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    In my experiance, fine silver has a pearly white look to it under home lighting, and has a very noticeable white shine to it when view at under sun light. While sterling has a dull white metallic look to it under home lighting, and has a much much muuuch softer shine when compared to fine silver under sun light. To me, the difference between the two is like night and day. I would go with the torch test, because it is easiest to find out.
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    Few questions about silver wire.

    Sorry for the delay. 3/8" is what I might have to go with. In my head, I am thinking that would come out to 8-10 rings per inch. Weight wise, I think that maybe 1-1.5oz Sounds about right?
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    Few questions about silver wire.

    I have a person wanting me to make them a 3-in-1 half Persian bracelet in 14ga(awg) fine silver. Problem is, I have been so used to 22-24ga (awg) that I cannot remember how many 14ga rings will fit in a 8inch 3-in-1 half Persian bracelet. So the first problem is amount of rings needed for 8inches.; second problem is that TRL does not sell 14ga awg fine silver rings, but do sell the wire.; Third problem is that I have no clue how much I need to get to meet the first problems ring requirement. Any help would be awesome. Thanks, ~Mike
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    Who was the lucky person to do this piece?

    2:10 mark. To me, it looks like the scales TRL sells. I'll say, wasn't expecting that while randomly surfing music vids.
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    Price on scale armor

    I used to get requests for armor to be made. My way of weeding out flakes was to ask for a deposit that would be held in an Escrow account till the end of the project. The amount would depend on the project. shirt size: S to M would be $1,000, ML to XL $2,000 2XL-5XL would be $5,000. This was to ensure that if I started on it, and they dropped the request for some reason, I would not have a new expensive table weight and lost many of my hours making it. If the shirt ended up costing less than the deposit, the difference would be returned, if it was over, the overage would be billed. Out of the many dozens of requests to make a shirt, I only made 6 with this model, and I am actually glad it was only that small, since the rest would have most likely have been flakes.
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    Red Rings Needed

  7. MichaelAmigliore

    Chainmail and LARPers

    Just word of wise: If you going to do this for the fun and learning experience, by all means go for it. If you are going for it to get profit, stop before you get started. Also, if your are going to stick with the Au route for material, give 12ga riveted rings a try.
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    Not what I expected. I am happy.

    Thank you. I can't wait to get started.
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    Not what I expected. I am happy.

    Background info: It has been a while since I did jewelry as my major income. Alaska is great for it, but the trend of making $5,000-ish one month, then absolutely nothing the next two months and repeat was a bit much for me, so I got myself a steady job with great insurance (just pay co-pay, then out-of-pocket of X amount per year, and they cover the rest. Dental sucks though.) After working at this place for over two years, a co-worker asked if I could repair a necklace for her, and it was on of those super super cheap Chinese stuff that breaks under a fly's weight.. I did, and at the same time I learned that she couldn't afford the more spendy stuff. So I told her I'll make her one for free. I gave her this:, which looked like this on her: . She was happy. She gave word of mouth a little bit, then a few months later out of the blue I was asked by another co-worker to make her a bracelet, I wasn't in the mood, so I tried to scare her away by saying, "I charge materials+$35/h" She said it was fine. So I made her this: . I am sorry for the sloppy craftsmanship. >_< I charged her 32.50 since it only took me like 25-30min to do a 6" piece. Now comes the cool part. She showed everybody she could to. Now her daughters want several pieces, and the best part. She showed her bracelet to a store owner in a fashion shop directed towards teen girls and middle aged women. My co-worker gave me a note that had "Gotta have it" written on it with a number and a name. I went in expecting to make a piece for her for herself. Turns out she wanted to set up a business deal. I again told her my rate, and she said not a problem. Now I am stoked, got 18 pieces already on que from that co-worker's family, and 5 for the lady in that shop to test the waters with. The thing that makes me even more happy if this works out, is that the owner want to do it cash-on-demand style. Maybe this is what I need to get back into this craft full time. So happy that I made a rush order for overnight delivery. *happy dance*
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    [rant] OMG he makes more money than me [/rant]

