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  1. PrairieGal

    Can you help me locate someone?

    Thanks! I knew someone here could help.
  2. PrairieGal

    Can you help me locate someone?

    A friend of mine recently went to the Yankee Peddler Festival and met Susan Webster and Monica Hardie from Scotland. She was very impressed with their chainmaille jewelry designs and told me I had to see them. Does anyone know of a way to contact them or view their work online? Thanks
  3. Sterling is my first choice followed by gold filled for jewelry. I like the argentium silver because it doesn't tarnish so badly. I also love bronze and copper but they do tarnish. Titanium is also lovely for jewelry but more difficult to work with. For my little purses I use stainless steel but I can only bend the very small rings with my arthritis. Can somebody come up with a coating that doesn't allow metals to tarnish but won't flake or wear off?
  4. PrairieGal

    Website selling.

    I haven't had much luck from my own website but have done better on Etsy. Some folks have done very well on Etsy but you really have to work on it and post everyday. If you approach it like a business you will do well but if it's just a hobby or sideline you probably won't do the work needed to make a real go of it. www.etsy.com/
  5. PrairieGal

    AUAG Rondo

    It is gorgeous!
  6. PrairieGal

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    That is beautiful!
  7. I don't use the flash when I take jewelry pictures - just the light box lighting.
  8. PrairieGal

    Heavy clasp

    I like slide clasps for wide bracelets. They are very sturdy too. http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H204220FY
  9. PrairieGal

    hp3-1 question

    When I start the weave I put a safety pin in the end that is finished. When I pick it up again the open end is where I continue weaving.
  10. PrairieGal

    My new website

    The layout is very good and it's super easy to find your way around the site. The pictures do need some work so they POP off the page. You could also do a close-up of the weave itself for the first picture and link to it being modeled or vice-versa. Overall it's a very nice site.
  11. PrairieGal

    Olivia Variant Sterling Watch

    I love the band. Could you use a ring and flatten it into an oval shape instead of the wire? When the ring is closed there wouldn't be any sharp edges.
  12. PrairieGal

    A question about Future Floor Wax

    I tried it and ended up with a gunky mess. Ended up having to tumble the rings again to clean them up.
  13. PrairieGal

    Hooves weave bracelet

    I love that weave and it looks beautiful in copper.
  14. PrairieGal

    Been a while.

    Nice design!
  15. PrairieGal

    Latasti bracelet

    Very pretty!