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  1. MetalArtisan

    Looking for someone who can mass produce pre-opened rings

    Hey Jon, 200 usd is fine; how many rings would that translate into for 16g 5/16 galvanized or 14g 5/16 bright AL?
  2. MetalArtisan

    Looking for someone who can mass produce pre-opened rings

    Hey Bernice, My pre-opened rings get tangled up when I transport them as well, but I haven't found it to be much of a problem. I'll shoot you a message through the custom order form.
  3. Hey there, So I do a lot of scale work, and I'm looking to start sourcing my rings. Catch is, I can weave *way* faster when working with pre-opened rings. I contacted TRL about doing an order, but they said they weren't able to. So I'm hitting the forums, seeing if anyone would be willing to produce such. I'd be looking for 5/16" ID, either 16g steel or 14g aluminum. If anyone is up for it, let me know your price and we can work something out. I'd probably be looking to order several thousand rings at a time, so let me know your production rate as well. Thanks, ~Metal Artisan
  4. MetalArtisan

    Fixing Pliers

    So, here's my problem. I now have over half a dozen pairs of pliers where the springs have cracked and broken. About half of them are TRL brand pliers, the other half are miscellaneous hardware store pliers. I want to fix them. Replacing the spring is *not* hard; I've done it many a time, transferring springs from less ergonomic to more ergonomic sets. Thing is, I cannot for the life of me find anyone seling replacement springs, and it's driving me nuts. This should not be difficult; it's just two little bits of spring steel. I emailed TRL customer service about the broken springs, and they suggested trying out using rare earth magnets instead of springs to keep pliers open; this turned out not to work. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement plier springs? Or how to make them? Thanks, ~Alex
  5. MetalArtisan

    Power Cutting and Pre-Opened Rings

    Nope. ID stays the same unless you stretch them, er, a lot more than they need to be stretched. It can be done evenly enough with a bit of practice.
  6. Hey there, So I'm finally coming around to investing in a power cutting rig, and I seek advice on two subjects: 1) I pre-open my rings by stretching out coils before cutting them, and this has saved me huuuuge amounts of time. Will I still be able to preopen my rings if I'm power cutting them, or will this foul things up? 2) I'm familiar with the Ringinator, but are there any other commercially available power cutting rigs available? I'd just like to familiarize myself with my options before dropping mega dollars on something.
  7. MetalArtisan

    Anyone want 3000ish split rings?

    They're currently going for 20 USD/thousand on TRL, so I was thinking 60 bucks for the lot, including the shipping. I'm looking for large anodized AL scales,
  8. MetalArtisan

    Anyone want 3000ish split rings?

    I'm not really using them, so I'm letting them move on. They're the same 5/16" split rings that TRL sells. I'm willing to trade for cash or for scales.
  9. MetalArtisan

    Anyone want 1500 small brushed aluminum scales?

    Large aluminum/otherwise silver colored scales would be ideal, as would any 5/16" black rubber rings you might have lying around. Cash is always acceptable as well.
  10. I accidentally ordered small instead of large scales with my last order - whoops! Anyone interested in these? I won't get any use out of them myself.
  11. So, A couple years back, I made some scale mail boot covers out of the large nickel plated scales. These were for my winter boots, so as you can imagine, a fair amount of tromping through snow was done in these boots. Obviously, some rust started to show. Not as much as you might think, but still some. I'm wondering what the best way to clean it is; naval jelly? Voodoo magic?
  12. MetalArtisan

    Large black scale restock anytime soon?

    Ah, thank you!
  13. MetalArtisan

    Full Armor, Finally Completed

    I spent about 15 months and somewhere between 100-200 hours making this armor. Last March, I finally completed it: The above photo was taken at Marmalade Dog gaming convention, where I entered said armor into the costume contest. I'm happy to say, I won first prize. More recently, I took the armor for a spin at Mayfaire renaissance festival: The belt and the side laces (which aren't terribly visible in either photo) do a lot to keep the shirt tight fighting and prevent it from bearing down on the shoulders too much. The gauntlets are are nickel plated scales on the outside, and alternating steel and rubber rings on the inside. The steel and rubber create a sort of elastic mesh, which gives them a nice skin-tight fit. Additionally, there's a splint of leather running down the inside of the scale in order to keep the gauntlet from crushing down. The half-half fingers are small scales and held on via chains that run around the inside of the finger. All of the spikes were mounted by drilling holes into the scales and screwing said spike in. The leg armor is just to large sheets of scale attached to a belt, with straps that buckle behind the thighs. I'm probably going to play around with the shinguards a little more, but other than that, the armor is finally done. ^_^ It's quite an accomplishment, having a finished product that you put over a year's effort into.
  14. Hey there, I was wondering, are you going to be making more of the large black scales anytime soon? I have someone who's interested in a black scale piece, and I unfortunately only have a handful left from my last order. Also, what's the news on the large brass ones? I remember talk on the forum last February or so of making more, along with large bronze scales; is that operation still going on? Best, ~MetalArtisan
  15. MetalArtisan

    Full Armor

    Finally, it's complete! My full renaissance armor. I've been working for about 15 months and ~100-150 hours on this outfit. I am so very proud of myself.