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  1. Hey, glad you like my weave, great job on it too. :-)

  2. Rat King

    Stepping Stones

    My current favourite weave, simple and elegant. Discovered just today that I had the right mandrels to weave a smaller version too, so now I can make masculine and feminine versions. Top left is all Bronze, top right is brass and copper, and the bottom is entirely in German Silver, made for a customer.

    © Rat King Chainmaille

  3. has discovered the beauty and wonder of bronze and brass. Never aluminum, never again...

  4. Rat King


    Byzantine bracelets in Nickel Silver and Copper, then in Brass and Bronze.

    © Rat King Chainmaille

  5. Rat King

    Calico Persians

    Simple Full-Persian 6-in-1 with a colour pattern influenced by calico cats. Switch out the regular colours to something a bit more fun and you achieve a very interesting design.

    © Rat King Chainmaille

  6. Rat King

    A good patina...

    Ah, but there is a difference between 'being' period and 'looking' period! I know that the old world wasn't so dirty as movies portray, but I have such a hard time thinking that any of the old soldiers had sparkly perfect armour and well-washed cloth at all times, especially the lower class or the stereotypical 'barbarian', which is what I am aiming for. Tell you true, the straight-and-washed look of period clothing at SCA gatherings and whatnot just looks cartoonish to me... It may be that I am being influenced by fiction here, but the idea is so cool in my head that I don't care. This sounds very promising actually - a worn look might be the best route instead of wearing the actual rust, hmmm...
  7. Rat King

    Archery bracer : Request for comments!

    Looks really nice! I wonder though, what effect the rings will have on the bowstring though, should they hit - maybe a leather plate on the inside of the arm to avoid string breaks?
  8. Rat King

    Euro 6-in-1 Bangles

    Well, actually, 6 rubber rings onto the 1 aluminum ring is -much- easier. It's really quite simple to make - just weave a 6-in-1 pattern with 3 rows, with the central row aluminum and the outer two rubber. When you reach the desired length of the bracelet, merely weave in the additional lines of aluminum on the outside. It takes a bit of time, and it can get frustrating when you reach the last few rings since everythign is in your way at that point, but it honestly is a very simple weave. Happy everyone liked them so much! Baffles me as to why, mind!
  9. Rat King

    A good patina...

    Hullo! I'm starting the slow process of building myself a suit of period armour with mild steel. Being the sort of person who likes a dirty, nicked and hacked-at look, I'm wanting most of my steel to get a good rusty patina. The worry I have though is that I only want the patina to go so far - from what I've read it is no trouble at all to get the Mild steel to rust up, but there is a point at which I would like it to stop rusting so it doesn't start falling apart at will, especially should I happen to wander into some SCA combat with my bear-skin cloak flying, axe whirling and... well, you probably get the picture. I've read up on a few interesting ways to get the look with the durability, and I'm going to try some of them out, but I'd like to know if there are some good folks here who have already performed some experiments at getting a good patina on the metal without it getting too weak over time. One of the ideas I've found is to let the metal get rusted to the point desired, then gives it a gentle clean (rolled in sand, steel wool, what have you,) to remove the loose layer of rust, then quickly spray everything down with a polyurethane spray a few times. Obviously not a perfect method for 60k+ links and a few thousand scales, but easy enough to perform. Another is submerging the piece into hot motor oil, which will supposably give the steel a nice colour finish and give good protection against actual rusting - though this method may be beyond my means, seeing as I lack a garage, and heating up motor oil in my apartment would make for less-than-friendly relations with the landlord. Anyone have any experience or can offer advice? Cheers, The Rat King
  10. Rat King

    Flowers in Boxes

    Some simple Byzantine Flowers bracelets, with some rubber rings included for stretch. Made with 16g 1/4" rings.
  11. Rat King

    Euro 6-in-1 Bangles

    No, that's just the effect of the camera's flash, I'm afraid. Those are just bog-standard black rubber rings... Grey would be rather good though, someone get the factory on the line about that...
  12. Rat King

    Euro 6-in-1 Bangles

    16g 1/4" anodized aluminum, bright aluminum and black rubber rings, combined to make some rather simple yet pretty bangles.
  13. Rat King

    'Please select subproduct'

    Ahh, I understand now - accidental clicking of the Machine cut boxes and changing my mind when I noticed was the culprit. Cheers, The Rat King
  14. Hello! I seem to be having some difficulty filling my shopping cart - there are more than a few selections in the 16g-18g anodized aluminum page that don't want to recognize the numbers I am placing in the boxes. Some work, other do not - 18g saw cut 1/4" bronze is what I am trying to select, yet I simply receive the message 'Please select subproduct.' Others on the same page work however, and I haven't found any other problems elsewhere as yet. A glitch? Cheers, The Rat King EDIT: Oddly, it seems to be working now. Curiouser and curiouser.