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    My first sculpt

    Nice work.
  2. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Norse Bear

    This little guy was a Goodwill rescue, with articulated arm & legs. His armor is made from 3/8" black & gold machine cut AA. I inlaid the Thor's Hammer, and trimmed the coif and bottom hem in gold. He took me about a 1 1/2 days to get him fit right, but I think he's so cute.
  3. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Grab bags!

    Thanks Jon!
  4. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Grab bags!

    Any idea when you'll do more Great Big Grab bags?
  5. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What kind of ring?

    Hi. in my recent order I got grab bag. There is 1 bag of rings that has me bit stumped though. At first look I took them for copper because of their color and weight, but on closer inspection I find that they look to be either plated or filled. I know you don't use plated ring for copper, but the outer edge doesn't look thick enough for a filled wire. Also, the inner metal looks more like steel or aluminum than the brass. Here's an picture of 1 of the rings. Any help identifying the metal would be a help. Thanks
  6. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What kind of ring?

    Parmburst was right, it's copper clad steel. My magnet picks them up. Thanks for the response though.
  7. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    It's not a problem, I was just wondering if I was the only one. My mailing pliers get more use by far than anything else I use, and non of my other tools have done it that I've noticed, so I thought I'd ask others if it was common. I get curious that way. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What kind of ring?

    Thanks PARmbrust, I hadn't considered that. The last time at looked at the copper page t said across the top that all their ring were solid copper, not plated. Even now they only list a 16g clad aluminum rings. Has the coating held up well over time? Tarnish is expected, but does it chip or scratch easily? It's is nice to know what material something made from if a customer asks.
  9. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    UPS Sucks!

    Still waiting for UPS to deliver the order I made 12-13-15, and you folks shipped on 12-18-15. I know it's not really your fault, but it's annoying as hell to me! I've been waiting damn near month now, and the package did not move at all between the 21st & 30th of Dec. Why again could this NOT be shipped USPS?
  10. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    UPS Sucks!

    I understand the rant, I could wish that all orders went through USPS though. TRL is my favorite place to buy rings, it just suck having to put up with UPS! I never use them myself, as I have always found the US postal service Priority mail to be faster, more affordable, and more reliable that UPS has been the last few years. Heck, most times they can't even be bothered to deliver their own packages! About 3/4 of thing I order that are shipped UPS get handed off to the post office anyway, adding an extra day to the shipping time! Drives me nuts! It makes no sense, from where I am (I admit I don't know what the export rules from Canada are), but USPS will left you send up to like 50 lbs.in a Priority Mail box, and the insure it up to $500, so what is this $200 mailing limit about? It makes no sense from where I sit. There's my short rant, sorry folks.
  11. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    How to send PMs?

    What you're looking for is labeled 'Personal Messenger', and in my drop down, it's at the bottom of the left hand column in the drop down menu. Hope it helps.
  12. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Assistance on a design idea.

    Smaller rings will give more flexibility, and a finer weave, but for just the back of the hand the 18 gauge 3/16" rings should work fine. Mine has never caused restricted hand movement. Just remember, the smaller the ring, the more rings you will need. Not to say that getting a ring sampler is a bad idea, having all of the rings is great for experimenting and playing around with.
  13. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Assistance on a design idea.

    Hi Drunkenmmist. So, if I'm understanding you right, there is not supposed to be able chain on the palm side of the gauntlet? If that is the case, you could use 18 gauge 3/16" I.D. rings. I have made something a bit like thins before. It was just a piece of chain that went from my wrist to just below the first knuckle, were on the outside edges, I made a ring of mail to go around my index finger, and another one to go around my pinkie. The point being, that if the palm side isn't going to be covered with chain a ring that large will work well, without being to big for the hand. It will flex well, move with the hand, not interfere with the closing of the hand, or the grip. Unfortunately, I made this a long time ago, and I don't have any pictures of it handy I could post. If I can find it later today, I'll see about posting a picture of it on my hand. Until then, I hope this has helped.
  14. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    TRL Christmas Wreath/Snowflake kit help needed

    I had the same problem with the kit when I bought it last year. I found that taking out 1 or 2 sets of outer ring will tighten it up well. you could also use slightly smaller rings if you have them. Hope this helps.
  15. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Help on a mini-tapestry?

