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  1. Peach

    Person behind the maille

    Hmmm... It's been a while, but you asked for pics... Be ready for pics! (Yeah... I'm a little vain.) 1) Zombie Apocalypse! (Town-wide game of ZOMBIE TAG!) 2) I'm an Eskimo! (Halloween costume this year.) 3) Random picture of me being happy. 4) I was in an accident! (Most recent picture of me. My scabs have come off but I have pink scars where every scab was.) Aaaand that's me. No maille in the pics, but I don't really have much in the way of big maille pieces. The purse I've been working on is in storage right now. e-e
  2. Peach

    What's in a name?

    Well, it was a late night and I had nothing else to do so I got on a chatroom. Someone irritated me so I was being an ass and someone said I was being "Sweet as a peach" and called me Peach ever since. After a while everyone else started calling me Peach so I started using it everywhere.
  3. Peach

    TRL scales used in Immortals

    It wasn't amazing, it wasn't epic fail, it was okay. I liked that the guy who played Zeus also played Apollo in Clash of the Titans, and is playing Bard in both of the Hobbit movies. I enjoy him.
  4. Peach

    Terminology Question

    It's actually only 3 rings per row, which would make it 3-sided. However, with the overlap it does look 6-sided. It took me a minute of looking to figure it out.
  5. Peach

    photographing maille, and lightbox info

    A lot of people will take a sheet of colored paper and fit it in the back/bottom of their box to change things up. You'll usually want a neutral colored background if you're photographing anything with color though.
  6. Peach

    TRL scales used in Immortals

    @-@ I want to watch that so bad! Was it as awesome as it looks like it'll be?
  7. Peach

    A little market research

    Does it matter? I typically don't rely on the opinions of others, 'cause in the end it's far too much effort to impress other people. That being said, I have attention issues, so I generally don't remember what people call me. And I'm not sure if I was meant to take this as an insult or a compliment, so I'll assume compliment and say "Thanks!" =]
  8. Peach

    A little market research

    1) You're not selling the picks, so I fail to see how insulting someone else's picks affects *your* self-esteem. 2) Considering the fact that you (should) sleep for 8 hours, 10 hours isn't much if you set them up to cure while you sleep or if you do it before you head out to work or whatever. 3) Making a mold can be as simple as taking a pick and pushing it in clay. And you don't need a resin "kit", you just need a source for resin and check the thrift stores for some crappy dishes. Google has a 16oz can of casting resin for $13. Another thing of resin 9 oz for $8. Considering the fact that I doubt a pick will take a full oz of resin, that's a lot of picks. As with pretty much everything, the start up cost may be "high" (Though I wouldn't call $20 a big investment.) but that's the cost of business. If it's really too costly for you, you can always save up for it. As for cost, you'd generally factor any overhead costs into the pricing of *everything* you make and sell, as a group. If you assume you'll sell 50 items, divide $20 by 50 and you'll have the added cost. Since the curing can be done anytime, even while you're sleeping, I don't think that it would be necessary to factor that into your price. I tend to consider only the time I'm focusing on something (So, mixing and pouring time, and the time it takes to pull it off of the mold) as part of the making process. You might need to bump the price up to $10.50, but nothing near the $40 you're assuming. Things can be done for far cheaper than most people assume. It's like the difference between buying groceries and cooking yourself and eating out. There's no reason to get defensive on the internet, it makes people *less* inclined to help you. Next time you don't like someone's idea or you're going to put your grumpy pants on about things that they say, don't respond. You'll feel better and you won't risk coming across as a jerk. I find that, in situations where people irritate me, it helps to type everything I want to say, then delete it and start over. Good luck.
  9. Peach

    Halloween Costumes?

    Haha, awesome costumes everyone. =3
  10. Peach

    Halloween Costumes?

    Haha, I used mostly Got2B hair-cement with wet hair for a slow dry. Then went over the finished product a few times with some Suave stuff and it held all night. I came home with a baby-sized bag of candy, too! I was a tad disappointed though. No one could tell who I was supposed to be! I usually got "Cindy Lauper?" or "The 80s come back to haunt me?" type guesses. Off to look at your costume now though!
  11. Peach

    Halloween Costumes?

