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  1.      So what you are doing is essentially instead of applying full force in brute to snip through the spring, you twist around the wire while applying force, and then you snap it over?  That is quite like cutting a tree down!  What gauge/material is this you are working with, and have you tried it with any larger gauges such as 14g yet?  Great technique!  Thanks for the tip/video!


    That's pretty close. Here's what I wrote on the youtube description:


    "The trick to getting clean, flush cuts on links, without using a saw, is to not fully cut/snip the wire. You want to try and just cut a little bit into the wire, sort of dent it, which weakens the overall strength, and then twist the link away. It'll break where you dented it and the ends will be flat which makes for a good closure. If you cut all the way through the wire, one end will be flat and the other will be pointed and the links will feel sharp and snag on clothes and the closures will be kind of crappy. I think there are a few different names for the technique. The guy who showed me how to make maille called it crimp and twist but I've also seen it referred to as score and break."


    So, basically, use your wire cutters to cut about 1/3 of the way through the wire (here's where I think it gets confusing because I'm only using wire cutters) I use the tip of the cutters to grab the bottom of the link, as if they were pliers, and I then twist the link away from the coil. It's weakest at the point where I've cut partially through it, so that's where it breaks. If that makes any sense. lol this stuff is complicated to explain through text alone. I can make another video or take some pictures if you'd like. It'd be no problem at all.


    I use this technique on every gauge I have. 24g-14g. I've got different cutters for different gauges though. A 24g-20g set, my 18g set, and a 16g-14g set.

  2. So i have a request for a bracelet that combines japanese 12 in 2 with stacked byzantine and i just cant visualise it. Anyone know a way i can do it?

    Forgive the slop work, I'm currently rushing through my lunch break. But how about something like this?




    Adjusting for proper ring size of course. The edge of the stacked can be the horizontal links on the 12 in 2?

  3. A friend of mine is about to celebrate his 10 year anniversary. Way back when they got married, they didn't have much money so they went with the standard, basic wedding bands. Which, in my opinion, is all you need. But I get where he's coming from. I plan on getting my wife a really nice ring for our 10 year as well. If the funds are available. He's recently gotten a completely new set of rings for their 10 year anniversary, really nice stuff. He's tricked his wife into thinking her current ring is being cleaned at the jewelers. But he's given them to me to make a pendant for her. He wanted to somehow incorporate the birthstone of their son. I suggested maybe trying to get all 3 birthstones in there if it would fit. He said, go for it.


    This is what I've come up with. 


    I know it's not really chainmaille but I wanted to share.








  4. It looks great, but it may take me a bit to figure out how to do a single row of roundmaille onto an inverted round chain.  I've not done roundmail before, but it looks like it's just 6-sided box chain, right?  I'm not immediately getting how that would fit onto a 3-sided inverted round, and I also don't understand how it is that inverted round is supposedly an inverted version of roundmail, either.  Maybe I need to make a short chain of roundmail for reference, and it will become more clear to me that way.


    I appreciate the help!

    Trying to explain a weave though text is kind of difficult but I'll give it a shot. It's just 6 rows of Euro 4-in-1 that connects to itself. A six-sided box chain is right on the money. Just take your 3 end links and let them roll back("flapping")in the standard European pattern of "one ring goes this way, the next ring goes that way, etc..." and that's how you get the 6 that form the Round Maille pattern. Normally you'd add your 3 links and flip them out to continue the Inverted pattern. If you let them roll back, you should be able to see the similarities of it with the picture I posted and where to add the doubled smaller rings.



    edit: here's a better shot of that keychain, it's Round Maille with Inverted segments here and there. Might help. http://i.imgur.com/ENcmRiJ.jpg

  5. Lord Allenoxxe, I really like your suggestion, but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be to the tastes of the person I'm making the hairband for, unfortunately.


    L.T., your pictures look great, but I am trying to understand your method.  I tried two smaller rings for each junction on the end, but that still gives the same problem, but only now for the smaller rings - they still can flap open at the end.  Now, are you saying that if I put one row of regular roundmail at the end and then the last row be interted round but with the doubled smaller rings, then it should keep them from flapping like that?


    That's exactly it. It's tough to see in the first picture because the doubled rings force, and keep, parts of the RoundMaille close together(but that's what we want ;)) . Check this out, I labeled and colored the 6 links from the Round pattern to try and help it stand out a little better. I can try and take some better shots of it, if you need. No big deal, lemme know.



  6. I made a keychain for my wife about 9 years ago, surprisingly still intact(she breaks things) Anyway, it's a combination of Inverted Round and Round Maille and the way I terminated the chain was to double up on the beginnings of a row of Inverted Round but with smaller links. If that makes any sense. Not sure if that'll help with strictly Inverted Round but maybe add 1 row of Round to your chain and end it off like this? Just tossing it out there. Good luck.






    I just quoted myself. :ermm:  http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/12233-the-end-of-the-rope-inverted-round-maille/



    I don't know if that's something that helps you or not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share.



    That case you've got in the 3rd picture is awesome. I want one in place of the container I just bought. heh




    I've claimed a little spot in the house as my mailling area. Complete with a tinted plexiglass section, under which I've got the TRL ring size sheet for quick reference. I bring out the old tablet I've got, call up Netflix and get to work.





