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    Learning to speed weave? Tips on getting faster?

    Hi Tia. Mainly practice and experience are the ways to better your speed, although J6-in-1/J12-in-2 is one of the more time consuming weaves. I haven't found much time savings in pre-opening or closing rings. Yes, it can speed up the actual time you spend weaving, but when you add in the time takes to pre-open rings, are you actually saving time? This doesn't I won't use pre-closed rings if I have them, but I can go through a coupe thousand rings a day without any pre-closed rings. Like I said, practice. The more mailing you do the faster you will get, but it can take time. I hope this helps,
  2. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Japanese 12 in 2

    Try 18g 3/16" id. They make a fairly tight weave. Good luck!
  3. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Selling Old Rings

    Sorry, those aren't sizes I generally use. Good luck tho'.
  4. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Where can I sell Chainmail?

    You can sell on Etsy, but there's lots of competition there, you can sell through Facebook, Amazon has seller options etc.
  5. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Police in Chainmail

    Everything old is new again!
  6. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What Weave

    You're most welcome.
  7. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What Weave

    Might be a bit smaller like 1/2" but probably not too much smaller or there wouldn't be so much open space at the edges. Here's a quick 6in1 5/8" piece for comparison.
  8. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What Weave

    Euro 6in1 16 gauge 5/8" a quick guess.
  9. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Hand protection?

    Hi Dahlia. I find that finger-less bicycle gloves work very well for protecting the palms and first joint of the finger from calluses and blisters. If you are having problems with finger tips on one hand and not the other, try wearing a 3 fingered archery glove on the hand in question. The bicycle gloves leave the finger tips free for grabbing rings and such, the archery glove will protect the finger tips if you are using them to brace the plier tips against while opening/closing. Both can be worn at the same time, of just one if that's all you need. If both are worn you get something like this: Sorry for the huge images, but I hope this helps you find what you need.Good Luck!
  10. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Captive inverted roundmaille, with beads?

    I have used 3/8" rings to capture beads up to 8MM. I have tried to capture 6MM into 3/16" rings but they don't fit, 4MM might though. I've had really good results with capturing rings in the 5/8" and connecting those cages with 3/6" rings like in this necklace: https://www.etsy.com/listing/244571434/inverted-round-chainmail-necklace The necklace has a good bit of flex to it using the larger rings helps with that. Hope this helps.
  11. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Made from 16 gauge 5/8" id rings.

    © Photo property of Kittensoft Chainmail

  12. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Happy to pass on a good source.
  13. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Chainmaille Top for Burlesque Performer

    I was commisioned by Sophie Maletease for this burlesque outfit. She does Geeklesque performances here in the Pacific NW. This top, and matching panty in the bottoms gallery, were made out of 18 gauge wire wrapped to 3/16" ID ring. The entire outfit took over 10,000 rings. She wanted to replace the knitted yarn false chain she had been using, with real chaimaille, She provided the bra and panty, and I basicly filled in the form. When I had it fitted properly, she sew the chain onto the garmets herself, and it came out looking, I think, quite striking. The BA shines well under stage lights, and the loose bottom edge on the bra swing and moves like only real chainmaille can!

    © Photo by Casey Campbell Photography, Performer Sophie Maletease, Chainmaille by Kittensoft Chainmail

  14. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Looking for someone to complete brass chaimmaille project

    I'd be happy to do that or you, I have a couple quick questions. What gauge are the rings & approx, and how many ring still need to be done? P.S. Feel free to email me @ kittensoft_chainmail@yahoo.com
  15. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Question about closing machine cut rings

    You're most welcome. And don't worry about the delay, I understand life getting crazy. Good luck!
  16. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Check out www.buckleguy.com
  17. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Question about closing machine cut rings

    Hi Harimau. A couple of quick answers. The uneven ends on machine cut rings after closing can be an issue of how you are closing them. I have found that it happens less often when you can keep your pliers right at the ring ends. I have also found that having a pair or 2 of needle nose or 1 needle nose & 1 round nose pliers on hand when working with any rings can be helpful. They make it MUCH easier to get into tight spaces for evening out the ring ends and such. Pushing the ends slightly past each other is always helpful in keeping them closed, but with a strong metal like stainless it's less necessary. Still good for structural integrity though. As for rings coming out/breaking, any gaps or unevenness can always help with that rings coming out, so minimizing those is for the best. As for breaking rings, with stainless that's rarely and issue and only happens if the meal is over worked, or partially cut somewhere else on the ring. As for repairing 6in1, that depends on how tight your weave is. You may have to open a line from the top or bottom of the belt to get to the ring you need to replace, but if it is well constructed this should rarely be an issue. Many years ago I did a belt, euro 6in1 with 18 ga. 3/16" rings and I've been wearing it regularly for many years and I've yet to lose a single rings from it. I hope all of this is helpful to you, and others may have other answers, so don''t take this as gospel. Everyone find their own methods of dealing with things. Find what works for you and go with it. Katrina Owner/Artisan Kittensoft Chainmail
  18. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Full Persian Wallet Chain

    Glad you like it, thanks for the endorsement!
  19. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Newbie looking for help

    I would be willing to do it for you. What size ring were you thinking, 16 ga. 1/4" or 5/16" should give a good heavy chain, 14 ga 3/8" would give a bigger beefier look but might be too much. I can get the clasps at my local tack shop pretty inexpensively, and ordering the brass here from RL. Or you could go for square wire, here's a short piece done with the current special brass 18 ga 5/16" square to give you an idea of how that might look. I you'd like to talk more, send me a PM or reply here.
  20. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Khorne Symbol Bag 2

    These shots show design around the bag. The bag in the picture is holding 55 dice.

    © Warhammer 40,000 & the Khorne symbol are proerties of the Games Workshop. Work and images done by Kittensoft Chainmail

  21. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Khorne Symbol Bag

    Made from 1160 18 gauge 3/16" I.D. brass and AA rings the Khorne Symbol from Warhammer was inlaid with care. It holds about 55 dice.

    © Warhammer 40,000 & the Khorne symbol are proerties of the Games Workshop. Work and images done by Kittensoft Chainmail

  22. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Springback question

    Sorry, thought I did, it's 18 gauge.
  23. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Springback question

    Sorry, measured a ring that was wrapped a 3/16" mandrel, not a 3/8" mandrel, typo there. Aluminum wrapped around a 3/8" mandrel gets me a ring 9/32" I.D.
  24. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Springback question

    When I wrap aluminum around a 3/8" mandrel I get a ring that is .21". Your results may vary depending on the wire you use. Hope this helps.
  25. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but all of pliers seem to magnetize after using them for a week or 2. It only seems to happen to my mailing pliers, as none of the pliers in my general toolbox have magnetized. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else.