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  1. Jon

    Non Chain project

    I approve. I can't wait to see what results from this. While grocery shopping earlier, I noticed a girl with a bracelet very similar to the 3rd pic. I thought the pattern would be something cool to attempt to recreate with chain.
  2. Jon

    Newbie asking for guage/material help.

    That was my concern with the Japanese weave. Many of the rings only attach to 2 other rings, whereas the rings in Euro are all connected to 4, unless they are on an edge (and the exception of expansions/contractions ) You could double up on rings and make the Japanese an 8-in-1. That may add more strength, but also doubles the work. I have heard that Euro 6-in-1 is actually weaker than 4-in-1 due to AR, but based on the arrangement of Japanese weaves, I don't think this would be the case. So many possibilities. Makes me want to test it all.
  3. Jon

    Best Place to Sell

    Marketing isn't just about sitting up a shop on the net or in the real world. Wear your stuff wherever you go. Show it to women at your work place. Guarantee at least one will want something. Show it to the men, too. They may be looking for a unique gift for a special lady in their life. It doesn't hurt to diversify either. Sometimes, people are intrigued simply by the weaves, but most are bored by a straight 4-in-1 or byzantine bracelet. Throw some beads on it, and BOOM! Suddenly, its everyone's favorite jewelry piece and they want one. And in some cases, it can even cut the amount of time to make the piece, and potentially more money in your pocket and less time invested. They are also great ways to start conversation with people. And they may request something.
  4. Jon

    Anodized aluminum wash-safe?

    I couldn't imagine that you would need to wash it that much to really worry about any damage to it unless you planned on a weekly washing or something. You will probably get more wear and tear on it from using it than you would from it being washed.
  5. Jon

    Newbie asking for guage/material help.

    I can't say for certain, but if it were me, I wouldn't try anything less than 16g 1/4" steel rings in a Euro 4-in-1 weave. Euro, Japanese, and maybe Persian are probably the only practical weaves that would work for structural purposes due to the amount of weight they will be holding. Even then, those rings will probably separate from the shear weight and stress on them. It would be ideal if you could get them welded. But being steel and welded would cut down on the "cute" and "colorful" factor.
  6. Jon

    First mailling project, scale armor

    Lynx, In regards to the 4-in-1, you are technically weaving it with the scales. Just imagine a scale as being a ring. They flow in a very similar manner. If you just continue the pattern off the scales, it should come to you. I am also quite amazed at the different techniques that maillers use and how much it can vary from person to person. I always hold my piece in my hands. If I were to lay it out flat, it would significantly reduce my ability to work. I tend to hold my pliers in the joints in the middle of my fingers and at the joint at the base of my thumb. That gives me enough of my index finger and thumb to hold a piece. Then I just weave in 1 ring at a time after I get it in place with my right hand with the same index/thumb action without dropping the pliers. While watching others work, I have seen people who will drop their pliers, attach a ring, then pick the ring up again. I guess this could be limitations of hand size and maybe I am just gifted with long, crafty fingers, but in my opinion, the less movement you have to make, the more efficient you will be. When I first started, I would make the quads as well, but I have moved away from that. It can help in the beginning, but its another one of those things of movement with picking up and dropping the quads as you work. But all of my opinions mean absolute crap... Haha. If a certain way works for you, do it. There is technically not a "wrong" way if you can still reach the same result in the end.
  7. Jon

    1st project with scalemail bracer

    If you continue the 4-in-1 pattern for another row or two along the edge of the scales where you have the ribbon, it should make the scales lay properly. Then you can thread the ribbon through the chain on the edge, or even attach them with clasps or some other means. The problem right now is that you are putting stress on the structural rings of the scales, which causes them to flare out.
  8. I have washed the piece several times already due to the dirty nature of the BA that I am using with the EPDM. I'm quite surprised that you two don't notice the smell that much. Do you use colored EPDM? I am using black, so maybe that is a factor? Maybe the dyes somehow mask the odor? I pulled it out and began to work on it while sitting on the couch, and my roommate, who was sitting on the other side, said, "Wow, I can smell that thing from over here!" Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the baking soda and others and hope that all of this effort is not wasted
  9. So, I had the bright idea of making a stretchy Japanese 6-1 shirt so that it would be more form fitting. After making a good bit of progress, I noticed that it smelled like a big rubber ball. Has anyone had any experience with removing the smell? Or am I doomed to smell funny while I wear it? :/ haha.
  10. Jon

    Design Software

    As far as I know, there are no programs that do such a thing. I'm sure it would be possible to write, although you need someone with the knowledge to program it and knowledge of rings needed per sq ft for various weaves. Most rings on the website will show rings/sq. ft. If I am not mistaken, this is for standard Euro 4-1. If you are using something else, you may need to pick a size for the project you want to accomplish and weave a piece and count the amount of rings used. What type of project are you planning? That may help people give suggestions on how you can estimate and possibly create a pattern/template.
  11. Jon

    Small Scales on Large scales for a vest

    I had this same idea a few months back. As lorenzo said, your only real option of making this work is to make larger holes. Or maybe even cut a larger scale down. and I almost forgot about medium scales. I don't know how big the holes are in comparison to a large scale, but that may be another idea to try, though they would give way more coverage than what a small scale would.
  12. Jon

    titanium hauberk

    That looks pretty amazing, but damn... 20 lbs of titanium? I don't even want to begin to calculate the cost of that... haha.
  13. Jon

    Byzantine and ring size question

    Another option is to use a 3rd ring between your sections. I do this as a more "masculine" type of chain since it looks a little larger than the normal way of using only 2 rings.
  14. Jon

    Patenting chainmaille?

    Most people in the chain mail community are cool about people using their design, but then you have a couple of people who do stupid things like this. I wouldn't purposely copy someone's design, but come on, there are only a limited number of things that you can do. There are bound to be similar things that will arise. As far as fighting a patent, I don't know. I know that you can pretty much patent anything that you want. They generally don't get checked until an issue arises. I think that was the whole thing with the scale flowers. The patent was registered several years after lorenzo's original design, but there was proof that lorenzo had made it several years before, so there wasn't much the patent holder could do about it.
  15. Jon

    4 in 1 weave method

    Lorenzo, do you mean weave 600 rings per hour by hand? I can't even begin to wrap my head around that. I have been mailing for about 8 months, but I can't even imagine that since I do like 250-300 rings per hour right now. I just don't see how I could even get closer to 600.