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  1. bikepartjewelry

    Owl of Industry

    This is Owl of Industry. He has presta valve nuts for eyes and gears for wings. His body is made from plated iron rings and bright aluminum.

    © Jodey Hathaway, www.bikepartjewelry.com

  2. bikepartjewelry

    Round Scales and Celtic Visions

    Necklace made with 2 strips of black round scales around a strip of Celtic Visions in BA. It's a beautiful, dimensional necklace.

    © Jodey Hathaway, www.bikepartjewelry.com

  3. bikepartjewelry

    Velo with Swarovski Elements and Bicycle Parts

    Another necklace in my weave, Velo, also in 18g swg copper. This one features small Swarovski Organic Cosmic Triangles and repurposed bicycle parts.

    © Jodey Hathaway, www.bikepartjewelry.com

  4. bikepartjewelry

    Copper Velo with Golden Shadow Swarovski Triangle

    My weave, Velo, woven with 18g swg copper. The weave is dimensional, giving a lacy feel to the piece. The center focal is a Swarovski elements Triangle in Golden Shadow.

    © Jodey Hathaway, www.bikepartjewelry.com

  5. bikepartjewelry

    Halo with Cosmic Oval

    Various sizes of 14g swg bright aluminum woven into Halo weave with focal center Swarovski Cosmic Oval in jet hematite.

    © Jodey Hathaway, www.bikepartjewelry.com

  6. bikepartjewelry

    Dragonscale with square rings

    Yep. I did it in 16g 3/8 and 18g 1/4 square AA... I think. I'll go look but I'm pretty sure those were the sizes. It was really cool looking.
  7. bikepartjewelry

    Round scales and green donut beads

    Bracelet made using gold round scales, green AA rings and green donut beads.

    © BikePartJewelry (Jodey Hathaway)

  8. bikepartjewelry

    The new Tronex Pliers

    I bought 2 pairs of the new Tronex pliers and got them a couple days ago. I never thought I'd leave my Lindstroms as my every day pliers, but I'm seriously considering it. The Tronex pliers are awesome. I don't usually do a lot in stainless, but so far with these new pliers I've made 2 bracelets in 16g stainless. Also, I'm working on scale epaulettes (with stainless rings) for an order and using the Tronex pliers for that. I think what I really like about them is the jaw (which, coincidentally, is the reason I love my Lindstroms - as well as the spring in them). It's wide, but not obnoxious; but specifically they have a "low profile" jaw, so it's really thin at the tips. That's something I've not found in other wide nose pliers I have. The thinness gives the ability to get into some pretty tight places. Big bonus for me is that I can use these with larger rings and avoid the lovely finger gouging that comes with ring slippage. Hasn't happened once, and I've been doing a lot of mailling the past few days. Anyway, just thought I'd give my 2 rings on these really nice new pliers. They're worth the investment. Has anyone else tried them yet?
  9. bikepartjewelry

    Horst the Hippopotamus

    I love him too. He has a hippo butt!
  10. bikepartjewelry

    Round Scale Flower

    Flower made using gold round scales and ice rings.

    © www.bikepartjewelry.com

  11. bikepartjewelry

    TRL welcomes Jodey to the team!

    Aww, thanks guys! I'm thrilled to be able to do this!
  12. bikepartjewelry

    Small scale flowers

    Depends on how long it takes you to make one and how much you want for your time. Your question is difficult since we all charge something different for our time. It would be materials cost (including your shipping cost) plus your time plus shipping to them. If you aren't sure, go a little high so you have wiggle room if your customer balks at your price. Have a price that you won't go under, though.
  13. bikepartjewelry

    New User Thread

    Pammy, the bras that I make, which are the tutorial that TRL sells, can support very large busted women. In fact, the lady I used for a model in that tutorial was a DD. They should support exactly (if not better and more comfortably) like a regular bra.
  14. bikepartjewelry

    Dragons Back

    Dragonback is the name of a weave. If you scroll up a bit, I think someone included a link to a tutorial.
  15. bikepartjewelry

    Scale Maille Bra Tutorial - Tips for connecting the two pieces??

    I love that stuff, but I can't find it anymore. It's really nice b/c it has a teeny bit of stretch to it, is easy to tie and doesn't tend to come undone.