally Completed

    Well, that's quite drool inducing. Well done! I'm a bit curious how you got the spikes in the pauldrons/epaulettes.
  2. Ridley

    Doll Coif

    Where did those dolls come from? I love their eyes. *_*
  3. Ridley

    Comfortable scale shirt pattern

    I've extended the shoulder straps by two rows which fixed my problem. It fits much more comfortably now. Thanks to all for the advice.
  4. Ridley

    Comfortable scale shirt pattern

    not really shoulder straps, but one strap on the shoulder and where the neck meets the front of the shirt. The neck ruff and epaulettes are almost a totally separate piece.
  5. Ridley

    Comfortable scale shirt pattern

    That makes a bit more sense to me. It does tend to hand a bit loose in the back, and i did make it equal length all around. I'll give your instruction a try and see where that leads me.
  6. Ridley

    Comfortable scale shirt pattern

    Could you possibly get a better shot of your shoulder? That's a good photo, but I can't tell how your epaulettes are attached.
  7. Ridley

    Comfortable scale shirt pattern

    The main problem would be the shoulders. My current design (see the photo) is like this: Rough sketch, red is underneath the blue. Until I can get some better photos. The problem is the red straps on the shoulders under the epaulettes (these are almost completely free and only attached at the neck where the thinner of the two shouder straps meet) slide down after a lot of movement (walking, sitting/standing, etc.). Because of how the shoulder traps and epaulettes were made, I can't really connect the gap between the neck and the strap. Again, once I can make some better photos to show the flaw, I will. What I'm aiming for is a shirt much like Lorenzo's vest, but with short sleeves. Almost like a t-shirt of scales.
  8. Okay, I've made quite a bit of maille in the past 15 years. I've made a lot of jewelry, a hauberk, and a scale plumata. My problem is, the later two are not comfortable to wear for extended periods, and I believe the root of the problem is the design that I used. I pretty much invented the patterns I used for both so I'm sure with some adjusting I could make them work. I wanted to start a new shirt from scratch using small scales, but this time, I would like to go from a pattern. Does anyone have some suggestions? I've looked through M.A.I.L. and while people have written good articles on theory, no one has really put out a good shirt pattern that I could find within the past year. Any help will be much appreciated. Here's my latest attempt.
  9. Ridley

    A little three letter weave...

    That's rediculous! I'm glad you posted pics or I might not have believed you could make something like that with such a tiny gauge by hand. Now I'm half tempted to make some. *_*
  10. Ridley

    Black Stainless back InStock

    Outstanding! I'm glad I waited to make my order.
  11. Ridley

    Finished torso armor with brass large scales

    You've been working on that for a while now. Great job!
  12. Ridley

    Bits & Pieces: Plumata W.I.P.

    I was about ready to scream when I saw blackened scales before I actually read your post. I've been waiting for those so I could do a bee/tiger striped idea with blackened/brass scales. Keep up the work, I'd like too see updates even if they're slow, if only to see how someone else makes theirs. Cheers.
  13. Ridley

    deburring stainless clad scales

  14. Ridley

    recent basic banner

    Can...can you make a Yamaha star next? *_*
  15. Ridley


    I love GFD! Thanks for the link. The triangles seem a bit daunting, mainly because I have a habit of pinching myself with those tight weaves. ^^;