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  1. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    J6in1 Rianbow Bag

    I think this came out to be a very pretty bag.

    © Kittensoft Chainmail February 2014

  2. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Round Scales and Celtic Visions

  3. These are the last 22 bags of a 50 bag order for one of the local game stores I sell to. They are a mix of stainless, bright and AA aluminum, all in 18 gauge in either 3/16" or 3/8" IDs and a using E4in1, J4in1, J6in1, and expanding round weaves.

    © Kittensoft Chainmail Feb 2014

  4. The last of the 50 bag order I talked about 1/23. 22 dice bags of various sizes, coming to a total of 18,937 in 12 days! Now to give my hands a few days rest before starting a dress.... :)

  5. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    First time with chain/dragonscale/micromaille Tie (pic heavy)

    Nice work, especially for the first time with so many new things. The tie looks great!
  6. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    I built something like that for winding my rings. Wood, drill and metal rod. It's a bit of a kludge, but it works well enough for me. I understand the meditative part of making your own rings, I get into something of the same head space when making rings and weaving maille. I also take rings and pliers with me just about everywhere I go. It's a great conversation starter, and I get the occasional sale from people I talk to. I'm working on going from hobbyist to business and any exposure helps! I think I will always continue to make my own 24 gauge stainless, 18 gauge stainless and aluminum, and 14 & 16 gauge galvanized rings. I've got some really good sources for bulk wire, and when I buy it in 30 - 50 lb. lots my rings come out to be very affordable, and with the Ringinator I'm getting I won't be costing myself a lot of time to make my own either.
  7. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    I just wanted to make sure no one misunderstood what I was saying. I love TRL and the products I get from them, I've just been very happy wit the stainless and aluminum rings I've been making for the past 15 years or so. Having a faster, easier way of cutting them is something I've wanted for ages and it will only increase the my pleasure making beautiful creations. Cutting has always been my least favorite part of maille, a necessary evil if you will. With my joint problems though, cutting stainless has been becoming more of a problem and I'm so happy to be getting a better way to do it.
  8. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    I can go through 10,000 rings a month, depending on orders, and I get my 18 gauge stainless and aluminum as well as 14 & 16 gauge galvy in bulk spools, so my cost per ring (other than time) is about .5 ring/cent. With the Ringinator I will be recouping a lot of time that I haven't been charging full price for. Better for my overhead, better for my customers. My AA, and larger gauges of stainless and and galvy I'll continue to buy from TRL. I'm not trying to cut them out of anything, just trying to streamline my own long standing processes, and ease stress on my body.
  9. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    I work mainly with high strength stainless and aluminum. I've been using aviation snips for most of my cutting, and they work pretty well, as long as I keep them sharp, but cutting the stainless is really hard on my joints. I deal with osteoarthritis, so I'm looking forward toi having an easier method for cutting stainless. I think it will be well worth the price, both in time saved and in in pain reduced. Also, I do enough work that having a faster way to cut thousands of rings will make it pay for itself in time expended fairly quickly.
  10. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Saw cutting pure titanium

    In understand that Calyx, I've been drooling over the Ringinator for a couple of years. Luckily, I've a really big prder I'm working on that will allow my to buy one. YEAH! :animier:
  11. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Half-Persian Weave/ 3-1

    I just [ut the first few rings of one side through a safety pin. That keeps them lined up until I'm far enough not to need additional help to keep from getting lost. I do have to agree with Calyx, it's one of the harder ones to start.
  12. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    debit visa

    Here in the US, we've had Debit Visa for ages. That's about all I use online, and so far TRL treats it just like a credit card. I've had no problems using mine for everythig from paying bills to making purchases and donations. Hope this helps.
  13. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    LOOKING for someone to modify/size mail Hauberk

    Ah, with teh rest of the shirt butted, I assumed...silly me. In addition to not being local, I'm also not set up for riveting or welding. Good luck in your search!
  14. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    LOOKING for someone to modify/size mail Hauberk