    The smaller the rings, the more detail you will be able to fit. The size of your finished product can also effect how a finished product will look. What are the finished dimensions you're planning, and can you provide an image of the design? Those would both help to answer the question. Just off of the top of my head, I don't think you would want to go with anything LARGER than 16 ga. 3/8" I.D., and depending on how smooth you want the finished product to look, going down to 18 ga. 3/16" I.D. might be better. As an example, this bag is made with 18 ga. 3/16"I.D. rings, but my canvas size is only 42 X 32, and that includes the bottom of the bag, which expands from a center point, so there isn't as much room for detail down there. At this ring & finished sized, 8-bit graphics are about the best that can be done. I hope this helps. : )
  16. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Chainmail pot scrubber

    It should work out OK. The one i made for myself, about 14 years ago, is made from re-purposed 18 g. copper electrical wire wrapped to 3/16" I.D. and it' still going strong. It looks like they're using a a 3/8", or possibly larger, ring, and I would worry about long term durability since they don't look welded or soldered. The one I made isn't either, but with the smaller ring diameter it's much less or an issue. Also, being made of copper, mine can also be used on stainless pots and pans with no ill effects. Not a bad find though, and the would make great stocking stuffers, or starter project for teaching.
  17. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Chain Mail Hacky-Sack

    Here's my version of a chainmail hacky sack. 18 g 3/16" stainless, woven J 6in1 or 6in2 depending on how tight you like you hacky. It is a 3d 6in1 build, all stainless, all connected, so no rings fall out. Done 6in1 weight just under 2 oz. 6in2 less than 3 oz. I've been selling these off and on for about 6 years, and I've never had anyone tell me they broke theirs.
  18. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Scaly Dragon made out of scales!

    He's very cute, good work!
  19. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Looking to sell a Ringinator

    It's sold. Thanks to all who looked at this post, and the one who bought it. Happy mailing all!
  20. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Looking to sell a Ringinator

    Hi, I'm looking to sell my Ringinator, only been lightly used. It works great, but I got it mainly to cut stainless steel rings, and the blades just are not up to it. For softer metals it's great and fast. If you are interested, what you would get would be everything that comes with the Ringinator; all of the frame pieces, the catch bowls, the tachometer, one blade, and all of the bolts & screws and instructions. In addition, I would include the 3/4" drive drill I purchased to power it, the safety glasses and ear protectors. I would include the cutting oil I bought, but postal regulations prevent it. All plugs are US 120v. With shipping, I would want $415 for everything, that's an $80 saving over what they are currently selling for. Also willing to consider offers. Payment would be through Paypal. If you are interested, let me know. Katrina Wolffe Owner/Artisan Kittensoft Chainmail
  21. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Anodized aluminum wash-safe?

    Stainless won't rust, but other types might. If you are worried about possible damage to the machine, you can always turn the purse inside out. This is what I do with the denim coat I've put chainmail accents on. Those accents are all bright aluminum, and they come out looking fine.
  22. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Chainmail 4 in 1 Top

    Nice, the draping spirals are good finishing touch.
  23. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Announcing the SpeedBump!

    Yes, you too can look 8 months pregnant while mailing! Seriously, it looks great! I know I weave fast when I have a pillow to rest my hands on. Happy April 1st!
  24. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Does 'Black Ice' Look like a dirty silverish?

    316L (sorry, I didn't mean to put the SI there) is the type most often used for jewelry and watches. Here's a picture of the rings I make from it. That is really close to what the black ice looks like.
  25. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Does 'Black Ice' Look like a dirty silverish?

    To be honest, to me, it can easily me mistaken for a good stainless at a few feet. I talking something like a good clean and burnished 316 LSI. It might be something for you to look at.