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  1. Daemora

    First mailling project, scale armor

    Looking very good so far. When I am running into trouble trying to learn a new weave, I will find myself using either rubber bands, or twisty ties to help give me an idea of the starting rings so to help out with the direction. That way if I lose my spot, I can easily unfold it correctly and see how it goes.
  2. Daemora

    Scale Tunic one step closer to being finished

    Thank you, I wish I would of done the contractions, but over all can not complain.
  3. It seems every time I start to get some time for myself, I find another side project. I got a dragonscale tie and titanium scale tunic ahead of me for family, so I dont have time at the moment to make this for myself, so I was curious what a fellow mailler would charge me for this. If I can get a decent quote and have the money I would be very interested in ordering. pics below for an idea of the piece if you are not familiar. Looking at something in brass, possibly bronze. Let me know. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/456904324668738424/ https://www.google.com/search?q=lord+of+flowers+coif&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=EMr5VML9JsaoyASFh4L4Ag&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg&biw=1680&bih=931#tbm=isch&q=lord+of+flowers+game+of+thrones&imgdii=_&imgrc=4EPzgDHfNFQXSM%253A%3B7806LDDcz8wr8M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fcdn.fansided.com%252Fwp-content%252Fblogs.dir%252F276%252Ffiles%252F2014%252F02%252FLoras.gif%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Flightlybuzzed.com%252F2014%252F02%252F09%252Fgame-thrones-season-4-countdown-day-56%252F%3B500%3B281
  4. I just used this on my scale tunic, pics found there http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/14519-scale-tunic-one-step-closer-to-being-finished/
  5. Sadly I could not find my original thread so starting a new one. I started this project close to two years ago, working in my free time. Here is pictorial history of this project. It starts from ym first triangle, all the way up to laying out my tunic, to it taking shape, to having it being wearable, to where it is now, just back from the machine shop from being superfinished. Material used is the large tempered hardened steel scales with split rings, and 4-1 spring tempered stainless rings for under the arms. I plan on lining the insides with leather, and possibly adding some chain decoration around it. But here is what I have so far. First time weaving ever Combined a giant triangle and 2 squares to form the front Back arms added Test fit Back from the machione shop after being super finished under arms Before and After compairison of scale before and after superfinishing (had left over scales I laid ontop of current progress) Current fitting The company that helped my with the super finishing were really great, giving a shameless plug to help them out http://www.shaftech.com/ or ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shaftech/397952933639628 )
  6. Daemora

    My first scale project

    so i dont mean to sound like a douche, but I am steeling that chain over the arm thing you did there.
  7. Daemora

    Scalemail Armor for Rapier

    Really depends what you mean by armor. Steel is stronger than aluminum, but their only officially "armor grade for scale (iirc) is tempered steel. From my experiance dealing with scale, against you rapier, you will be fine as long as the stroke comes at you downward or head on, if it is coming up at you (like an uppercut or something of the like.. i dont know sword fighting terms), it sill slide in between the scales easily.
  8. Daemora

    Dragonscale Necktie

    really like the color, looks like stainless outside but what is the other ring color?
  9. Daemora

    Made my first Dreamcatcher

    Send me the link were its listed I may know someone interested.
  10. Daemora

    Made my first Dreamcatcher

    Very impressive. Is this still for sale?
  11. Daemora

    My first scale project

    Very well done sir, Hoping mine comes out just as nice
  12. Daemora

    The dragon scale tie.

    I have wanted to try (but haven't yet) using the micromaile ring spec on the outskirts of the expansion to try and feather it out some, not sure how it would look though
  13. Daemora

    The dragon scale tie.

    Considering ring size and material about any skinny plier will do. I didnt want to wait on shipping time from TRL and I have just been using some ones I bought as sears. I bought 2 sets of these, so it would cover about anything I want to do, hard to beat that price (especially considering I got them on sale so it was below this advertised price) http://www.sears.com/craftsman-evolv-6-pc-mini-pliers-set/p-00910060000P?sid=IDx01192011x000001&kpid=00910060000&kispla=00910060000P
  14. Daemora

    The dragon scale tie.

    Pinfin, I actually haven't touched dragonscale in a bit, main focus at the moment is to finish up my scale tunic, which hopefully, be done in the next week or two. Also the red is just the regular dragonscale, not micromaile. Considering how long the micromaile took me, I do not see me doing another for quite a while. But after I get pics up of my finished tunic, I will get to work on the red Dragon. As far as the part that goes under the collar, I followed TRL instructions and did a 6-1 persian. It looks really nice and is very strong (think of it like a necklace under the collar). But it is a tad bit bulky, but I have not had an issue. Any standard chain necklace weave should work, if you are worried about bulk under the collar. Got more pics (better quality as well) on just the micromaile (black one) here is my other thread http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/12250-first-time-with-chaindragonscalemicromaille-tie-pic-heavy/
  15. Daemora

    Micromaille Dragon Scale Tie Kit

    I enjoy the black, it is more my style, but no it does not come through. I am in the process of making red and just finished a blue (although not micromaile) colors comes through way more. I really like tone of the red.