    Hi Drayc. The adjustment you are looking for should be fairly easy, but using 17 gauge 3/16" ring probably wouldn't give you enough strength to support the weight of the rest of the shirt. Having said that, I would be willing to take that commission, so long as you know it may need a fair amount of regular repairs if the aluminum gives under the strain. How much are you thinking of having added to the shirt around the torso, across the shoulders (both side to side and front to back), and would it need any other adjustments?
  15. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    the elusive maille wall clock

    Well done. Suddenly I'm having thoughts....
  16. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    FOR SALE: Ringinator

    I looking to buy one in the next couple of weeks, so I thought I'd check. If it's still available, how much would the shipping be?
  17. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Question about new pliers

    For working with small, even tiny, rings don't go wide nose. You'll lose the ring in the jaws. The Beadalon pliers have smaller handles, almost too small for my hands as I have large hands, but they are ergo handles and that helps a lot! I have no experience with the pliers TRL sells, for most things I just use pliers I get at Lowes or Harbor Freight. Silly of me, but I think paying $40 or more for a a pair, when I can get a comfortable well working pair for $10 -15 is wasting my money (no offense TRL just my opinion). The pliers I use for galvy and stainless are the same ones I got in a gift pack from my Dad when I got my first place almost 30 years ago, and they are still going strong! The one I use for AA and bright are the Beadlon and they work beautifully for me. Plus, if you buy locally, you get the chance to hold them in your hands before laying out cash. Always a bonus in my opinion. Hope this helps!
  18. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Question about new pliers

    You might check a local craft store to see if they carry Beadalon pliers. They're pretty decent, come with real fine points and are comfy in the hand. Hope this heps.
  19. Just got an orderr for 50 dice bags from a local gaming shop (Guargian Games in Portland Oregon USA)! It's good to be working, and have my work be popular in the local market. :)

    1. Eduardo Barron
    2. Kittensoft_Chainmail


      Thanks, it's going to be a busy couple of weeks. :)

    3. calyx


      Sweet commission!

  20. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Completed Maille Purse

    Nice work!
  21. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    My Purse

    This purse is an old dear friend, but it's like 8 years old and looking a little frayed in spots, so I've started adding chainmail accents to spruce it up. I've replaced the zipper pull with inverted round, and added chainmail panels to the outside front pockets. It gives a bit of new life. It actually took longer to sew the panels on the pockets than it did to knit the applique pieces. Hey, we can't all be good at everything can we. I'm thinking about doing something with the strap next... All rings used are 18 gauge 3/16" anodized aluminum.

    © Kittensoft Chainmail

  22. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    My New Watch

    I got the watch face from Fire Mountain, and the rings from TRL. I used 3/16" anodized Aluminum & EPDM rings, woven into a 3 row wide byzantine sheet, with the EPDM rings giving it enough stretch to fit around my hand.

    © Kittensoft Chainmail 2014

  23. Kittensoft_Chainmail


    Hiya LoM. You might want to take a look at these. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003E48CT0/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have been using mine for 1 1/2 years, and they are holding up great! I have a pair that I use for most every type of soft metal. They have a spring and smooth jaws, so they don't mar soft metals, but they so have a tendency when I use them with stainless. They will still work on stainless, but you will need to expect more slipping, or go to your local hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, Harbopr Freight Etc.) and find a pairs of needle nose pliers that are comfortable in your hands. I have found that standard hardware store pliers work extremely well for all my mailling needs. Hope this helps!
  24. I've used 18 gauge 3/16" stainless for a large number of projects, and I've never had to make a repair on any of it. I can also say the same of BA 18 gauge 3/16". 18 gauge 3/8" stainless is also quite sturdy. I have made a tailcoat out of it, and again, I haven't needed to make any repairs. BA in this size. on the other hand, I have needed to make repairs on. But 16 gauge 3/8" is much sturdier and holds up quite well. Hope this helps.
  25. Kittensoft_Chainmail

    Hand Jewlery (pics) looking for feedback

    Nice work, very pretty!