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  1. been on a small break from chainmaille, been doing roller derby! anyone want to help me come up with a cool derby name?

    1. madd-vyking


      What's wrong with Kaos Cookie?

    2. ka0sc0okie


      Just looking for a few options lol

    3. Kittensoft_Chainmail
  2. ka0sc0okie

    Customer horror story!!

    Haha I was deff not trying to please her. I'm pretty sure she had something wrong with her (my assumption meth lol) she just didn't seem right in the head. Which is why I was nice untill I couldn't handle her any more. The past few events I've done have been crazy people free tho which was very nice lol
  3. ka0sc0okie


    Did you not ask for a deposit? I've learned you always get 1/2 down.. that way your not out. I had something like what your going through happen and it was a lesson well learned. Hope this doesn't come off as rude just trying to help
  4. ka0sc0okie

    Favorite genre and movie

    Army of darkness! I love bruce campbell! Lol
  5. ka0sc0okie

    Customer horror story!!

    Hahaha that would have been a good one katie! Trust me I had quite a few things I wanted to say to her but had to stay nice so I didn't scare other customers away
  6. ka0sc0okie

    Customer horror story!!

    Over all it ended up being a great event for me and I made a decent profit, its just upsetting when people think something that's handmade isn't worth more then $2!
  7. ka0sc0okie

    Customer horror story!!

    So I have an event tonight and I had this lady come up and try on a lot of my jewelry and tell me how beautiful it was (which is always nice to hear) and she started asking prices and she kept shaking her head everytime I told her a price. She tells me she has a limited budget and I tell her that's fine we can find something she loves that's in her price range (ill usually make a deal with someone if they have limited funds), well this is where it starts going down hill.. she looks at me and asks what can I buy for $2? I looked at her and said excusse me cuz I thought I heard her wrong. She looks me dead in the eye and says what can I buy for $2. I tell her everything is hand made and nothing on my table is sellable for $2. She gets really upset and grabs a dragon scale bracelet off my table (19g 3/16th with inner rings of 1/8th) and says well you can't expect to sell this for more than $20! She wasn't happy when I told her how much I expected to get from a piece like that! She starts telling me I'm way too over priced and she can't believe what she's hearing.I try to explain she's not buying something from china its handmade. This goes on for what feels like forever, (I was trying to stay nice and positive because I had other customers looking at my items)and I ended up and showing her my bowl that has $5 random jewelry (mostly bracelets) that I've had for awhile that just never sold and she ended up buying one but came back on 3 diffrent occasons to change it for a diffrentcolor, the last time she had the nerve to ask me if id make her a custom one in a diffrent color scheme. At this point I was ready to scream at her and told her she needed to leave and to stop it or I was going to get the event staff over here. I don't understand what this lady was thinking! She was in her late 40's so there's no way she could have thought what she was doing to me was justified! Had it been a child id have understood it a little. Well that's my horror story, I figured you guys would understand my pain!
  8. ka0sc0okie

    Scale Lotus Flower

    Will you explain how you did it? Its beautiful!
  9. ka0sc0okie

    Contact us email not working?

    Screen shot I hope its not super small
  10. ka0sc0okie

    Contact us email not working?

    It won't let me attach a screen shot of the error, I tried entering the code with all caps and another in all lower case and it still gives me the error
  11. ka0sc0okie

    Contact us email not working?

    The first time I did mess up and type it wrong, so after that it would just tell me it was wrong so I reloaded the page and it still wouldn't accept it. I tried A Lot of times, ill try again and see if it does it again.
  12. ka0sc0okie

    Contact us email not working?

    Android galaxy s relay
  13. ka0sc0okie

    Contact us email not working?

    I figured out how to extract it from my phone I'm ok now I'm not deleting this just so you know your contact us page isn't working Thanks!
  14. Everytime I try to send an email using the contact us page I enter the code and it tells me its wrong. I enter it exactly as it appears and it still says its wrong. I'm trying to get help with the pdf I purchased. I purchased it on my mobile phone and I didn't want to open it untill I got home but for whatever reason it tried to open on my phone and it is now saying I can't download it now. Is there anyway to fix this or am I screwed? Thanks
  15. Lol I recived 1000 for the suit but a lot of work went into it and it withstood the model falling from 10ft!