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    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Sorry but you are going to have to give a little more information. There is no "quintessential" combo as the size of the weave can vary greatly depending on what you want to use it for. For example, ring sizing for a fine earring would be very different than the ring sizing for armour. Please tell us what you want to use the weave for and we may be able to help.
  2. Movak

    Finding a finding

    I am looking for the below finding. The rings appear to be 20G 1/8". Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Movak

    Seasoning a tumbler drum.

    I have one of the rubber tumbler drums and the stainless steel that comes out has a definite layer of rubber on them. They are almost a gun metal colour. It is an interesting look but not the one I want. How can I season the drum or is there another drum to buy so that does not happen?
  4. Movak

    Ring Welder

    it's long gone.
  5. Movak

    Ring Welder

    I bought a ring welder from TRL last year and never got around to using it. I am falling on hard times right now and need some cash. It is in original condition except the box is missing. Jon is selling them for $525. I will part with it for $450 + S&H or best offer. If you are interested please contact me. I am trying to make my rent.
  6. Movak

    Ring Welder

    Yes it is.
  7. Movak

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I agree completely with your advice. I am actually surprised that no one commented that it too me so long to chime in.
  8. Movak

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    Please be careful when talking about changes as small as 1/32 of an inch as, due to spring back, rings of the same size may have a different actual ID if the material is different. In general harder materials have larger actual IDs.
  9. Movak

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    The 1/32 will make a big difference. as it is a 20% increase in ID.
  10. Movak

    Bronze strength question

    I made a bronze bra aot of 18G 3/16 and it worked quite well though it was a bit heavy.
  11. Movak

    Dragonscale Help Needed Please

    I have to disagree with Mdewaddic. I find it is easier to make DS with the smaller ring having a smaller gauge. Flexibility has more to so witth the differnce between the inside diameter of the small ring compared to the wire diameter of the large ring. If the small and large rings are the same gauge then it reduces to AR. The thing about using a smaller gauge small ring is that you can increase the space in the ring for flexibility without increasing the OD of the small ring. I would suggest going to 20 3/16 for the small rings. Just to be complete, the small rings OD needs to be less than the ID of the large ring and the ID of the small ring must be greater than 3.6 times the wire diameter of the large ring. If the wire diameters are the same this reduces to an AR of at least 3.6 for the small ring and an AR for the large ring being the AR of the small ring plus 2. the larger the ID of the small ring the more flexible the weave.
  12. I just received some of the engineered plastic rings and have a couple of concerns. The clear ones have quite a few large bubbles in them which make me wonder about their strength. All the rings are cast perfectly round. With the large separation and overlap they are significantly out of round when closed. Wouldn't it be possible to adjust the mold so that the rungs would be much closer to round when closed?
  13. Movak

    welded rings at TRL

    Using multiple wraps of heavy waxed thread helps a lot. Another option I use is to make sure the rings are well closed and add a drop of superglue to the joint. The glue is not there for strength just a a fill in the gap.
  14. Movak

    Custom Scales?

    You are aware that any paint near the edge of the scale will quickly wear off due to movement of the scales. If he wears the item the paint will be gone fairly quickly. If it will hang on the wall it would be fine.
  15. Movak

    Nickel Silver Bracelet

    I usually call that EPH (European Persian Hybrid)
  16. Movak

    having problems making a glove..

    I would suggest trying to build one or two fingers first as I think that with the general thickness and lack of flexibility of 6-1 you will run into issues ... Unless all you really want to do is jazz hands. Movak
  17. Movak

    Ok, last post tonight!

    I hesitate to sound like a broken record but bigger pliers are not always the answer. First one has to look at leverage. Even if the handles are twice as long if the jaws are also twice as lon the leverage is the same. You have haned nothing by going to bigger pliers with the same leverage. The second issue is what I call chopstick syndrome; The pliers get so long and so heavy that they are difficult to control. When your hands are four inches away from the rings it is very difficult to control the pliers which leads to extra pressure which leads to slippage which leads to rings flying across the room. To compensate some people choke up on the pliers and lose all the leverage advantage. I use the same TRL bent nosed pliers for everything from 1/2" 12G SS to 18G 1/4" AA and have had few issues. Sure, I can not work as long with the SS but then I just rest a little more. There are certain large SS rings that close with a gap and can not be fixed with my technique. They are few and far between so throwing them away is not an issue. Instead of switching directly from BA to SS and trying to weave like you used to maybe a better option would be to go back to square one and practice closing SS for a bit to learn a new technique. Then move on to a simple weave and learn a little more. Then maybe SS will not be so much of an issue and one will not need larger pliers. Movak
  18. Movak

    TRL Bent nosed Pliers

    What happened to the TRL brand bent nosed pliers? The options that are available now are all substandard. I have tried them all and each have issues. All of them use the kind of springs that concentrate all the bending on one place and have a tendency to break. The also use an overlap hinges which wear very quickly. The first option handles are too big and the ergonomic grip get in the way as I usually have my thumb on the hings for stability. The second has teeth. The third looks like the ones from Task and have grips that come loose and are very rough on the hands. The springs move around with the grips. The forth option has the same issue as the first. Is it possible to get the TRL brand back? Movak
  19. Movak

