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  1. losthelm

    Chinese Mountain Armor

    The armourarchive title page is loading but not the forum. JT maybe doing server maintenance or have other tech issues. The links should self correct once their forum is working again, unless there is a database issue.....
  2. losthelm

    help with swinging mail

    What's it look like? Stiffening the edge with some Hp3in1 will contract it a little and should help reduce swing.
  3. losthelm

    So what were they?

    Galvy tends to have a sort of grey finish and will have a sort of metallic taste like a zink cough drop or penny cut in half.
  4. Any idea who made the first one? it looks a little like one of zili's yetsanihedron or one of his other balls. This may be the right one... http://zili.de/maille/tut/japsphere.htm
  5. losthelm


    I have a tool rack for my pliers, I use a lot of 2x3 or 3x3 zip bags for kits and materials purchased from a drug supply company. For bulk rings and such specimen cups from a lab supply are cheap. When it comes to zip bags and such Bulk discounts apply, it maybe worth seeing if someone local can split the order. Last time around 10K zip bags was right around $45 including shipping. Beats $3 per 100 at the local craft shop.
  6. losthelm

    Saw Blades vs Stainless Steel

    Stainless wears blades down much faster than anything you have tried so far. Better Quality blades can help a little. Otto frei has a decent selection. Its difficult to get the teeth to catch on the round wire, supporting the coil to minimize wobble and take your time.
  7. losthelm

    Ring Size Help

    What book are you using, many weaves will allow for a little variation in size. Some projects like capturing crystials or very tight weaves are more sensitive when it comes to sizes. to further make things difficult the Gauge maybe AWG or Swg with Swg is noticeably smaller. 3mm = 1/8" with 5mm = 13/64 with 7/32 being just a little bigger and 3/16 being just a little less 6mm = 15/64 with 7/32 being a little smalller and 1/4 being the next size up.
  8. losthelm

    Need help making an anklet

    What weave and ring size? I like EPDM mixed with another metal. There are a number of weaves that work Helm, Japanese, E4in1, half Persian, stepping stones, GsG and others all work well when joined to itself. It has a little stretch so it’s less likely to stain the rings.
  9. losthelm

    Ring Size Question

    There should be a suggested ring size to match up with each size scale for armour/clothing., jewelry and sculptural applications like the flower tutorial use different sizes. For dice bags I usually use 14 gauge 3/8 or 16 gauge 1/4” or 16 gauge 5/16” the 14 gauge makes a fairly quick bag. Using the epdm rings can also speed up contruction a little.
  10. losthelm

    Looking for advice

    Another option is to use chemical patinas of some type. Sculpt nouveau has a forum and chemicals covering more than the standard liver of sulphur.
  11. You can find a little research on heat treating that paticular alloy by downloading the heat treaters companion appl. There is a decent chance someone in your area has a glass kiln for lampwork beads, fuseing, or slumping that maybe willing to help. The kilns have a digital readout/controler and most are fairly easy to open the top, pull out the piece and dunk it in a bucket of vegtable oil. Rhough you may have issues with some rings deforming under its own weight.
  12. losthelm

    Welding advice

    It should be a fairly sturdy garment in 14 gauge galvanized steel without welding the rings. if you wanted to weld the common points of failure you may try sour ring a little mild steel wire or Tig welding rod. Usually the rings in the armpit area, any v slits, or high strain points are more likely to work loose. Those of us that do SCA combat usually spend time making repairs as needed. Figure less than 5 minutes per event or practice. I usually do repairs for others while drinking their beer. Before going through the effort and time to strip and build a MOT welder use it for a while and see if its worth doing.
  13. losthelm

    Where to get Aluminum wire in Canada?

    To help figure materials try using this calculator. http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=Euro4in1ShirtCalculator You want a bit more as there is a little lose when making your own rings. sometimes you can find better prices on aluminum through Ebid, eBay, or similar but make sure your getting an alloy that works for chainmaille. Eletric fence wire is soft and there is a lot of grey rub off on to you and whatever else your wearing. Some welding alloys like 4043 are softer and more prone to failure.
  14. losthelm

    aluminium anodising

    The uncolored spots are contact points between another surface in the dye bath. With uncut springs they can be stretch just a little to avoid this issue.
  15. losthelm

    Question about deburring small scale edges

    I run into this all the time when doing sheet metal work. 1x30 or larger belt sander or a high speed drill mounted in a vice with a roloc style disk should be a little quicker. With aluminum you want some sort of duct management and a good dust mask the metal dust goes everywhere and is a concern. Work safe and clean your tools before switching metals.