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  1. coil_clip_weave

    Pig Knight

  2. I have an aquaintence who is looking for welded byz chains for fire poi. I have the feeling welded might be overkill for the project. I dont have any specs on length or ring size, but it would be stainless. Since I know next to nothing about fire poi - opinions are welcome about whether or not they would need welding and suggested ring size and overall chain length. Also, if it comes down that welding is required or he simply insists on it, thats outside my scope, I would be looking to refer him to someone able handle the project. (grins at Bernice). Will keep you posted.
  3. coil_clip_weave

    Request for IGP assist

    Awesome Awesome Awesome - Thank you Movak, Arctic TRN and Zlosk - still love your IGP - it rocks. I guess i'm kinda obligated to post result pics.... we'll see if I remember.
  4. coil_clip_weave

    Request for IGP assist

    Desired dimensions.... hmm.... probably no wider than 11 inches with whatever height is proportional to the images (guessing 4-5 inches tall) 119,000+ rings = holy crud {suspecting the resulting size is too large} Regarding shading...right - I'm more concerned with just a guide to follow than shading it so it is "oh so pretty". Where to find IGP - look up the member ZLOSK (on third page of the Z's) in the member link at top of page. His profile has link to IGP homepage/download.
  5. coil_clip_weave

    Request for IGP assist

    I have a client requesting an inlay of his 7month-old daughters name. Needs to be completed at least a few days before Valentines day. IGP would be slickest thing for setting this up but the computer I have access to is beyond lame (it's crippled). So I'm asking for a forum assist... Attached are two BMP files (one with block letters, the other script) The target ring size for use is 18g 3/16" and i'm hoping to use either Euro 4/1 or Euro 6/1 If someone would run these thru IGP and repost the 4 resulting IGP images (or send them my profile) it would be huge. block euro 4/1 block euro 6/1 script euro 4/1 script euro 6/1 I know the images are black and white, I've yet to work out coloring but mainly just need the ring guide/counts. I would love to hear any other suggestions as well. Ciauna_1.bmp Ciauna_2.bmp
  6. coil_clip_weave

    Sonic Cleaners... opinions?

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the sonic jewelry cleaners? Considering something in the $50.00-$60.00 range. Main issue is oxidation on completed copper jewelry that tumbling doesn't seem to attack due to tightness of rings...
  7. coil_clip_weave

    Wisconsin Ren Faire = Dead

    The WI Ren Fair will definately be back for 2010. I'm in pretty close contact with the new owners. who put together another group of investors. They purchased the grounds at the Sherrifs auction after it went thru forclosure. "The sale will be ratified on monday if all goes according to plan. Then we can start rebuilding. There was a lot stolen and no maintenance had been done over the past year so we have some work ahead." They have plans for the facility to multi-functional for better revenue flow. Themes such as possibly some western shows or a Halloween event. The new owners own a construction company and very hard-working individuals. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  8. coil_clip_weave

    Sterling Wire for beading/wrapping ...

    I'm looking at doing some beading/wrapping work for which I would like to use sterling silver wire. Couple of questions: 1) working with standard size beads (from TRL inventory) and wondering what would be best gauge wire...probably matching the headpins sold by TRL. 2) soldering is out (wish I could) but which hardness (full, 1/2, dead soft) would be best for beading where i might create an eye on each side of the bead? Sorry to ask such simples...
  9. coil_clip_weave

    Black Tungesten & Black Titanium - A Question

    love the hi-jacked thread on ring injuries. In highschool, one the basketball players hadn't taken off his nice gold classring for practice. As luck would have it, it came off during the practice...along with most of his finger when the ring got jammed on the backside of the hoop when he was up in the air going for the ball. better safe than sorry...
  10. coil_clip_weave

    Wisconsin Ren Faire = Dead

    Just a quick note for those who might be local to this. The Wisconsin Renaissance Faire is 95% dead for 2009. There have been some ugly lawsuits going on behind the scenes concerning the debt of the construction work (approx $900,000). It was tenatively announced on radio that it would not be open for the 2009 season due to the litigation. 2009 would have been its fourth summer of operation.
  11. coil_clip_weave

    Making Harmony's Coil Guide

    You ought to stick a copywrite notice on that post so that people know up front they can't just copy and paste it as their own. Very kind of you to share that info with the community - thank you.
  12. coil_clip_weave

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    found this site with alot of tutorials for jewelry & bead work - http://www.wigjig.com/jewelry-making-skills.htm