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  1. dumbsaru

    what is this weave. .

    sorry for the very late reply. but thank you both. I can now try to make this. thank you very much. .
  2. dumbsaru

    what is this weave. .

    as I am trying to make this. I don't even kno the name of the weave , so I can start. can anyone help me out ? thank you very much
  3. dumbsaru

    How long does it take to make...

    Hello to all. that is a very nice bit of work there. being new here, well not new , but returning, from a long away time. I hope I am in the right place. as I would lie to kno, what is this weave called. so I can make it thank you for your help.
  4. dumbsaru


    love that choker, but its her bite. that's the lure. awesome work , and wonderful model
  5. dumbsaru

    Garnet Multistrand Bracelet - Strands.png

    very nice too!!
  6. dumbsaru


    this is very nice! what are the rings made of!! [/font]
  7. dumbsaru

    Newbie got a question

    where on the west coast. can i find thwe matreal to make jumprings and maill