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  1. Straad

    Chain Maille on a K9

    k9foundation does also
  2. Straad

    Chain Maille on a K9

    interesting idea chain is heavy, maybe titanium, but still would be heavy i would think if your concern is the neck leather would be better think how think a double 2" agitation collar is, imagine that 6"'8" maybe a titanium body suit with leg holes then attach it to a smaller leather collar of course if you just train the dog to always engage the weapon arm and you limit the problem
  3. i made all my rings or my first shirt with a left over 4x4 block of wood a 3/8 hole in it one way a 18ga hole in it perpendicular to that didn't know i could have sold them for $47
  4. more physical work usually equals less pay
  5. Straad

    Finished Cloak

    That is awesome, you are quite talented may I ask what you charge for something like that
  6. Straad

    Fun picture

    nice close up under the madonna section even not being worn it holds its shape nice
  7. Straad

    Second scale skirt!

    That looks great I love how it contours to the body I had designs on making my wife a scale skirt until i started it my concern was sitting in it and bending the scales so a used the scales to make a shirt (which I am still working on) I like the look of the scale skirt but was wary of damaging it and i even used split rings
  8. Straad

    Rihanna's Gold-plated Chainmaille Dress

    did u see her chain coif on SNL last night? she must have a personal armorer http://elbo.ws/video/5QYjIFr65tw/
  9. Straad

    Eskimo beer armour!!!! New !!!!

    i dont know what to say....amazing, and yet at the same time a bit frightening ....LOL:beer:
  10. Straad

    Cloak commission

    i was lazy and just bought mine here http://www.hmoon.com/
  11. Straad

    Scale Mail Greave (singular)

    Tandy is running a special on saddle leather right now $65, i think it was 20ish square feet 8-10oz its on the front page of their catalog u can make a lot of greeves out of that much
  12. Straad

    Low income is not low income in Alaska it seems...-Rant

    you can to get a 30 year mortgage at today's rates I just spoke with my mortgage company last month about refinancing mine 30 years 6% sure you can get 5% adjustable but adjustables are for suckers
  13. Straad

    basics of scales

    i like the scale leather combo been thinking about something like that for my wife but i had the scales as a skirt now that i am building them i think that may be a bad idea, i cant imagine sitting on scales will work very well
  14. Straad

    basics of scales

    another trick i learned was after i had a couple rows i layed them as correctly as i could then when looking at them some scales have 4 rings thru them, some have 2 I went along the entire row and added 2 rings to all the scales with 2 so they all had 4 then add a ring backwards when its on the right then laying correct while its on the left this was much faster just trying to talk my way thru it while i try to learn i went thru 5 pages of search posts trying to figure it out there are some good pics like Kelgar said and words dont seem to translate well hope it helps someone I'll post if i figure something else out mind u at this point i only have straight rows, cant wait till i need to actually figure something out...LOL Thanks for the help guys, im sure ill be asking more soon
  15. Straad

    basics of scales

    then when you are attaching a scale on the left of the attached ring you can just lay the scale in place, grab the split ring same as above and loop it leaving the ring right there