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  1. Sirrober

    Anyone made JPL in Sterling with TRL rings?

    I made a 14 ga silver jpl it works if you follow the jpl rule for on how to make it. I am at a lost on what it is right now though.
  2. Sirrober

    I remember this busier.

    I lurk since all of the above has been said. Sadly with shift work and family I have little time for any hobbies, now that life has taken over..... BLAH
  3. Lets see been mailing for about 10 years. currently taking a haitus until I can get back stateside for good. For me chainmaile is more of a hobby but I have turned a good dollar in return. So for now I just write down designs and wait impaitently to go back to the states.
  4. Sirrober

    Image thief

    I'll help keep her off of stealing images. I just haven't found out who owns the current batch.
  5. I have mine here where are you at in italy

  6. Sirrober


    I would surmis that if you welded the rings it would be hard to recreate. and it would make the effort harder
  7. Sirrober

    byz chains for fire point (maybe welded)

    I agree with Tamren. Your friend should use the commercial chains rated for the strength. BTW the average spinning strength is 350 - 400 lbs
  8. I have a question about fusing . do you think that this torch

    could do the job.? and or which one do you use.. I plan on using the gold on a jpl braclet and necklace.


  9. Sirrober

    what to make

    Thanks all for the suggestions I think I am going to make a byz rope style type top. and some stuffed animal armor.
  10. Sirrober

    what to make

    more of a jewelry or other idea. I was thinking about putting a penguin in armor. but also looking for a project
  11. Sirrober

    what to make

    So I am getting back into maille and need a few ideas. So does anyone have som suggestions??
  12. Sirrober

    Labor charges for chainmail jewelry pieces

    I know that I charge a minimum of $20 an hour. since time is percious. I come to the figure by How chainmaille relates to my job and the different skills it takes. ( I get paid as a tech for a company over $25 per hr and I have over a decade of exp. in my job field. )
  13. Sirrober

    name for beer and mead club

    thanks for all the input .... when i go to work tonight ill put it past and see what they think ... but till then keep em coming
  14. Sirrober

    name for beer and mead club

    Hey i am looking for ideas for a name of a :beer:and mead club that will be starting in the san luis obispo north county area, within the next couple months. any ideas??
  15. Sirrober

    Military folks opinions.

    stay away from hot dogs... funny things happen inside. my favs chix ala king and ravoli my nots omlet and hot dogs