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  1. themagues

    Tardis Lamp ON

    please tell me you have instructions. my gaming group is all but demanding i make one
  2. themagues

    Great Dodecahedron By Rescyou

    you made a D20!!!!! Please say you have directions
  3. themagues

    Kathy's ring 2

    what size rings did you use?
  4. themagues

    Stainless Dragon 2

    where did you get the fang and claw peices?
  5. themagues

    Styleized Thor's Hammer

    thanks. so how big is the final product? how tall and how wide?
  6. themagues

    Styleized Thor's Hammer

    By the God's thats friggen awsome!!!! What size rings did you use?
  7. themagues


    oh look. its a scale!!!!
  8. themagues

    My Birthday Tattoo...

    Geting one similar to that on the first of feb. this tuesday.
  9. themagues

    Doll Coif

    but where did you get them?
  10. wooo hooo my black ice got here today. now if i can remember what i was going to do woth it.......

  11. themagues

    Marine Corps

    W :D H :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS WHAT I'M L :D KEN F R!!! THANKS!!!!!
  12. themagues

    Marine Corps

    I dont need the words on the outside of the emblem. Just the main eagle globe and anchor.
  13. themagues

    Mailled grill-sling for a charcoal smoker?

    sounds like an awsome idea. lemme know how it turns out
  14. themagues

    Marine Corps

    Ok here goes. Iwould like to know if anyone out there knows how to make the Marine corps emblem. My dad is a prior service Marine and his birthday just past. And since i hardly know what i'm doing i need help getting this for him. Can anyone out there give me a hand. I don't care the size of the ring or how big the finished product is.