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  1. Fatiallians

    How can I do this kind of armpit?

    I do a simmilar arpit on all of my shirts. Starting 6-10 rows below the area where the sleave comes in I add in an expansion every other row. After I met the area where the sleave comes in I start to do contractions at the same rate until I am to the desired sleave width. If you look up how to add gussets in shirts you can get an idea of how this is done in fabric. Thanks, Fatiallians
  2. I have more projects than I can handle right now and need a little assistant. I am looking for people to weave patches of 16 ga 1/4 in bright aluminum. Patches are 12" x 20". I will supply all of the rings and cover shipping in both directions. I need multiple of these patches made so am willing to spread this work between a few mailers. If you are interested please PM me with your quote and time frame to finish the work. If you have a questions feel free to post below and I will answer them as soon as I can. Thanks, Jason Field
  3. Fatiallians

    Jewelry Management Software

    I have Jewelry Manager Pro and depending on what you are doing it can be a great program. I used it for awhile but it got overwelming to keep up with it. If you have a small to mediem set of items that are constantly made the same it is great. What I ran into was that the program does not handle small variations on pieces easily. For example if you have 10 different earings designs in 10 different colors that would be 100 different individual items in the system. There was no easy was to search for the item you just created to add it to you inventory and have the materials removed from your stock. In just a short time I easily had close to 1000 items not because I had that many items but just to keeping track of small variations on the items that I had. I am in the process of having a program designed that will work better for chainmaillers and handle the small variations in items better. What features would you be looking for in a Chainmaille inventory managment program? I might be able to have some of your wished added to the program if they are not alrady there.
  4. Fatiallians

    Inlay Help

    The first thing that I notice is that the image is way too big. The current image in 1000 X 1000 pixels. IGP basically takes each pixel and turns it into a ring. At the current size the inlay would be 1 million rings. If you can determine the number of rings you want in the vertical and horizontal direction then shrink the image to that size you will probably have better luck with IGP. If that does not work let me know and I will see what else I can do to help Fatiallians
  5. Fatiallians

    Inlay Help

    What issues are you having with IGP? I use the program fairly regularly and might be able to help.
  6. Fatiallians

    Tracking inflow and outflow of inventory

    I use Jewelry Design Manager, Fatiallians
  7. Fatiallians

    What is this called?

    The weave is called Romanov. Here is a tutorial on how it is done. http://www.craftycristian.com/romanov-tutorial/ Fatiallians
  8. Fatiallians

    Fixing Pliers

    How strong of magnets do you use in your pliers? I have a couple of pliers with broken springs that I love but have not been able to find the right spring to fix them. This sounds like a good way to repair them. Thanks, Fatiallians
  9. Fatiallians

    Show Me Your Armpits

    I add a gusset in the armpits of my shirts and it works well. Unfortuantly I do not have any shirts around to take pictures of. I usually start about 3 inches down the sleave and the body and add a diamond piece in. If you do a quick google search for gusset sleaves you can see some examples done in fabric. Thanks, Fatiallians
  10. Fatiallians

    IGP help.

    The Issue you are probably running into is that the background is black. IGP recognizes black as blank empty space so you will not see the pattern for it. Just edit you picture to have a different background color and it should work. The other issue is which version of IGP are you using? 18 ga 3/16 is not a selectable size in the original IGP. If you use IGP2POV you can pick any size ring you want. You will have to install POVRay for it to work but POVRay is free. Hopefully this will help. If you have any further questions let me know and I will try and answer them for you. Fatiallians
  11. Fatiallians

    Any micromaillers out there?

    I deal with 20g 3/32 all the time for bracelets and necklaces. On a full size piece you can find clasps that do not over power the piece with no problem. Shrinking these down to 1/3 or 1/4 size will make this really hard to find a clasp for. I usually use a toggle clasp on my pieces. There are some good instructions out there on how to make your own toggle clasps. You can probably take these instructions an make your own clasps. Fatiallians
  12. Fatiallians

    Sanding down pliers?

    I have been sanding my pliers for a long time now. I notice a big difference in my pliers especially when working with precious metals. I use automotive sandpaper on mine. You should be able to find it at any auto part store. I usually start at about 320 grit and then increase to 600 grit. I usually sand mine until I have a mirror finish on any piece that will be touching the rings. Fatiallians
  13. At least in my experience 30% consignment is about normal to get into a decent shop. If you are getting less than that that is excellent. Most of the shops that I am in I set a standard price for each piece. It does not make a difference if the shop takes 20% or 40% it sells for the same in each shop. If a store is buying whole sale they can price the items at what ever price they want with that. You might want to reconsider your pricing if 30% consignment is going to cut into your margins to much. As I see it I am going to have to spend money to pay for a boot at a show or to pay for a shop to sell my items. These cost need to be calculated into the cost of the items. It took me a long time to figure out that I was way undervaluing my work and time. The thing that finally got me to change my pricing was advice from another vender at a show. I had been doing show for about a year and always seemed to just break even at the shows. I never lost money doing a show but never did extremely well either. I was having a bad first day at a show and was not doing well at all. I had a lot of people looking but no one buying. I was speaking with another vender as I was tearing down for the day and was saying that I was not doing well at all. He was looking at my items and said that I had them way under priced for the quality of the work. He said that I should double all of my prices. I argued at first that if they were not selling at the current rate how would they sell at double the price. He asked me what I had to loose if I tried it the next day I already was not selling anything. I went ahead and doubled my prices for the next day and it worked. I had a great second day and made more in that one day then I had at any other show. People connect low prices with low quality. Doubling my prices made people think it was better quality and more willing to pay more for it. Fatiallians
  14. Fatiallians

    Modifying a hauberk

    I would not underprice yourself. You have worked hard to learn how to weave and there are not many people out there that can do it. I do not charge less than $20 an hour for work like this.
  15. Fatiallians

    ring size

    I use 16ga 3/8 aluminum rings for all of my shirts and have never had a problem. I would not go any larger than 3/8 rings. Fatiallians