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  1. schattenhund


    Holy zombie thread (and member) Batman! I've been out of touch planning big things! I'm getting ready to formally open Ars Arma Ornatus as a more than just chainmaille business, for the simple reason of I could use more business
  2. schattenhund

    Crappy casting

    Can't really help too much but I will say that you should definitely not use plaster of paris, it can explode. If you're going to be casting silver you should really shell out the extra little bit of cash to get some decent investment that's made for casting you'll like the results much better.
  3. schattenhund


    Vote for applied eugenics for a better tomorrow.
  4. schattenhund

    Cable (wire) question

    I'm thinking it is quite possibly aluminum. I've had something fairly similar before. Whatever it is you can get a little experience in with some macro maille from the looks of it.
  5. schattenhund

    Strange Kid

    I really don't care if my food touches or even runs together on the plate. I'll load my cheeseburger down with my fries before scarfing and I'll dip what doesn't fit on the burger into my chocolate shake. I like to take a little of everything on my fork and eat every dish at the same time. Doesn't matter much to me as long as it gets in my stomach without trying to eat me first.
  6. schattenhund

    high speed internet options for country folk???

    If you have Verizon or AT&T (off the top of my head anyway, maybe others) cell phone service and it works at your house you should be able to get a wi-fi card through them. shouldn't be too much more than you're paying now for the modem service.
  7. schattenhund

    Metalwork question

    So I was thinking tonight about making a mask tonight. Well, thinking about how one would go about such a task anyway. You know what I mean. I first considered using polymer clay, then decided that would return a decent product perhaps with unsatisfactory results. I then pondered upon using silver. Yeah right. A square foot of silver sheet would be ungodly expensive for me right now, and I would rather not run the risk of ruining that much material. So I decided upon trying a prototype in copper. With a high polish it could look quite lovely. Oh crap. I don't know squat about working sheet metal like that. To clarify, I've read about metal forming but haven't actually practiced it. Oy. SO, how might one go about crafting a metal mask that fits? I believe it wouldn't be a good idea to hold the sheet to my face and pound it with a hammer. But I haven't the slightest idea of how to make a second skin out of sheet metal. I've got a few plausible ideas involving a hammer and a large chunk of wood, but I know there are plate armorers here so I figured I'd ask. Suggestions?
  8. schattenhund

    Share your Recipies

    5 Pack: it's a Belgian witbier or weissbier or white beer, whichever. The honey at 20 minutes adds a nice sweetness to the beer and some lingering honey flavor. Gannon: It's a 10 gallon batch so you might want to scale it back a little but the conversion to extract shouldn't be too hard. Something like 4# Extra light DME 3-4# Light LME 1-.75# Cara-pils --Steeping grains .5-.25# Honey Malt --ditto 3# Light Honey 1 oz Orange Peel .75-1 oz Coriander, freshly crushed I changed up the hopping schedule a little with the 5 gal extract version I tried: 1 oz Hallertau @ 60 minutes .5 oz Hallertau @ 15 minutes .5 oz hallertau @ 5-10 minutes Wyeast 1214 for grand cru Wyeast 3944 for witbier for 5 gallons, I think. Looks like it'll work to me, it's a big beer and the honey will slow down fermentation times a lot more than you'll expect. Especially with that lazy ass witbier yeast. Primary for at least a month.
  9. schattenhund

    What is your favourite metal?

    ...Corporal Clegg had a medal too In orange, red, and blue He found it in the zoo...
  10. schattenhund

    Chainmaille as a Business

    Is there a brick and mortar storefront or is the business mostly internet sales? If you've got a real store to put your things in, then yeah, maybe, you can get some business up. If it's internet based then I've no real idea how it will effect sales. It's probably worth a shot anyway, no real harm in trying.
  11. Right on, I guess this gives me another excuse to go watch it again.
  12. By potato peeler do you mean the knife he had when he was dancing with rachel? Looks to me like a Paragon ATKO 10. Sweet blade.
  13. schattenhund

    This is POOP!!

    It's really quite simple and I fail to see where you don't comprehend that in the example of someone breaking into my home, making me or my family feel threatened, I would have really nasty red stains all over my walls and carpet. And that we would have one less criminal in the world to try making a living off other people.
  14. schattenhund

    This is POOP!!

    Dream Design, What part of this suggests to you that his neighbors are normal law-abiding citizens? I for one know I would feel a whole heck of a lot safer with a gun in my house with problem neighbors like this. Oh, wait, I have had problem neighbors like that and I did have a gun and felt very confident knowing that if any of these people made me feel threatened and/or in fear for my life that I could quickly dispatch the problem. My father kept firearms in the house from even before I was a fetus. Was I ever in any danger? NO. Did I ever find his guns and play with them? No. Was I taught gun safety and proper handling from the time I was old enough to understand it? that's a resounding yes. Just because a portion of people who own guns use them for malicious intent doesn't mean that everyone who owns guns harbors malice towards their fellow man. The people that do are fine examples of why the population should be culled occasionally. When they do something stupid, like come into my home and threaten me, it gives me the perfect opportunity to make sure the population is thusly culled. It's really quite simple.