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  1. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Box Chain

    Here's an image of box chain done with 18 gauge 3/16" ID rings. I forgot I had an image of it on my Photobucket page. Oops!
  2. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    A Question about Copper

    That should work out fine. I've done a number of jewelry pieces (bracelets and necklaces) that use those sizes, in aluminum, like that and they hold up quite well.
  3. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    A Question about Copper

    I suppose it depends on the gauge if wire and size of the ring. Years ago, at least 10, I made a pot scrubber out of 18 gauge 3/16" rings. I've been using it regularly ever since, and I've only had to re-close or replace ring 3 times in 10 years. That seems pretty sturdy to me. I wouldn't expect the same durability out of 20, so it depends on what size you're going to be using. Also, a pendant doesn't get as much abuse or stress as say a bracelet might. I hope this helps.
  4. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    What to Do with Finished Practice Pieces?

    Well, if you merchant anywhere, you could put it all in a basket of bin labeled 'Free Bit & Pieces' as a promotional thing. I've something like that at Burning Man events. It sparks interest, and drive a little business my way after the event.
  5. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Box Chain

    18 gauge 3/16" will give you a tight weave like that. I've done a lot of it over the years, though I don't have any on hand right now. It's pretty sturdy, I've made key-chains out of it for people, accents for clothing and boxes, etc.
  6. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Using pliers without springs

    Hi Calyx. I have used pliers without springs quite often when working with stronger metals, like stainless and heavier gauge galvy. What I do is use the last two fingers, on the hand holding the pliers, to lever the bottom half of the pliers open. Keeping the index and middle fingers wrapped around the upper part of the grip while doing this takes a bit of practice, but it's not hard if you fingers are flexible. I've been doing it long enough that I can use springless pliers in both hands, without slowing down. I hope this helps.
  7. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Ring organization

    I forgot to mention, the drawers mentioned in my last post will hold small ziplocks. That way you don't have to worry about rings falling out the sides or backs of the drawers.
  8. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Ring organization

    I use those multi-drawer storage units, like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=multi+drawer+storage&client=firefox-a&hs=awG&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=sb&tbm=isch&imgil=J82wAD2r_ZNW9M%253A%253Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fencrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com%252Fimages%253Fq%253Dtbn%253AANd9GcQR5yjWKJly7IK47sDn6fHjfO9dI3ZDiZgNSN2LWqkGFZmB-8td%253B205%253B225%253BPtZf4dxpjkAyHM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.stack-on.com%25252Fcategories%25252Fdrawer-cabinets&source=iu&usg=__2EtLysnXnAIYvfL08ZID9PwwrUU%3D&sa=X&ei=cWlFU__1HKLCyQH37oFg&ved=0CE4Q9QEwAQ I've got 4 of them so far. They stack well, you can label them or just tape a ring to the front of the drawer, They're fairly small, stack easily, ant not too expensive.
  9. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Ring size help in Dice Necklace

    Glad to help! Good luck, and let me know if I was right.
  10. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Storing Finished Chainmail Jewelery

    I tend to put them in small Ziplocks, then put like types in a larger Ziplock, and keep all the large Ziplocks in plastic storage tubs.
  11. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Tumbler Ultra-Vibe darken my silver

    Just enough water to cover the rings. As for shot, it may not be needed if the piece isn't micro-pitted.
  12. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Tumbler Ultra-Vibe darken my silver

    I would say try water and dish soap (doesn't have to be Dawn, but no citrus). It's probably some kind of residue left on the silver and mild soap and water for 2 or 3 hours should do it. If not, I'm not sure what else to try. Good luck!
  13. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Substituting ring sizes

    Celtic and Helm are the same same weavew. When i first learned it I was told it was Celtic, and learned later that it is also called Helm. I don't know why it has 2 names, but they are the same.
  14. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Kukri is Nepalese or Hindu I think. They are the traditional knives carried by the Gurkhas.
  15. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Ring size help in Dice Necklace

    Looks like it's a 16 gauge in 1/2" or 5/8" ID. for the large, and 18 gauge 3/16" for the small rings.
  16. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Dragonscale with square rings

  17. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Noobie making a headpiece or something of the like.

    Nets are pretty easy, and very forgiving about head size. It would make a good first project for a newbie. It would be a good way to learn how easily (or not) the rings work, give you a good idea how many ring it can take to cover a certain amount of area, etc. Also with a headdress you can combine several different weaves, This can make for a more interesting piece, give you a change to work with a variety of weaves without committing a a huge project, and it can lets you see how various weave look together and can be connected to one another.
  18. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Niobium dissappointment

    I know my system 'eats' silver, and the anodized coating on the TRL aluminum starts to fade within a month or so when I wear it. I can't say I'm surprised that the same might happen with the niobium for some people. I would worry if it happens like that on other people around you, or if you get customer complaints because of it.
  19. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Polishers/tumblers - how noisy?

    i recently got a rotary tumbler from Harbor Freight, I think it's a Chicago Tool brand, and it's working beautifully for me so far. I've had it for a little over 2 months aand the difference it has made in my ring is incredible. I've tumbled, so far, with steel shot a dish soap and I love the outcome! It's also one of the less expensive tumblers if you are tight on cash.
  20. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Silver chainmaille necklace keeps opening

    Sorry, I don't. I've done limited work with silver so have no experience with matching it to silver plated iron. I think someone from TRL would be better for answering thas one.
  21. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Noobie making a headpiece or something of the like.

    If there is a wig shop near you, wig form are fairly cheap and work beautifully for as a model to build on.. A 4in1 band is a good place to start, If you want part of it to stand up stiff though, you'll want to find a really stiff weave, like a HP 3in1, dragonscale or find some other way to stiffen it. Short pieces of boning, using a double layer 4 or 6in1 with a piece of cardboard between the layers or some such. Hope this helps.
  22. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Silver chainmaille necklace keeps opening

    Did you use hard, half hard or dead soft silver? If you use dead soft or half hard, you might be able to replace those ring with full hard and solve the problem. Changing those rings out for stainless or titanium should definitely fix it, but keeping the look consistent is also good. I suppose it depends on what you originally used whe you first made if. Hope this helped!
  23. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    I need some pointers

    With stainless I've gone as small at 24 gauge 1/16" in byz. This provides a reasonable strength and a very delicate appearance. I wouldn't recommend it for a charm bracelet though, as Borealis said, charms can catch, especially on a bracelet. It does work quite well for necklaces though. I made one for my wife about 6 years ago, and it's holding up fine, despite daily wear. It also multi-strands beautifully. The first picture is of my wife's necklace, the second is a triple strand choker I made for myself.
  24. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    A gift for my wife.

  25. Making sure the front is heavier than the back is a BIG help. If a center, or focal, piece is not directly attached to the chain then the chain will slide around, that's all there is to that. I've never had something like that where the clasp doesn't slide around to the front. As for an asymmetrical build, I too deal with that. The right side of my body is bigger than the left by a significant amount. Having said that, I don't think it makes a lot of difference in this issue. I've seen the same thing happen on just about everyone I've ever know, no matter how even, or not, they, may be. The best thing you can do about it, IMHO, is making sure the front is heavier than your clasp. As for pieces rolling or folding, it can vary wildly from piece to piece. For folding, you can try to incorporate a stiffener, or a stiffer weave at strategic points in the weave. Or try to make the piece lay flatter around the collar , or tighten it up around the neck. Not everyone can cope with the latter though. I myself have a bit of a gag issue when something is to tight, more so than several other people I know at any rate. I don't know if this was any help to you, but I hope so.