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  1. Out of the box the new Tronex pliers are really nice, but after a while I found myself wishing the handles were about an inch longer. On the down side, the jaws seem very 'soft'. I noticed after slipping off a few rings in tight spots that the corners of the jaws bent out a bit. This was just with 18g aluminum. Gotta say I am a little disappointed that I need to fix a new set of pliers.
  2. Pliers and wires

    Same size rings not the same size

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice the SXAA 18316 frost white rings are a bunch smaller (wire dia.) than other anodized 18316 rings?
  3. Pliers and wires

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    I notice there is now a note that Tronex recommends their pliers for 16g aluminum and thinner. Hmmmmmmm. I guess this is to address the handle breaking issues. I also see that they are out of stock. I wonder if they are sold out or they stopped selling because there was a problem. On a side note, I bought a large padded carabiner at the dollar store and used the foam tube on the handle of an old set of Wubbers. Magic!
  4. Pliers and wires

    The new Tronex Pliers

    Nice pliers. Comfortable grips but could be longer for me. Unfortunately mine bent at the corners of the jaw which make them useless for getting into tight spaces. If the jaws were harder I'd buy a few more pairs. All that said, they still work nicely on larger (18316 +) rings that you don't need the corners of the jaws for. Lindstroms are still my favorite pliers for smaller finer work though.
  5. Pliers and wires

    Rubber Rings

    Is there an ETA on the new bright red EPDM 1614 rings to replace the ugly scab red ones?
  6. Pliers and wires

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    Just so I understand correctly, Tronex is saying that it's possible to wear out a pair of pliers bending 14 and 16g chainmail rings? I must have read that incorrectly. Getting back to my original post about bending the pliers on 18g aluminum rings, I can start to see how the Tronex rep is saying their pliers might not last 6 weeks. 6 weeks? Really? I have a pair of wubbers ( hate the name btw) that I have cranked many many many stainless and titanium rings with and curiously they still look newer than my essentially new Tronex. Not to mention my Lindstroms that except for the stupid spring falling out constantly are still in new condition after much more use than the bent Tronex. IMHO if 6 weeks is the life expectancy and 18g aluminum bends the jaws, perhaps there's a problem with the pliers. Maybe these are isolated instances and there are thousands of pairs in use out there problem free. If that's the case you would think the customer service would be a whole lot better than telling someone they used them too much and to avoid excessive force. OK my little rant is over. I hope everyone that bought these pliers has many years of happy trouble free use, and if anyone wants to buy a near new pair with bent jaws..............
  7. Pliers and wires

    Suggestions on adding padding to pliers

    X2 on gel padded riding gloves. After wearing through a few pairs I hate to think of the damage to my hands without.
  8. Pliers and wires

    Beginner and pliers dilemma

    I hate to be redundant again, but as was already said, there really isn't a right and wrong when it comes to pliers. The ones I use today are the ones I hated last year. Best suggestion is to experiment and try a bunch of varieties. They aren't expensive (relatively) and being able to switch things up can be a hand saver.
  9. Pliers and wires

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    What I meant was the corner of the jaws are bent out wards so they do not contact at the corner when fully closed. They look like they have been to war after only a few hundred aluminum rings. The jaw material is definitely softer than my lindstroms which look brand new after thousands of aluminum and stainless rings.