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  1. BlindDruid

    round scale tutorial?

    Has anyone come across any tutorials for the round scale weave or can explain how it is made? Thank you, Rene
  2. BlindDruid

    TRLIS is Live!

    Bernice you are a genius at inventory systems. Have you thought about packaging it up and selling you ideas to other manufacturers?
  3. BlindDruid

    CIR 90 degree bend problem

    Those gatherings were fun but it seems that everyone has disappeared. I will give your suggestions a try and hope for the best. Thanks, Rene
  4. BlindDruid

    CIR 90 degree bend problem

    Hi all, I am currently working on creating a CIR 90 degree bend weave as per this tutorial http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/cir90deg.shtml and I am having lots of difficulites. Has anyone tried this and created the bend successfully? My problem is with the last step. I am using the same rings as per the tutorial (18swg 7/32" Titanium). I cannot get that ring to go around the 4 outer cage rings. The ring is just not large enough. I can try a larger ring but would that not weaken the tightnes of the bend? Thanks, Rene
  5. BlindDruid

    Spam Zapper Volunteer

    Eastern time zone here if you need me. BD
  6. BlindDruid

    CAD tool for making sheet-inlaid pattern?

    Zlosk's IGP program does this. http://www.zlosk.com/pgmg/igp/
  7. BlindDruid

    top medieval movies

    Nobody has mentioned The Last Samurai. I know.. Tom Cruise. However the samurai armour is pretty cool and the scenery in the movie is good.
  8. BlindDruid

    Bookmark findings?

    Is this a new toy for you? You get to have all the fun dont you?
  9. BlindDruid

    Bookmark findings?

    Thanks for the tip but I had something else in mind. More like these http://www.jencel.co.uk/beads/bookmarks.php As I mentioned, this may be a good addition to your stock.
  10. BlindDruid

    Bookmark findings?

    Thanks but I like to keep my money in Canada.
  11. BlindDruid

    Bookmark findings?

    Does anyone know where one can find bookmark findings in Canada? Bernice, any thoughts of perhaps selling them through your site? I am beginning to see them more often at shows and would make a nice fit with chainmaille.
  12. I like this new forum.

  13. BlindDruid

    likes/dislikes about canada?

    With a bachelor's in theatre you would love Stratford Ontario. Home to the world famous Shakespeare Festival and is rich in heritage, music and arts.
  14. BlindDruid

    Kitchener, Ontario?

    I live close by in Elmira so it would be fun to meet other maillers in the area.
  15. BlindDruid

    Looking for a new minivan

    So our current Chev Astro is on its last legs and we are looking for a replacement. I have three in mind. Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona and the Volkswagen Routan. Does anyone have any experiences with any of these? Thanks.