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  1. ahmanud

    Scales with smaller/no holes

    If you want "scales" with smaller holes, get the fishing lure components directly from Worth Co. http://lurecomponents.worthco.com/ TRLs scales are just fishing lures modified with a bigger hole; and Worth is the original manufacturer of these scales.
  2. ahmanud

    The 'nerd' factor

    That's why we all sell our stuff on the internet. Because people IRL suck. I *hate* my customers. The only reason I put up with them, is the money.
  3. The biggest issue with getting pre-opened rings from TRL (or anyone) is that the ends of the ring are just a bit off once they are assembled. And the ring is no longer "round", it looks wavy once its closed.
  4. ahmanud

    Minimizing Scratching of Anodized Alum. Scales

    Two things come to mind. The one batch of scales was made slightly off, or was not tumbled or polished before anodizing. So there is a sharp edge/burr on the bottom side that is rubbing on the scales and causing that wear pattern. And the other is that different anodizing setting were used and the color layer is not nearly as tough.
  5. ahmanud

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    There is a whole bunch of info here: http://www.ringinator.com/pages/info
  6. ahmanud

    debit visa

    But none of the safety and protection you get with a regular credit card. Read the fine print. So careful where you use it.
  7. ahmanud

    rockin the home made BA

    Yup, I do. I buy a boxed 20lb spool of 1/16" 5356 for $100 ($5/lb) from the local welding store. I coil them, then using a ringinator I bought a while back I saw cut them. I had a friend want an aluminum shirt. Even with the extra time it took, buying all the tools and making the rings was cheaper than straight up buying the rings.
  8. ahmanud

    Question about how TRL handles Tutorials

    As far as I know. they buy them outright for a small fee, then sell them on the site. As for your situation; you are S.O.L. no matter what.
  9. ahmanud

    I remember this busier.

    You have a drastically different view of the situation. The thing is, we dont want to interact with just you. We want to interact with other members. Like the board used to be. Because you have taken this "me" centric view, and deleted a lot of older content, that aspect of the board has changed irrecoverably. Leading to the current situation; and this thread.
  10. For cutting rings, check out the Ringinator.
  11. ahmanud

    Announcing Strong Engineered Plastic Rings

    1) I see lots of bubbles in them. How does that affect strength? 2) How will they hold up in sunlight? With they discolor or rot?
  12. ahmanud

    Ringinator Issues and Production Questions

    Stainless is just hard to work with. Period. With sawing, you wont be cutting more than 6-8 inches of coil per minute. Maybe slightly more if its a thin gauge.
  13. ahmanud

    Pre-closed Rings

    Its all a load of crap. His machine is called "broke ass meth-heads". I have heard it first-hand from at least 2 people at another show, that also do shows Randolph does. And are either familiar first hand, or have been approached by his "workers". He has been known to pay cash off the books to such people, at absurdly low rates in order to get rings closed. I could provide details, but I will keep it vague because I was asked not to name names. I have also spoken to him in person about such "machines". He's full of crap. My favorite line of his so far is "I just spent $35k on a piece of tungest carbide for my ring cutting machine, for the part that cuts the rings.". A used Torrington sping making machine will cost at most $5000. A brand spanking new CNC spring coiler doesnt even cost $35000. I get it, he wants to make it sound super hard and expensive, so that others dont enter the market and steal his sales; and to sell loose rings. But in the words of the internet, Pics or STFU.
  14. ahmanud

    The beginning of my insanity

    The one thing that always annoys me is how people use the cheap split rings for these projects. With a cost difference of maybe $50 a shirt, the fine gauge coined split rings you can buy from Worth or Rosco are tons better that the split rings TRL sells. Both in quality, looks/feel, and ease of weaving.
  15. ahmanud

    Member of a guild?

    Did it also ask for a server?