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  1. Justin

    Archery bracer : Request for comments!

    As an archer myself, both in my hobby and in my job, that would terrify me to shoot. I shoot mostly longbow, and know from building strings, that your armguard would shred a string, especially if it caught a poorly done connection. However, it looks fantastic, and as said before, adding a strip of leather 2 or 3 inches wide for the length of it would solve your problem... unless you torqued your wrist, then you might catch a stray ring...
  2. Justin

    What is this?

    absinthe traditionally is made of wormwood which is a hallucinigen (sp?) but I don't know what it is made of now... perhaps still wormwood, it only became legal in canada again about 19 or so years ago...
  3. Justin

    Any backpackers out there?

    Kukri... never leave home without it
  4. Justin


    well, seeing as I have never heard of them, and was surprised they knew of me, I'm guessing they don't need money or a kidney, but hey, who knows:)
  5. Justin


    hey, anyone ever lived a good chunk of your life thinking you only had the siblings you knew about, and then you found out that you had another 6 brothers and sisters? that pretty much just happened to me... turns out I have a huge family, and I'm the youngest...and I'm an uncle about 15 times over, and some of my nephews are almost as old as I am... my mom knew I had all these siblings, and just assumed that I knew as well, and I haven't spoken to my dad in years and years, and the last time I saw him was about 18 years ago, so needless to say we haven't been very close... just hoping they didn't find me to ask for money, which was my first thought... guess it's just the innate paranoia in me, after all, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you
  6. Justin

    How do you store your supplies?

    flambeau collapsible tackle box... the large one, has a bunch of plastic compartmentable containers in it, tool storage, is awsome, and only about 60 bucks canadian
  7. Justin

    steel vials

    mmm good idea, never thought about cigar tubes, and yeah I had the same thought about the colour coded plastic tubes... great minds think alike I guess...
  8. Justin

    steel vials

    hey everyone, I'm looking for steel vials, test tube shaped, some friends of mine are looking at going as an adventuring party next year for halloween, and I need some steel potion vials with cork tops... would prefer steel, but I did find a place where I can get pyrex ones which could be sprung as glassteel any ideas?
  9. Justin

    moral dilema

    like I said, I already had another photographer do the pics, and I was there and now I'm just waiting for them to get developed.... they should turn out really well...
  10. Justin

    moral dilema

    I told her exactly what kind of pictures I needed, and for what purpose, and she understood, and she was supposed to take the pictures, but she passed it off to another photographer and didn't inform me, well, she said that someone else will ALSO be taking pictures, leading me to believe that the original photographer would be taking the majority of the pics, and she knew exactly what I wanted, so I guess in some ways it is my fault for assuming that because that was agreed upon, I didn't double check and make absolutely sure about things... my bad
  11. Justin

    ccw permits in canada?

    you can get them here, but they are just very difficult to get... I work in a gun and sporting goods store, and several of the gun counter guys have their ccw's in BC but not here, as well as a lot of the states mostly they issue them to surveyors and people who work in the deep woods for bears and cougar and poachers and such... but everyday people can get them as well, but it is very hard
  12. Justin

    moral dilema

    the actual photos were nice, well lit, artistic, attractive models, but the problem it, they were all artistic, so not really showing stuff in closeups or that kind of shots like my new photographer did... guess it's one of those things that even though they didn't produce the product I wanted and agreed to get, I still have the feeling I should hold up my side of the bargain, but I think I'm gonna fight that urge
  13. Justin

    ccw permits in canada?

    heh, more guns... we already have more guns per capita than the USA, it's just a problem that the majority of them are in the hands of the criminals, or buried in some poor law abiding farmers field when he didn't wanna register them... god I hate politicians... although the Western Block Party sounds somewhat promising...
  14. Justin

    moral dilema

    I've since gotten another photographer (and friend) as well as models to do my stuff and I was at the shoot (was at my place) and gave the photographer a bracelet and necklace set she wanted, and am making the models a bracelet and necklace set as well, which was awsome cause they did it just for the fun and everyone had an awsome time and hopefully gonna do it again when I get some more stuff made up... so guess I will just chalk it up to a learning experience and go from there thanks for your input guys, it really helps
  15. Justin

    moral dilema

    the biggest problem is I actually liked the original photographer and thought she would do a really good job, but I wasn't told she was passing it off to another photographer and if I was I probably would of said no thanks... as my wife said, it looked like they were just horsing around... with the guy wearing the bikini bottoms and the halter top... was funny, but made for women and not something I can use in any sort of context apart from a joke...