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  1. seniorElMeowMeow

    maille tunic with adjustable leather bands

    this is designed to be worn with a coat of plates or surcoat, the sleves are detacahble at the elbow, and the skirt is also detachable. with two belts i can wear the skirt at hip height to maximize coverage and increase the range of arm movment. I have a set of half leg chauces and a detachable hood as well.
  2. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    Its from my own research, http://seniorelmeowmeow.tumblr.com/ back to my origional point, all i need to do is make rings out of a material that dosent snap when struck, and with gaps small enough that lead bullet fragments dont go through them. Im actualy considering square sheet metal rings that are split and tig welded shut.
  3. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    I already own dozens, this is about experimentation
  4. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    you know you dont test body armor by wearing it right? i have a steel test chamber lined with kevlar that obsorbs anything the bonces off when it strikes a metal plate. I've already determined that overlapping crush washers can stop a .38 bullet, I simply havent found an appropriate backing material that they can be attached to that dosent rip apart when struck. I mean I could cheat and use kevlar, but it defeates the point of the project. If i simply tied the washers together with steel bands that dont break under the force of 150-200 foot pounds of force then I HAVE bullet resistant chain maille more or less.
  5. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    sorry, ever since korean war era body armor stopped a 9mm I don't realy trust expert opionion on what is and isn't capable of stopping a bullet.
  6. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    it also dosen't stop arrorws or sword thrusts, only it does. also, over lapping strips of 20 gauge steel duct taped together will stop a 9mm fmj at point bank range. as long as i get a wire thick enough that the rings dont break when struck this will work. unjackteted rounds might split in half if they stike a wire at the right speed, a jackted round woudnt
  7. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    I have a test chamber, it only requires 6x6 inch test samples.
  8. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    List of materials that will stop a .38 caliber bullet... 64 layers of silk 150 layers of polyethylene tarp 40 layers of tent canvas 10 layers of nylon from a military duffle bag 20 gauge stainless steel 16 gauge mild steel 1/8 aluminum
  9. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    I want to try bullet proof Maille made from welded stainless steel
  10. seniorElMeowMeow

    new concept? fender washer lamellar armor

    see all the pics here http://seniorelmeowmeow.tumblr.com/post/78075646701/trying-armor-made-from-washers-and-zip-ties-and it can be done with zip ties, or nylon para cord with the knots melted shut. I tried hemp rope first, it was a pain in the but plus it means the entire row and collum come undone if one washer is hit. I might try twisted steel wire next.
  11. seniorElMeowMeow

    Has anyone made Maille from crush washers?

    I've tried 5/16 3/8 and 1/2 crush washers, but they are all to thick to make Maille out of. Has anyone found a brand that works?
  12. seniorElMeowMeow

    Does anyone make 16 gauge stainless steel lamellar?

    ive found 64 layers of silk, 40 layers of canvas or linen, or 25 layers of duffle bag nylon will stop a .38 caliber lead bullet. I've been testing obsolete body armor and rating them.
  13. I've been experimenting with modern body armor and testing sheet metal against handgun rounds, and I've found that 16 gauge stainless steel is roughly equivilant to a 2a Kevlar vest. Does anyone make 16 gauge stainless lamellar plates?
  14. seniorElMeowMeow

    my first expariment with chemical ageing

    i had a project that i had been working on in bits and spurts, so i got the stripe effect were the oldest rings were dark grey and the newer ones were still sliver. I tried useing clr then diluted HCl to remove the tarnish but wound up stripping off the zink plating. the rings turn dark grey and then rust, but once the rust is off they look almost blued. the way I did it was by placing the completed haubrek in a bucket of water then pouring in Muriatic acid. you must do this outside in a well ventelated area, the fums are toxic. after a few hours when the liquid has stopped fizzing you have to use heavy rubber gloves to pull the item out of the acid bath, then rence it, dry it quickly, then spray on a protective coating of WD 40 or something similar or it will turn crusty orange. some rust will occure any way.
  15. seniorElMeowMeow

    Does anyone make self riveting rings?

    Yeah figure 2 is pretty much what I want, only with a flat bottom that I can over lap and flatten at once. Basically I want to make flatened wrings fairly quickly out of cheap wire.