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  1. kdgarris

    Need some "macho" pliers

    I have some 14SWG (2mm) spring temper stainless coming in my latest order - that stuff is bound to be challenging!
  2. kdgarris

    Need some "macho" pliers

    For most things, I really love my modified knipex pliers, but I am considering starting a project that may involve spring temper stainless steel rings. For this, I think I need a much longer-handled pair of pliers for extra leverage. Does anyone have any recommendations for pliers that would work well for these kinds of tasks?
  3. kdgarris

    Finishing off a headband

    By Jove, your method worked like a charm! Thank you so much for your help. The smaller rings I used to finish where 1/4" 14 SWG. A slightly smaller ID would have probably have worked even better. I'm attaching a couple of pictures.
  4. kdgarris

    Ring organization

    I ended up going with this, which seems like a good bargain. The surrounding bag is kind of thin and cheap, but it has pouches for pliers and the like: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005D7WTK4/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. kdgarris

    Box Chain

    For something that looks a lot like box chain, but feels "tighter" at the same AR, I am rather fond of Lady of the House. The only gallery image of the weave on there right now is a bracelet I made from 5/16" ID, 16 SWG (1.6mm) rings (AR 5.2).
  6. kdgarris

    Ring organization

    I'm looking for some ideas on how to organize my rings. It used to be simple for me when I only had my bronze armor rings - then I tried out some bronze rings in jewelry sizes - then I added on brass and nickel silver rings - then I got some different sizes, etc., and now ziplock bags on my nightstand isn't cutting it anymore. I'm curious what system the rest of you use?
  7. I saw a note on TRL materials comparison page that the blackened stainless steel rings can be tumbled in walnut shells to yield a hematite look. I'm intrigued by this idea, and I'm curious if any of you have tried this, and better yet have pictures of the result?
  8. kdgarris


    I love the darkness and iridescence! I can imagine all sorts of things made out of these things looking amazing.
  9. kdgarris

    Modified Knipex Pliers

    I'm very close to ordering these pliers, but I was hoping to hear from people on here who have used them to see what they think of them. Right now I use inexpensive linesman pliers with the teeth filed down for working with 2mm bronze, and that works okay, but I'm looking for something that would work well for even tougher rings like 2mm spring stainless steel. Also, I watched the video of Jon demonstrating the use of these pliers, and I noticed that he holds his pliers much differently than I do - I hold mine in a "V", and it seems like that's how I get my leverage. He seems to hold his in a straight line, and I'm not understanding how one can get leverage holding pliers in this way. I've learned a lot, but I'm still a newbie in a lot of ways, so any insight on this from a more experienced mailer would be appreciated.
  10. kdgarris

    Finishing off a headband

    Okay, after looking at your pics and playing with my rings a bit, I do think I get the pattern. I'll have some smaller rings in the same gauge coming with my next order to try this, and I'll report back with the results. Many thanks for the advice!
  11. kdgarris

    Finishing off a headband

    It looks great, but it may take me a bit to figure out how to do a single row of roundmaille onto an inverted round chain. I've not done roundmail before, but it looks like it's just 6-sided box chain, right? I'm not immediately getting how that would fit onto a 3-sided inverted round, and I also don't understand how it is that inverted round is supposedly an inverted version of roundmail, either. Maybe I need to make a short chain of roundmail for reference, and it will become more clear to me that way. I appreciate the help!
  12. kdgarris

    Finishing off a headband

    Lord Allenoxxe, I really like your suggestion, but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be to the tastes of the person I'm making the hairband for, unfortunately. L.T., your pictures look great, but I am trying to understand your method. I tried two smaller rings for each junction on the end, but that still gives the same problem, but only now for the smaller rings - they still can flap open at the end. Now, are you saying that if I put one row of regular roundmail at the end and then the last row be interted round but with the doubled smaller rings, then it should keep them from flapping like that?
  13. kdgarris

    Working Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

    Yes; good point. Thanks for clarifying that.
  14. kdgarris

    Finishing off a headband

    I've just captured a hairband with an inverted round weave, but I don't know what to do with the ends to keep them from flapping. For the moment I have tiny rings holding the junctures together strictly as a temporary measure, but I'm not really happy with that solution. Since it's not a bracelet or necklace, I don't need to necessarily get it down to one ring or have to worry about attaching a clasp, but I do need to have it hold together at the end. I do want it to look nice and not jut out too much at the ends, though. Any ideas? Btw, the rings are 14SWG (2mm) brass 5/16" ID.
  15. kdgarris

    Working Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

    If stainless steel would be a good solution for you other than its hardness, I would consider investing in some longer pliers for leverage. The right pliers can make a huge difference, and I think nearly anyone can work with nearly any material with the right tools.