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  1. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Anodized Aluminum

    Thank you!
  2. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Anodized Aluminum

    Is there an ETA on SXAA18316bronze ?
  3. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Restoring Chainmail that survived a house fire

    I would recommend for the chain shirt is to find a way to tumble it with an aggressive medium. Maybe put it in a pickle barrel and roll it around the floor, or put it in a heavy duty clothes dryer. Or, sice it stainless, you might try to burn it off with a low temp torch, but remember to wear a mask, you don't want to breath the fumes. 🙂 For the anodized aluminum, for just cleaning the metal same thing, but for the tie, it should fit in a standard tumbler. If you want the color back, replace those rings with new anodized aluminum. Hope this helps, Katrina
  4. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    AA Scratch Advice

    The only problem with that, is that you will end up re-taping the jaws fairly regularly as the tape wears away with use. 🙂
  5. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    AA Scratch Advice

    You can find pliers with vinyl jaws, wrap tape around the jaws of the pliers you have, or dip them several times in Platicoat. Hope this helps.
  6. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Anodized Aluminum

    When will SXAA18316EVI Electric Violet be restocked?
  7. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Bishops Mantle help

    Yes, starting with a thin row of 4in1 would be the way to go. The method should work with most any size rings you want to do, I used the same method with 3/16", 3/8", 1/4", & 5/8" rings. Once you have your base strip of 4in1, it can help to make chains out as far as you want the mantle to extend. Count how many rings around the base strip is, but make sure it is divisible by a whole number, for my bags I use 6 chains, but you can use as many as you want. Just remember, the space between each chain will end up as a side of the finished mantle, and thus a rounder appearance. But if you use too many chains, it may not lay flat, so I recommend to make it divisible no more that 8 chains. Good luck!
  8. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Bishops Mantle help

    There is a way to make one that is rounded. From the bottom edge of the coif, hand a single ring off of each ring in the bottom row. On the next row, connect them like regular chainmail, and hand 1 loose ring off the bottom of each. Repeat on each successive row until the mantle is as big around as you want it. It's the same method I use for the bottom of dice bags (see attached).
  9. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Upcoming Custom Anodized Aluminum Colors

    Thanks, I look forward to it! Is there a way I can get a notice when they're ready?🙂
  10. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Upcoming Custom Anodized Aluminum Colors

    Is there going to be any 18g 3/16" violet in the works?
  11. Kittensoft_Chainmail


    I use a combination of plastic storage boxes for findings, a set of bins to hold my bags of colored rings, ans labeled coffee cans and plastic jars to hold my stainless/aluminum/galvanized rings.
  12. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Upcoming Custom Anodized Aluminum Colors

    Yeah! My customers & I have been missing it!
  13. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw Blades vs Stainless Steel

    Stainless is a much tougher metal, you may need a more aggressive blade, and a powered blade would help.
  14. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Helping Out

    Marcus, the cat in the picture, will attack your hand if you try to rub his belly. I've had a couple of other cat that do that too, although I've more cats that just like to lie there and enjoy it, I suppose it depends on the cat. 🙂
  15. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Helping Out

    Mostly black with a thin white stripe along his belly. It looks like his long johns are showing through his suit, if yo can get him on his back. 🙂