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  1. Noddy

    Small flower kit question

    oops thanks - I just came to describe to you how I made it and was looking at the instructions on my desktop, and when I made it earlier I was using the instructions on my tablet - that I have not used for months. Something is wrong, the tablet was not displaying the complete PDF.
  2. Noddy

    Small flower kit question

    I got the scale flower kit to get some experience with scales - since I really don't know what I'm doing. I made one in 20 minutes, but its not what I expected. It looks just fine when its lying down and the rings flipped into position, but when its picked up, its a bunch of scales hanging around and I'm not sure what its supposed to be used for. I thought I would end up with a more ridgid flat piece.
  3. Noddy

    Touching up plier edges and faces

    Bur how fine do I want to go, a mirror finish won't scratch but has more chance of slipping and then denting. 320 seems ok, maybe 400, but do I really want to go higher?
  4. Noddy

    Xuron Flush Cut Shears

    Thanks - I wondered cause the jaws are small - my fault for impulse buying, since right now I'm working with 14,16,18 I have several heavier duty cutters, one big enough to cut small bolts, but none are dual cutting
  5. Noddy

    Xuron Flush Cut Shears

    I was ordering some stuff a couple of weeks ago and got some Xuron XTL5605 Double Flush Cut Shears Pliers on impulse - since they are double flush cut, without checking them out first. They arrived in a package labelled Beadsmith and I can't find XTL5605 on the Xyron site 1. Why- are these custom made for Beadsmith? 2. and what's the difference between these and other models like the 2175 or 410 or Maxi Shears- I have no specs on what gauge wire and materials 5605 can be used for other than a note that they are not for heavy duty work
  6. Noddy

    Plier and tool storage

    Although I have a complete woodworking shop in the basement, I need to do my jewelry and mail work in the living room and be able to setup and put away easily. I have a couple of small drawers available, where I've put my pliers and other tools and some supplies. I have a small cupboard under that that holds a Systainer mini 12 drawer unit where most of my findings and supplies are stored. http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=64653&cat=1,43326,64664,64653 In the basement I have several large tool storage chests, and when I had the pliers down there I could lay them out flat and neat and not banging into each other (I still have most pliers there, I've only moved the small ones upstairs). However, now they are piled on top of each other, and it bothers me that they are knocking together, and its messy to pull out the few pliers I might need that day from a pile of over 20. I was thinking that some kind of fabric tool roll with pockets might be good, but I haven't found any that hold more than 5 pliers. Suggestions welcome.
  7. I've seen a few places where people have suggested improving the faces and edges of pliers by sanding them. This is even for new pliers, not just ones worn by usage. I'm planning on making jewelry and working with aluminum and other soft metals. My pliers are mostly medium quality grade, though I have a few Wubbers. None of them had any excessive use. Is it worth touching them up? I'm thinking also on the flat pliers to slightly round the face edge. Can I use a dremel but with a light touch and then hand sand, or only use emery. And what grade paper should I start with. I was thinking around 400, and moving to up to 1000.
  8. Noddy

    Beginner and pliers dilemma

    re .......leave a large area of the ring exposed below your pliers That;s a good point that I had not thought of - I just watched an instructional video where the ring is held with the opening towards the user and the pliers come close together at the bottom of the ring - that seems to concentrate all the bending into one small section and put all stress/work hardening at that point
  9. Noddy

    What's in a name?

    I tend to use variations of the same words when I'm signing in to business forums. For hobby forums like this - I try to use something different for each one. Noddy just came into my head as I was signing up, it's from an old British kids TV animated series. I doubt I saw it too often since we didn't have a TV.
  10. Noddy

    Beginner and pliers dilemma

    I"ve dabbled with jewelry making in the past, and have a fair collection of jewelry tools and suplies, but I havent done any for several years, and just decided to play around with mail bracelets and necklaces. Last week I tried practising using a small flat plier and bent nose chain plier, since those are the best quality non-marring ones I had and they seemed to work for me, but from browsing around I found a pair of straight pliers were recommended. So I grabbed some midrange 7mm flat ones on sale over the weekend (sorry not from you - I hadn't found your site yet) From what I've seen today in the tutorials/videos on the internet; they are conflicting, some recomended the bent/straight pair that I tried, some a straight pair, some seem to be totally wrong using needle pliers at the centre edges of the rings rather than covering as much of the ring as possible. I've ordered a couple of bags of coloured aluminum rings from your eBay listing - (that's how I found myself here) and want to get my head in the right direction before they arrive.