    I finally got around to cutting all of my dowels to fit in the case. I have more than I remember. I don't use the larger ones that often though.


    At the moment, it was a good idea. If/when I have to patch and repaint that wall, I'm sure I'll be pissed.



    On a side note: How the hell do I resize images on the fly here on this forum? It accepts the standard "[ img] [ /img]" method but won't accept "height=500 [/img]" for resizing. These pictures are massive, so I have to resize in GIMP before uploading. Is there a particular way to go about that here?

  8. When I don't have pliers in my hands, I'm building arcade game cabinets. And when both of those are boring to me, I play guitar.



    I'm most proud of my micro Galaga cabinet that's running off a Nintendo DS. It's like 8 inches tall.



    I made a toy box / arcade machine for my son.




    Feel free to take a look at my cabs if you've got nothing else better to do. There are lots of pictures, it'll kill some time.




  9. I made this years ago but recently stumbled across these pictures. Just thought I'd share.


    Simple 4in1 SS 18g 3/16th






    tCsArpd.jpg  9yl493I.jpg




    And those of you that like metal... not the wire kind. I mean, we all like metal wire. I'm talking about metal music. Those of you that like your metal low, groovy, and kind of ambient/drone. Check out my tune if you're bored. It'll kill a few minutes of your day/night.



  10. I'm always on the lookout for a new/better way to keep things in order. Yesterday I picked up a case by Keter - http://www.keter.com/products/cantilever-organizer-18



    It's nice. I only really work with 18g, 20g, 22g, and 24g so removing 2 of the bottom containers creates room for my tools while leaving 4 containers for each gauge. And removing 4 of the top containers leaves enough room for my smaller dowels and plenty of containers for beads, clasps, and misc. stuffs.











    How do you organize?

  11. So it's the easiest weave ever, I'm using it as a spacer in a cuff bracelet but the ends of the posts are flopping around in a very unattractive way. Any ideas for a tidy, unobtrusive way to tidy them up? Thanks

    I made a keychain for my wife about 9 years ago, surprisingly still intact(she breaks things) Anyway, it's a combination of Inverted Round and Round Maille and the way I terminated the chain was to double up on the beginnings of a row of Inverted Round but with smaller links. If that makes any sense. Not sure if that'll help with strictly Inverted Round but maybe add 1 row of Round to your chain and end it off like this? Just tossing it out there. Good luck.





  12. I'm no drummer, but I am a musician (voice, mandolin, guitar and Horn) so I will certainly say that you've got a good (and quick!) thing going there. I can't say I'm a Lamb of God fan, but speaking purely to your drumming you've really got it down.

    Thanks, man.

    Guitar is my first instrument and I've tried a mandolin a few times, it's tough. Too small for my comfort. lol Has a cool sound though.

  13. @game

    Thanks man, I appreciate your help.


    That's good stuff, the bottom of it is just like what I did. I really dig the marble pendant/charm you made. Very cool, might "borrow" that someday. heh Hope the birthday went well.


    Dude, 5k is a lot to me. I'm an engineer and I made one of those helicopter mounts and I hate it. It's loud and annoying. So the idea of a bike is off putting to me as well. The mammoth sounds cool though. I rolled a DK the other day, they're pretty sweet. Death Grip reminds me of Mortal Kombat. Scorpion, "get over here!"

    continuously dorky


  14. Well, I'm pretty sure I didn't do it correctly. I made the body of the bag first and the bottom last. By doing that, I ended up with closing the center link through 10 other links. For the contraction/expansion part I sort of made it up to best fit what I was working with. One row would be the standard 4-1 pattern and the next would be... It's better with visual assistance


    It's like if you've got a standard row of 4-1 and start a new row with 1 link passing through 3 then the next link passing through 2, but the "2" consist of 1 link from the first group and the next link in the row, then the next is a group of 3 again, but go through a link from the last group, etc... Confusing to say. The new row ends up being a sort of 5-in-2 pattern. It's complete garbage but did the job. If I make another one I'll be sure to start with the center/bottom part of the bag and work my way out. heh



  15. @SD

    Actually, this bag was made from a strip of 4-1 that was intended to go toward my vest. I'm already about 2 square feet into it, 10K rings give or take. I'm much more of a jewelry maker than an armour type. But once the vest is finished, I'll be wearing it all the time.


    Man! That green bag is the business. I really dig that.

    Cool tattoo, btw. I've got tattoos but not gamer tattoos. lol I did, at one time, seriously contemplate a Triforce tattoo for my chest. Upon further thought, it's still an option. ha!


  16. So, not only is this a nerdy project (D&D dice bag) it was paid for in the most dork way I can think of. A friend of mine plays D&D and mentioned he'd like a dice bag. So, I offer to make him one. Fast forward to a few days ago. I'm just about finished with it and let him know it's almost ready to go, via a whisper in WoW. lol Yeah, I know, I'm one of "those people." He replies happily and asks how much I want for it. I replied, jokingly with, "you could give me 5k gold so I can have epic flying for my damned main." And he said, "sure." So there you have it, happy dorks continue on with their dorky ways. ha!


    18g stainless 3/16 ID

    Thanks for checking it out.

    -Louis Tully, his orc hunter can fly wicked-fast