    TRL Bent nosed Pliers

    Perhaps the reason the TRL brand one ran out is that they are much better than the others that are in stock. Are you going to wait till you sell most of the lower quality pliers you have on hand before ordering more of the good ones? I have passed many pairs along to friends and am running low myself. They may be the best quality in stock but that does not make them very good. Movak
  20. Movak

    Chainmail Skirt

    If we look at the 24 waist measurement on a 5'6" woman 4 square feet would produce a skirt that would be 24" long which would be knee length. Five square feet would produce a skirt that would be 30" long which would be a midi. I think the issue is in the definition of short. As with many relative terms whether a skirt length is long or short the determination is relative to the perceptions of the observer. Yes 12" is very short but it would be called a micro mini and many women wear skirts that short and it is not out of the question to make one. A midi would be considered long to the 18 to 30 year olds where I live. A knee length skirt, which you seem to consider to be short, would be considered average where I live. It all depends on what the customer wants; It is to the craftsman's advantage to fulfill the need. Movak
  21. Movak

    Chainmail Skirt

    To calculate the length of the skirt when one has the circumference and square footage the following equation is used; square footage x 144/circumference Therefore a 24" circumference skirt that is 4 square feet would be 4 x 144 / 24 = 24' and a 24" circumference skirt that is 5 square feet would be 5 x 144 / 24 = 30' A shirt that is 30' can be knee length. Lets do your figures in inches and then convert to feet; 12"x12"x2panels + .5x24 = 300 square inches = 2.08 square feet. I have a skirt that has been worn by my girlfriend. it is 36" around and 12" long; 36*12/144= 3 square feet. 36" is a large waist for a girl. As for needing to measure the widest part of the skirt and using that measurement, it depends on how the rings per square foot was calculated. In the case of the TRL numbers, which I used, they are calculated using the maille at half stretch. There is still quite a bit of stretch left in the maille to make up for the larger butt size. Even if you need to do a few expansions as you go down it should only add a half a square foot to the skirt. Lets say on average expansions would start at 4 inches from the top of the skirt. On average one is adding a rectangle 8"high by x wide to make 1/2 a square foot; 8x=72, x = 72/8. x=9. Therefore a 12 inch high skirt that expands from 36" at the top to 45" at the bottom would take 3.5 square feet. If the waist was 28 and the butt was 36 one would need the following square footage for a 12" long skirt. 12'x28' + 8'x8 = 400 square inches = 2.77 square feet. Neither of those are anywhere near 5 square feet unless you go to a skirt that is about 22' long. That is mid thigh on many women. I would suggest you show your math when making estimates. Movak
  22. Would it be possible to send a file and have it laser engraved on to the wood? What file format would I need and how much would it cost? I have access to many programs so Unless you require the specific machine file format I can probably produce it. Thanks, Movak
  23. Movak


    I just noticed that there is a stipulation on the points program that "[a]ny order paid in full or in part by a gift certificate doesn't collect points". Does that mean that the $705 order I just did which uses a $143 gift certificate from a cancelled order will not accumulate the points for the other $562. The status page says 544 point but will I actually be awarded them? The order that I cancelled does not even appear on the list and I doubt I accumulated points for that order. What about gift certificates purchase by someone else and given to me? Does that mean that if I use a $20 present the other hundreds of dollars of the order will not accumulate points? I realize I could put in seperate orders but that just means less discounts and more shipping costs for me and more small orders for TRL. Movak
  24. Movak


    I would like to point out again that the small amount of points gained by giving points on orders with point certificates only increases the discount from 5% to 5.3%. That is a 6% increase in the discount and nowhere near "double points". In the future, every time I use a points certificate I will be emailing Bernice to credit me the proper amount of points for the part of my order paid for by cash. Maybe if enough people do this it will be an incentive to fix the "no points on orders with points certificates" software issue. Another issue is where on the check out address page does it state that orders partially paid for with points certificates will not accrue points? All I see is the following text next to the certificate prompt; "Your gift certificate must be entered exactly as given including the prefix. Example prefixes are Gift-, RMA- and Points-. To me that is misleading as there is no indication that points certificates will me handled differently than RMA or gift certificates. It is not even "fine print" as the information appears on a completely different page. I bet many people are unaware if this effect. I know the information is on the points page. The relevant part being as follows; "Any order paid in full or in part by a gift certificate doesn't collect points. This includes orders paid for by gift certificates that are issued for a return and certificate issued when you cash in your points." This is contrary to Bernice's prevous post; 'The only time you will not get points is if you use a points gift certificate to pay for all or part of an order. This is how it should be as that would be double points." If Bernice is correct then the points description page needs to be changed. The whole "it's the software" reasoning is weak at best. Code can be changed by an experienced programmer. I have been doing that kind of custom work for over 20 years and I doubt very much that the issue is insurmountable if done properly. I have offered my services but have not even received a reply.
  25. Movak

    AA rings dull?

    Using a citrus detergent is a bad habit to get into. Citrus cleaners are a mild acid and may leach colour from anodized rings. It may also etch non-anodized rings. There have been issues with using orange Dawn, as that is there citrus version, while blue or green Dawn work fine. Just use a non-citrus grease cutting formula. Movak