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  1. alarion99

    Wrapping small tags

    Yeah, I used that weave with the same rings as the kit. Works great for the larger tags, but it’s not flexible enough for the small ones.
  2. alarion99

    Wrapping small tags

    Anyone have some advice on a weave and ring size that works well for securely wrapping the small TRL round tags?
  3. alarion99

    Material sources

    AC Moore, in their "Steampunk" section. I sold them out a while ago and they haven't restocked so I'm wondering if it was discontinued. They were like $7 each though so I'm hoping to find something similar somewhere cheaper. That bottle is pretty adorable. Tiny dice are the best. I saw the 5mm ones last year at PAX East and damn near spent my whole budget on them.
  4. alarion99

    Material sources

    So I know we all obviously love TRL, but there is a lot they don't yet offer (variety of beads, pendants, etc). So I was wondering, after you've filled your cart here, what are your other favourite go-to sources for the rest of your components? Part two of this question is do you know where I can find screw top pendant tubes with an inner diameter of at least 5mm? I've been scouring the internet all night and came up empty, so I'm hoping one of you fine folks might know a source I haven't tried yet. I found one, and now I need more. Tiiiiiiny dice holder.
  5. alarion99

    Using pliers without springs

    I've never used pliers without springs. Is there an advantage to using pliers without springs, or is it just personal preference?
  6. alarion99

    Magic the Gathering Inlay

    That is freaking gorgeous.
  7. alarion99


    Would this be the party that surveyed Jurassic Park? It looks great.
  8. alarion99

    How to not damage aluminum rings?

    For aluminum I use one pair of pliers and a jump ring opener. (http://www.artbeads.com/tool-513.html) I think it makes it easier to manipulate the rings without damaging them and really lets you feel what you're doing.
  9. alarion99

    trinity knot small scales

    I would also buy these. Lovely work.
  10. alarion99

    Elora Inlay (Closeup)

    Wonderful name, and this inlay is epic. Do you have another dog named Willow?
  11. alarion99

    Project Evening

    That is gorgeous!
  12. alarion99

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    The $27.20 price on the first set is for the white plastic option, which according to the reviews I've been reading, are junk and too fragile to actually be used as dice. The stainless steel option is $82.
  13. alarion99

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    Thank you thank you thank you! I saw a picture of those circulating but couldn't find where to buy them. Now to start saving up. .
  14. alarion99

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    Speaking of dice addiction, Chessex is great, but this place tempts me to spend alll my money. http://splash.q-workshop.com/index.php?language=en
  15. alarion99


    That looks amazing.