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  1. D. Alex Reams

    laser engraved large scales

    so... can we order these? I haven't seen them in the storefront yet...
  2. D. Alex Reams

    "Copper Serpent" Bracelet

  3. D. Alex Reams

    Copper, Brass, Bronze Braclet

    Very cool... I made one similar, but yours doesn't look as stiff... what size rings did you use? and where did you get the clasp?
  4. D. Alex Reams

    Solid Sterling Silver JPL3 8g Collar

    Sadly, as awesome as that is... I don't think you'd find too many people willing to pay even the material cost, much less the cost of labor... What I'd ask for is about $400, myself, though.
  5. D. Alex Reams

    Inlay Uploading Issues

    Format was a .jpg and size was 772kb. As I said... the problem seemed to be indicated that the title was the problem. The image seemed to upload fine - had a thumbnail preview of it and everything... same one I put in the "In Memoriam" thread later...
  6. D. Alex Reams

    Inlay Uploading Issues

    I was trying to upload a pattern in the Inlay Gallery. The problem I was having was not with the uploading, but rather with the "Review and Publish" part. Every time I told the gallery to post, I kept coming up with an error that seemed to do with the title: A little pop-up box that said something to the effect of "Please match the requested format". I've tried going with the "default" title. I've tried changing the title. Shortened it, lengthened it, added punctuation, removed punctuation, added file type... nothing seems to help... any suggestions?
  7. D. Alex Reams

    In Memoriam

    An inlay that AngKay indicated she was going to start working in June. Figured I would do it now in remembrance. At 37k+ rings, it'll be the largest thing I've ever done. It'll take time, but it's going to be a labor of love. I finally finished the count on the rings, and my wife will be ordering them for me as my birthday present. I'm thinking of doing it in BA & Brass - like the inlay on her FB page. When I get finished, I'll post pix. I just hope I can do half as good a job on it as she would have.
  8. Finished getting the count of rings for my memorial inlay for AngKay. For my b'day, my wife is buying me the rings to make it happen. As soon as they come in, I'm going to start on it...

  9. Looking at making a memorial piece inlay - going to be the largest I've ever made. Just wish she were doing it instead of me...

  10. D. Alex Reams

    In Memoriam

    ... how? I didn't speak to her daily, but I tried to keep in touch when I could, saying "hi" and such ... seeing how she was doing ... I'm... dumbfounded... Express my sympathies/condolences to her family.
  11. D. Alex Reams


    Not so sure if I'd call it a "hobby"... work is intruding too much (sadly, it's also intruding in my chainmail making. ) But, I just recently acquired an electric cigar box guitar and a cigar box amp... I'm still learning how to play it, so...
  12. D. Alex Reams

    A fine Scotch...

    Umm.. actually, no. Most "connoisseurs" of Scotch tell you not to put it OVER ice (as in, don't put 4-5 large cubes in and put the Scotch on top), but most agree that a touch of water actually helps the flavor. Of course, pure ice is ideal (1-2 cubes), as the freezing actually helps rid the water of any taste impurities.
  13. What's wrong w/ Scotch? Single Malt, of course... and DARK Chocolate.. :D

    1. Toriadore


      Absolutely nothing is wrong. I was complementing posters on their choice of topics.

    2. Toriadore


      Also, totally on board with the dark chocolate (om nom)

    3. sir_osis


      scotch is actually old world english for magical invincibility juice

  14. really wishing I had time to work on chainmail, but my real job is chewing up too much time.. :(

  15. @ Chaos ... never said it was for his first piece... I GAVE my first piece away... now, I do better than the ones locals find here in SE GA...