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  1. I recently tried selling my maille in a store in Salem MA. They explained they already carry maille done by someone else. Of course i scoped it, and discovered *ahem* "jewelry" that I would be ashamed to sell. The closures were all gapped, mishapen, and cut with perhaps rusty bolt cutters. Prices were 5 & 6 times what a properly constructed item would be tagged, and she claimed it was selling quite well. It's sad that there are so many who have the mentality "i can do that", and really can't. I feel like it gives responsible maillers a bad name.
  2. KittenGTP

    Looking for Maroon AA 18g 1/4.

    I believe UnkamenSupplies has maroon rings. If you're still looking.
  3. KittenGTP

    Entire ring stock for sale

    No response-guess they vanished.
  4. KittenGTP

    Entire ring stock for sale

    interested in 18g AA 1/4" if not already spoken for.
  5. KittenGTP

    Rockabilly Blues

    I did not make the cameos-never found the time to do that. I found some of them on etsy.
  6. KittenGTP

    Rockabilly Blues

    Elvis is back! ok ,not really. HP3-1 wrap in black & blue on 30x40 cameo.
  7. KittenGTP

    Lolita In Red

    Half persian wrap in black & red with a red alum flower in her hair. 30x40 cameo
  8. KittenGTP


    Half persian wrap in black & white. 30x40 cameo
  9. KittenGTP

    The Twins

    Half persian wrap in black & yellow. 30x40 cameo

    © Custom Creations

  10. KittenGTP

    How do you display your jewerly?

    I use fireplace screens, plant stands, and some regular jewelry displays.. I'll try to dig up some pics from shows. The screens enable me to see people in front of the table, and also are wind resistant-which is a big bonus at outdoor events.
  11. KittenGTP

    Custom Laser Wood Engraving

    I would still like to inquire about having business info engraved on large AA scales to use as business cards for big shows & repeat customers. How many lines of text (and what size) could you do?
  12. KittenGTP

    How do you save space?

    I use bead cases (sometimes also used as embroidery floss cases) available in most craft stores for about a buck-one for each size ring in anodized, and a parts bin for the BA, SSTL, Brass & Copper. They used to be stored under my desk-stacked 6 high-with the showing side labeled with ring size. Now I have them all on a bookshelf.
  13. KittenGTP

    Mis-stamped Scale

    I've gotten a few "mid-punched" scales. Some stamped off to one side, still usable though.
  14. KittenGTP

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I am not a big fan of Euro4-1, or Helm Chain. Byzantine gets boring real fast, but its pretty, and sells well for me.
  15. This is something that has caused me an issue or 3 at different local craft fairs/flea markets. The "Catalog jewelry" sales people. I have had the misfortune of being placed next to them on several occasions. More often than not, they are boisterous, obnoxious people who will stop at nothing, to make sure people buy their product. From insults, to knocking my displays over to chase people away from my table-it has been a terrible experience. I often request to ON:Y be placed near handcraft jewelry tables, if not away from jewelry all together. Still, coordinators feel it necessary to have what I call "jewelry row" which often hurts all of us. Just wondering if it's me, or if anyone else has had a negative encounter with any of them.