    This year I'm going as Misty, so no maille but mehhh. I've still got a lot of work on my hair, but so far I have this: Woo! Pokemon! What's everyone else wearin' this year? Finished costume: The 80's are totally jealous of this hair. =3
  12. Peach

    A little market research

    Just keep the chain smaller or people will assume from the size of the metal that it will be weighty and painful. In general, using 16g wire in a weave that emphasizes the size of the rings makes it look bigger. That's why I typically stick with 20g+ for earrings. On my screen, your link for the picks has kind of ugly, off colors. The pink (On my screen) appears to be an odd hot pink while TRL's pink is more of a softer pink. Since the AA and the pick won't match I don't suggest putting the same color pick/rings together. And On my screen, the other solid colors look to be a different shade. Resin is just mix and pour. As long as you have a mold (I've seen pick shaped molds all over, or you could take flour, water and paper to make a papermache (I'm admitting now, I have no idea how to spell that) mold of an existing pick) it's really easy. You could even put rings, small patches of maille, small charms or whatever in them. I'll admit, I don't know how pricey resin is right now, but none of the kits I've seen in the past have been too terribly bad. Perhaps more involved, but they'd give your product something more interesting. I'd suggest at least considering the idea for a later time. Local sales aren't just craft shows. Local sales come from co-workers (I made more selling pony tail holders with scale flowers on them at work one day than I did in a whole pay check.) teachers, friends, family. Strangers who think what you do is neat. I remember one time I saw a guy wire wrapping stones. He bought the necklace I was wearing and I bought some of his stones. Just putting yourself out there will boost local sales, especially if you have something sports-related. (Or maybe that's just small towns, but I'd assume everywhere has sports fanatics.) That's what I mean when I say local sales.
  13. Peach

    A little market research

    I honestly suggest finding another project for those rings. If I were to make the earrings I'd use 20g. You could probably get away with 1-2 bags of mixed AA to start with. The purple would lend it's self to black or white chains. I don't really know that they'd go well with other colors though. The shades of the picks are a little strange. In fact, for the most part, these look like they'd go better with darker chains. The colors don't really match the AA that well. I can't say that I'd using the same color in the chain as the pick. I know you would be able to find more/better colors if you looked. I'd suggest doing that. Even if you have to pick up colored paper or paint and make resin picks, I think they'd look better than the picks you linked. Also, you should never ignore the local factor. It may not happen all the time, but it's quite possible for someone you know to become interested in your work. It could be "Can you make a pair of earrings? It's X's birthday. They love the X-team." or something lame like that. It happens. Plus, red/white/blue is going to be popular with anyone American around the 4th. Holidays are important too. (Also, this is what I've found that I think would look better with the AA colors. http://www.jaxmusicsupply.com/200-Bulk-Assorted-Guitar-Picks-351-Style-p/PICKS200.htm Different colors and textures. http://www.opentip.com/Musical-Instruments/Pick-By-The-Pound-Hppdx-Pick-By-The-Pound-Deluxe-Pound-Professional-Pick-Assortment-p-2279466.html Again, colors and textures are nice.) I mean, sure, cost is an issue, but you're using the picks as a "pendant" of sorts. This will be the focal point and it will have to be enough to draw someone in and convince them that they want to give you money for these earrings. And really, if you were to go the resin route you could offer personalized picks. A name embedded in the pick or something sappy like that. Long story short, you'll probably really only make those picks look good with black AA and you really don't want to use those rings.
  14. Peach

    A little market research

    Well, I think that any black/whatever combo will work since black can be paired with anything. I'd also do white paired with pretty much anything, since white is another neutral color. I'm sure that most solid color pairs would go as well. You could try doing popular colors for your area as well. (Sports teams during different sport seasons, flag colors for memorial day/veteran's day/the 4th, red and green for Christmas, etc.) The most important thing is to think about who you're selling to. If you're selling to a more preppy chick she might prefer pink with white while a punk girl might lean more towards pink and black. Gold and bronze would work with any neutral color (Black/white/grey) but to really be able to make suggestions for pick colors I'd need to see where you're ordering the picks from so I can see the colors. I really think the best way to go would be to get a mix of colors then lay out ring/pick combos and see what works. Good luck.
  15. Peach

    any advice?

    Colors? Super shiny stuff? Good displays? If your case is fairly large you could use busts and other more "professional" displays. Or, you could go totally off the wall and use odd things as displays. I've seen people use tree branches to hold things and they can look nice.