    Welcome to the land known as [name]! Before you, you see [Name of a public school], this is where society teaches you basic skill needed in the job market. [Name of CEO/Owner] will be your ultimate boss, underneath him will be his underlings, known as managers in several shapes and forms. This is the person commonly referred to as 'The man.' At any one time you feel need to, you may say "I am gonna stick it to the man!" when ever you have any issues against your boss. Be discreet though, otherwise you may end up losing your job. Learn your [name of career]'s Jargon. This will make you sound much smarter to those who don't know any better, but do so in caution, as this also makes you look like a complete fool to those above you. So use sparingly. Have you ever heard of, 'Give it a 110% effort'? While this sounds like a good idea, it will only get you so far. I would advise you to read this, http://www.disaboomlive.com/Blogs/saydrah/archive/2008/06/12/the-next-time-your-boss-tells-you-to-give-110-use-this-mathematical-formula.aspx Wages are a complex issue, you may think that the person who has worked there for 30 odd some years makes hell of a lot more than you, but is most cases, it is the new hires who will make more do to some rather complex formulas, the most ostensible of these are inflation, taxes, rate of raises/promotions (like +5% per annum or $1 raise for the first 1,000 horo's), who has the most power in negotiations (Employers market versus Employee's Market), as well as the average pay rate for [name of career], and so on. Nothing is fair in [name], you must fight for it or lose it. That being said, welcome to [name]! We hope you enjoy your averaged life span of 75-80 years while the elected representatives leech off your hard work! -Something one of my teachers in high school said. From memory, so it might be off or missing a few things. As well as a few additions of my own.
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    Oooo I want one!!!

    And who said art was dead? Not this person. Nice attention to detail!
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    Low income is not low income in Alaska it seems...-Rant

    need not to worry, I would do my homework before putting down that amount of cash and hard work. If anything, this'll be a good time to learn new stuff and apply that knowledge.
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    Low income is not low income in Alaska it seems...-Rant

    I just settled with save up for some land (roughly 10k-20k/acre depending on where it is.) then just build my self a little shack. I have come to learn that (through my mothers friend who builds houses for a living) if I built my self a nice 4 bedroom house for under 30k in materials, even though to me its value is just that, material + labor, the moment one of these people who come by and asses the market value, I would have to start paying the tax amount of that they gave me, instead of my true value. So shack it'll be, but it'll be a damn nice shack.
  14. So after my family kept telling me to head into these newly built low income buildings, I went to check them out. I got my self a quote after turning in the application. It was $800 to 1,200 for a 2 bed 1 bath. The whole 2 bed apartment was smaller than my current 1 bed that I am paying $700/mo for. My current kitchen alone is bigger at at least 3x5 extra than the master bedroom, my current bed room can fit both rooms inside, minus closets. My current living room can fir both their living room and kitchen together. It is easy to say my 1 bed apartment is just bigger. for cheap. For comparison, a 2 bed at my current location is simply two 1 bed apartment with a door in the wall. $925 to get it. so 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, 2 etc. Pro's and Con's time. Old place Pro: Much larger, $65 elect credit (meaning if electric bill is $70, I just pay $5.) heating is included for free (shared furnace.) the crazy 'you will go to hell if you don't join!' type of mormons hardly if ever come by. Not all of you is crazy, just some bad apples here and there. Con's: Bug infested to hell, if cockroaches could spread like wild fire as it they are in las Vegas, then ya, this place would have it bad. Since it is shared heating, during the winters the average room temp is either 95 or 110 degree's ferinheight. Can't turn it down. Windows are not winterized, so when they do turn off the heat, the building quickly goes to 40oF. Old style fuse boxes from like 1960 or so. When they blow, that's it. So everybody has to keep an eye on power consumption. It is very VERY easy for somebody to hi-jack your electricity. Since I maintained a good record of under 200Kw usage per month, I was able to catch my ex-neighbor who hi-jacked my lines and used over 2,000 Kw in once month... Thin walls, really thin. all that separates everybody is two 1/2" thick plasterboard. Default main door handle set up is with screws facing out in the hall way. I fixed that mistake of theirs on day one. You got big tv, and people know it and where you live, it will get stolen. Period. You got anything of high street value to them ($500+) it will get stolen. Period. You must stay with your laundry other wise you have a guarantee it will be thrown away and somebody replaces theirs and use up your remaining washing/drying cycle. New place: Pro's: New... Way way closer to my work. Like across the street close. Cons: Smaller, extremely invasive about your income (they wanted to know to who I sold what for X amount for the past 2 years, they even had a 3 spread sheets ready for it to be written down! Thank god/mario/who ever I kept a logs for taxes. Gave her 3 2" stacks of records Marked 2006, 2008, and current 2009. I'm an evil bastard.), more expensive per square foot. Not really "low income housing." Maybe Alaska should be hit by the housing market crash, cuz this is ridicules! Now that I think about it, I might be able to buy my own house and still pay less monthly than renting here. -End Rant.
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    Cool Idea

    Depending on the dog, 6-in-1 euro spring stainless might be the way to go. I'd mix in some aluminum to help transfer heat from the back to the chair.