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  1. Damn, that is a kick ass and comprehensive resource!
  2. Redbeard

    Need help identifying rings

    Hence the UN-historic armour . Very cool looking though!
  3. Redbeard

    Card Wallet

  4. Redbeard

    Card Wallet

    Pretty cool idea! How well does it keep the contents - as in prevent them from falling out?
  5. Redbeard

    WONDERFUL - A few Questions

    AA wire is not particularly good for coiling; the coloring tends to flake off or be otherwise damaged in the coiling process. At least, that's been my experience...
  6. Redbeard

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Remind me to avoid knife fights with you, Lorenzo...
  7. Redbeard

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I still think a machete would trap itself too easily. Just from my experience chopping wood, they bite deep and can be hard to remove. Throw in that the thing your blade is stuck in (and it's friends) may or may not be trying to eat you and you're setting yourself up for failure. Blunt, non penetrating objects are the way to go - baseball bats, crowbars, etc...or just have good cardio and team up with a much slower fatty...
  8. Redbeard

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    According to the Zombie survival guide, your best weapon is a crowbar. It is almost indestructible, never runs out of ammo, you don't have to sharpen it and it can't jam. You can [crudely] stab with it and bash with it and pry open doors. A machete would penetrate too deep and be hard to get clear, same for a sword. And yes, if you could get it, the chainmail mesh that Mailletec currently make would offer excellent bite protection at modest weight.
  9. Redbeard

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I don't think chainmail is necessarily the key, but it always bugged me how un-armored everyone in that show is.
  10. Redbeard

    think geek selling maille??

    That tie is lame-o! Dragonscale ties are WAY cooler! Not that I wear a tie, ever, but if I had to...lol.
  11. Redbeard

    the elusive maille wall clock

  12. Redbeard

    One heck of a purse

    The link doesn't work?
  13. Redbeard

    Maille purse.

  14. Redbeard

    Creative People + Boring Golf Calender

    You should have just done that! I would have been SO MAD and then laughed SO HARD!
  15. Redbeard

    Creative People + Boring Golf Calender

    Sadly we didn't get a lame calendar this year, but rather a sweet Iron Maiden one - and I'll smack anyone who draws on it upside the head!
  16. Redbeard

    TRL Scales are in The Hobbit

    I *think* that the Forest Elf Palace Guards were wearing them. I saw the film in standard 2D - I suspect a viewing in the HFR3D format would be more precise...
  17. Redbeard

    TRL Scales are in The Hobbit

    Tonight! I'm stoked! I helped run the machine that made those scales
  18. Redbeard

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    I've been using mine for aboot 2 weeks. So far I haven't had any issues, though all I have been working on is 12 gauge aluminum. They's super comfy in my hands!
  19. Redbeard

    Looking for the right Cutting Fluid

    No personal experience, but I'm told that kids bubble liquid works great. Like, the kind for blowing bubbles.
  20. geogecko - the titanium 1414 rings are machine cut. If you want saw cut, it would be possible to order that as a custom size, you would have to contact customer service to arrange that. In terms of color, neither niobium colour will be a great match - cobalt is a more solid colour though so that would be my recommendation. Happy mailing!
  21. Redbeard

    SELLING - Liquidating my 12g 1/2"

    Are you in Canada or the USA?
  22. Redbeard

    IMG 6022WM

  23. Redbeard

    TRL welcomes Jodey to the team!

    Weclome Aboard!
  24. Redbeard

    ring making question

    Well - in this particular size, we sort of cheat. Technically, 18532 should have an inner diameter of 0.258 inches, BUT at that size it's just a little bit too tight for Byzantine, the pattern this size is most commonly used for, so we actually make all of our 18532 rings (machine and saw cut) to be between 0.261 and 0.266 inches, aka slightly bigger, so that they work easily for Byzantine.