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  1. Skedros

    Finger calluses

    I treat my calluses as badges of honor. Besides, when I stop knitting, within a couple of months, the calluses fade away.
  2. Skedros

    Don't doubt that they'll ban our craft with this:

    "They can have my armor when they peel it off my cold dead corpse."
  3. Skedros

    When I was younger...

    there were no banner ads across the bottom of the t.v. screen. you didn't see commercials for other programs on different stations. the station logo wasn't always present. none of the t.v. characters prior to the Archie Bunker show ever went to the bathroom. there were no parental guidelines on what was and wasn't 'appropriate' television for your kids. You had to watch the show and decide for yourself.
  4. Skedros

    When I was younger...

    We didn't have commercials with the subtitles, "Do not try this at home". The Looney Tune cartoons were just that, cartoons! Not some promotional concept created to sell 'stuff'. Politicians actually debated political points of view, instead of just slinging 'mud' at each other. Television had 3, maybe 4 channels to chose from, not 1000+. People were famous for what they did, not who they did. Summer time started on Memorial Day and ended on Labor Day. The only time you ever saw 'buttcrack' was on a plumber, not on every young man walking down the street. People had home phones, not cell phones. People read books, not electronic devices. I learned to do math in my head, rather than get to use a calculator. Gas Station Attendants actually pumped the gas into your car, rather than hide in a bullet resistant glass cage. Phone booths could be found around town, rather than in Superman movies. One could enjoy themselves at a movie for $5 or less, including snacks, rather than paying more than $5 for just the darn ticket. I'm sure that there are a number of things that I haven't listed here, probably because I've forgotten them due to old age.... or something like that.
  5. Skedros

    Vancouver/Lower Mainland Meet-up?

    Norwescon 37 is coming up on Easter weekend and I've got 10+ lbs of rings if anyone is still interested in a NW gathering
  6. just sold 20 dice pouches and am rather stoked.

  7. Skedros

    Ren fair etiquette? (Re: exclusives)

    Firstly, I agree with the others, Plutonium X for the win. Secondly, it just sickens me that this type of nepotistic attitude has become such a facet of the 'human condition'. Thirdly, If I was told that I had to 'put away' some of my stock, my first question would have been, "Why?" That's always a fun question to ask a lackey and watch them flounder with it.
  8. Skedros

    Good News/Bad News

    For me, the engine design and/or technology used in the motor, are way higher tech than the motors of my youth.
  9. Skedros

    Good News/Bad News

    I'm savvy enough to know when I can work on a car, and when I shouldn't. I'm pretty sure that this is one of the times that I shouldn't.
  10. Skedros

    Good News/Bad News

    Good News: A neighbor recently 'gifted' his '03 Mitsubishi Montero SUV to My Lady & I. Bad News: It needs some engine work done, before it turns into an engine replacement. Good News: We know a mechanic with a shop who can do the work for us. Bad News: The quote was $1700. Good News: Some of the items that needed to be replaced, My Lady & I were able to do it ourselves. Bad News: We need to come up with around $800, in order to get some of the major engine work done. Ain't life great, just when you think you been given a bowl of cherries, it turns out that there are some pits in there after all. I'll see about posting some pictures of the beast in a day or so.
  11. Skedros

    Seatlle Gathering

    I'm still willing to host a gathering event at my apartment, with the permission of My Lady, of course. A date and time will still need to be decided upon.
  12. Skedros

    Iron Throne in Seattle

    Friday evening, April 26th, the Experience Music Project had a "preview" tour of the Fantasy exhibit that opens to the public on Saturday. The main reason for my going was the photo-op chance with a replica of the Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones series. When I was purchasing my ticket, I asked about costume restrictions and was told 'no masks' & 'no weapons'. I thought about bringing the L.A.R.P. axe that I purchased last year, but decided no to hassle with it. Instead I chose to use my walking stick as a scepter and I brought what I thought was an appropriate drinking mug. So here's the link to Trog GiantKiller in his royal glory.
  13. Skedros

    Legal stuff for selling online?

    In Washington state, one needs a state business license in order to have an internet presence. That way one can sell across state lines.
  14. Skedros

    Seatlle Gathering

    I also ride the bus, so an agreed upon meet spot/time would be doable. Any ideas?
  15. Skedros

    Plastic rings make the world go round.

    butted plastic rings!?! what's the AR?