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  1. I thought about the nickel silver, but I wanted something more contrasting. Also why I didn't consider titanium. Cool, but too subtle.
  2. I'm just under halfway through with my 16ga 1/4" stainless hauberk. I want to add a trim, but I'm torn between a few materials. I'll voice my thoughts here, I'd like to get the buzz from the hivemind though. Brass: I love brass trim, but it's significantly softer than stainless. This will be an actively worn piece of armor and will need to take a fair bit of abuse. I'd like to do a wide trim, so I worry about the structural integrity in places like around the neck. Bronze: Tougher than brass so I know it might take the abuse, but I worry about it turning that nasty brown color, just not into that. If there's a way to easily clean it back up to the original fiery color, I'd consider. Black Stainless: This would be a really cool trim (actually my first pick), but I'm totally ignorant on the finish. This is where I really need the advice. Is this a really tough finish? Will it stand up to LARP every weekend? Does it need to stay oiled for the finish to keep? How is the finish maintained?
  3. It's coming along. 14,596 rings so far. Keeping count for fun and some bragging rights lol It's still a crop top, going to start expanding the barrel after I've gotten the sleeves past the gussets. I wound up freehanding the tight corner of the gussets where they connect to the barrel. I'll post a picture of those a little later. I'll be happy to be done with these seams though! Thanks for the gusset inspiration, Eric!
  4. Seems like his design would rather fold inward into the armpit than bunch up around the sides. At least that's the impression I get from some of the pictures.
  5. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much! The only 45s I've done have been vests, never bothered with sleeves until this project.
  6. It's been years since I did armor, but I'm getting back into it. Anyone have resources on attaching sleeves to a 45 degree seamed shirt? I also have never done a gusset, so some help with that would be pretty cool too.
  7. Reformatting would be easy on something like OSX, but i'd hate to go through that once a month on XP Glad you're getting it sorted out
  8. Well so are people. That means you, too. Why don't you try being forced to fight in the sandbox for a war you shouldn't even be involved in? I agree, you should be kicked. And shot. And buried UNDER the king of pop, cause he was way more awesome than you will ever be. At least he stood for something, turdbucket.
  9. Rockin!!! m/:Dm/ I gotta try this someday!
  10. Welcome! You might want to post in the new user thread too, I think you can get deleted if you don't. Last I checked anyway O.o;;
  11. aluminum gun blue! wash the piece with aluminum gun blueing solution (don't paint it on, dip it in or pour it over the piece continuously). Then take it out, rinse it with the hose then tumble without any tumbling medium. For extra worn/scratched/battered look, use a scuff pad (medium or heavy grit) over the entire piece while it's flattened. You might have to actually put it on someone, as you'll want to scuff the flat surface of the weave itself. It will leave the black on the insides of the rings and just a bit on the outside. This thickens up the rings a bit and tightens up the weave slightly, so make sure the piece is slightly bigger (only slightly) than it needs to be. It smells awful when it begins to react, but the end result is great! I did this to a bright aluminum cuff a long time ago, and it looked so cool! You can buy that stuff at any gun shop. You might wind up spending a decent bit on the chemical, but I think you'll be very happy with the end result. Makes it look like old, black, corroded mild steel, without the rust. And the metallic grey will still be there. I'm not sure, but you might be able to dilute the blueing chemical for easier dipping and a slower corrosion time.
  12. I never said I wasn't going to speak with a lawyer. Just thought it would be nice to have a few pairs of eyes on it first to clear up some more obvious stuff. The main point was that I know that there are very well qualified people on this board that would be able to help on a professional level. Remember, I asked for anyone with EXPERIENCE in musical law. Did you only read the last sentence? I know what to put in a contract and how to word things, but I'm no pro.
  13. I'm getting signed by an independent label out of California. I just got the contract and was wondering if anyone here has any experience in musical law to help me look this over? Not that I'm helpless when it comes to music business, far from it! But it'd be nice to get a second brain on the case.
  14. 2001 Chevy Astro van. Much easier to play a concert now that I've got that
  15. Haven't posted in a while. It might as well be something amusing