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  1. Dranemra

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    Well, I keep the weave stable as I rarely - if ever - put the wave down. I keep it in my hands as I deal with the rings. I might have to post a picture on what I mean by that..
  2. Dranemra

    Celtic Rose Web Hand Flower

    This aluminum celtic rose web (interconnection celtic stars) is made of violet, black & black ice anodized aluminum rings. Nice & light weight.

    © The Kartijan

  3. Dranemra

    Byzantine Web Hand Flower

    This is a micro-maille bracelet I made of Stainless Steel 22g 5/64" rings. Done in the byzantine web patter, the finger chain is JPL3. It's tied at the back with a simple lobster clasp, I can wear it all day and it's totally comfortable.

    © The Kartijan

  4. Dranemra

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I find byzantine at 18g 3/16" to be kind of loose. it 'wobbles' too much. It's great if you're doing a byzantine sheet as it gives you the room to interlock the rows. I find 18g 5/32" to be really nice for necklaces, and 19g 1/8" or 20g 7/64" for finer bracelets. If I use a 3/16" or 1/4" ring, it's to do components which are great to add beads or such between sections of byzantine. Funny how I find half-persian (hp3) to be one of the easiest weaves going, I can whip up an 18g or 19g 3/16" bracelet in 20 mins or less. Yet a lot of people I've tried to teach the weave to just can't seem to get it right.. :shrug:
  5. Dranemra

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I don't like to do scalemail.. I guess cause the times I've tried I've used 18ga 3/16" rings rather than split rings... I don't know. I just find it time consuming and hard to keep track of for a nice pattern.. it just never seems to sit right when I do it. I like using scales for other projects like candle holders, flowers, dragons, etc... just don't like doing it as a scale sheet.
  6. I sell my 3/16" aluminum & neoprene 3-1 Half-Persians for $12. It's a decent profit for 20 mins of work!
  7. Dranemra

    Awesome modular containers

    Another Maille Artisan introduced me to Craft Mates products. I find they are super great products - though it's not always easy to find a supplier for them. The Easy-Lock system makes sure that your rings don't fall out, especially useful for micro-maille. The trays come in 3 sizes: single 7-slot, double tray, or xl double tray. You can buy the trays seperately or buy them in a kit with a travel tote. My spouse and I have invested a lot in these products, and absolutely love them!
  8. Dranemra

    New Business

    Rings I order the most: 22ga 3/32", 20ga 1/8", 18ga 3/16", 18ga & 16ga 1/4", 16ga 5/16". These rings will cover a good majority of the weaves that sell the most: Half-Persian, Japanese Lace, roundmail... I generally try a new weave or design every couple of months to add flavour. You might want to build up stock slowly, or bring in new colours as customers request them, it's a fair investment to start ordering it all at once.
  9. Dranemra

    Ring Size Help????

    Helmchain is a nice weave to use. I find that 18ga 9/32 or 16ga 5/16 works well with 18ga 3/16 for most metals. Helmchain, like some other similar weaves has the limitation that that the outer diameter of the small ring needs to be smaller than the inner diameter of the large ring - so that they fit inside with a bit of wiggle-room.
  10. Dranemra

    Need help on project

    These earrings are simple Japanese Lace, also described as Japanese 12-2. It's a very forgiving weave in that it can be in a variety of sizes. If you want to make nice tiny earrings you can use 20ga 1/8" and 22ga 3/32" (you can also use 22ga 5/64" but it's very tight. if you want something a bit nicer 18ga 3/16" will work well with 20ga 1/8" If you want to get chunky and go to a 16ga you'll probably want 5/16" with 18ga 3/16" The important rule of Japanese Lace is that the inner diameter of the small rings must be large enough to fit all 4 outer diameters of the large rings. I use this weave alot in jewellery from making flowers, to christmas trees & wreaths, it's a very versatile wave that you can do in almost any pattern. Note your designs are best if you pick ones that can be triangular or octagonal. Hope this helps.
  11. Dranemra

    New Business

    I guess the first question you want to ask yourself is: Do you want to sell armour more or jewellery more? This could affect what stock you start off with. For myself, I like to specialize in micro-maille rings, earrings & bracelets. I'm finding small items tend to sell more, particularly if you offer a variety of colours. I work primarily in Sterling Silver, Niobium, Steel & copper with some simpler aluminum works. In the 2 years we've been in business I've done 1 tabbard & 1 shirt, the latter the customer has mostly built themselves and I have provided them the supplies and some instruction. Who knows, might work differently for you in Utah, particularly if you are mobile and get to SCA events/groups or any other medieval group. For me, my clients tend to be mostly Goth, Vamp, or FetLifers who love the look & feel of metal. During the holidays, jewellery is a big seller and some of my shinier items go real fast. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, Been trying to order 20g Silvered Enamelled Copper for awhile now, and you're still out of stock. Wondering if you're no longer going to be carrying this product, or is it just taking that long to restock? We use the wire and rings for various maille projects. While the 19g does work for some of them, we really need 20g for some of the more finicky tight weaves. Thanks.
  13. Dranemra

    Marbles/Cube Candleholder Question

    Before you made your comment, did you try Googling 'marble'? If you find better luck than I did in finding a) a company, B) a company that ships to Canada, then c) let me know. Dunedon, thanks so much! Just what we were looking for!
  14. I'm having the damnedest time trying to find an online source for marbles, anyone have any tips? I'd love to make these candle holders.
  15. Dranemra

    New User Thread

    Well, I don't have 0 posts, but I might as well add in my little greeting to mark the forum. I'm rather a neophyte when it comes to maille weaving. My wife and I are just starting really, but we're anxious to add this new craft to our booth at the local market. Lets see how things go from here.